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  1. Like in the drama Tianyou found out he had pulmonary fibrosis through his assistant who was drunk. In order to make her fall out of love with him he put himself in the news with the models and actresses in his agency. He would purposely come home with perfume and lipstick stains of other women on his clothing. In his monologue he said he was behaving that way so that when he leaves the world he already put her through so much pain she won’t miss him. He wanted to put distance between himself and Jiang Sheng, but at the same time he wanted so much to comfort her and be with her. So no he wasn’t cheating on her, he just made it appear so. He paid those women to be in the news with him. At the time Tianyou’s cheating scandals with the other woman was all over the news. Liang Sheng visited the mansion one day and gave her flight tickets to Paris and told her he would always wait for her. Being related to Tianyou I think the responsible thing to do would be confront Tianyou, because it’s not out of line considering he’s related to both parties. Instead of doing that he just turned a blind eye and thought of taking advantage of the situation. Jiang Sheng was bothered by the news but she choose to forgive Tianyou because of his illness and probably because she loved him a lot. She finally did confront him and he accused her of being in love with her brother because of the comb...she refuted him and told him she married him because she loves him..in her monologue she said it was typical of a guilty man to put the blame on someone else. He told her she needs to be away from the fake news so he sent her to their island home. She agreed to go, but before she left she put the keys around his neck and told him she would wait for his return. Tianyou got his check up and found out he didn’t have pulmonary fibrosis. He returned to the island home with Jiang Sheng waiting for him. The book ends with Jiang Sheng’s monologue saying the quote that Tianyou once said to her “I know you will come so I will wait.” Liang Sheng was delusional in the drama but a lot worse in the novel. When his housekeeper on the island asked him about whether or not he’s married, in the novel he said he had a wife but she was far away. In the drama he said he had a sister. The novel was like the drama, where his ending is an open ending, but he had pulmonary fibrosis, so he had 2 years at most from the intial diagnosis. Uncle Qian knew this but he purposely changed the reports to make it look like Tianyou had the illness so to free him from family responsibilities and allow him to follow his heart. Ningxin is much more stable in the drama as well. In the novel when Tianyou got married she went a little wacko but when his cheating scandal surface she cracked and went completely insane. Jiang Sheng witnessed her going into shops and telling people her husband is Mr Cheng so to call her Mrs Cheng.
  2. @Darrkn3ss his grandfather is old school. Money and selfishness over happiness and love. Miss Shen was romantically interested in Tianyou, not Liang Sheng but with Tianyou’s blindness Liang Sheng was the consolidation prize. I don’t think they ever consulted her because everything happened so fast and Tianyou had his vision back. I think the grandfather is the only character that didn’t deviate much from the novel, everyone else has been totally beautified as the Chinese would put it LOL. Liang Sheng in the drama was crazy and you could tell he wouldn’t hesistate to cheat with Jiang Sheng if she gave him any hope, but he didn’t do anything extreme. In the novel he was a jerk. During her wedding in his own monologue he was so frustrated with her that he let her leave Paris resulting in her choosing to marry Tianyou. A year into her marriage he gave her tickets to Paris and told her he’ll be waiting for her. Even if he thought Tianyou was cheating on her, telling her to do the same wasn’t a smart move. The drama actually had the siblings keep in touch after marriage, in the novel they literally had no contact after marriage, except a couple of times. I think if anyone should be happy with this adaption should be Ma Tianyu and his fans, based on his lack presence in the book, the drama adaption gave him a lot more screen time.
  3. His grandfather was cruel. Tianyou did agree with marry Miss Shen before he left with Jiang Sheng. But his grandfather made the men pick him up after learning he has pulmonary fibrosis because he said the last thing Tianyou could do for the family was save it by marrying Miss Shen. The drama version followed this story. It’s grandfather didn’t let him off the hook, he made his own choice to marry Jiang Sheng. The drama made it less dramatic because in the novel he was under house arrest when he returned from Weijiaping. He had to escape using the window in his room. Also in the novel it was Tianen that hired people to cause that accident that Qian Zi and Jiang Sheng were involved in. He didn’t know Jiang Sheng was going to be in the car. He actually told Tianyou and Tianyou said if she doesn’t wake up... he didn’t finish off what he will do to Tianen if she doesn’t wake up, but he was furious with Tianen. He was so quick to say yes to her marriage proposal because at that point he felt only by marrying her can he protect her. If he couldn’t protect her who else is capable? Sounds a lot like his character in General and I LOL. They kept the essence of the novel, but deviated by taking out all the negative energy. All the characters have been watered down and made more positive.
  4. Did you read this yet? If i remember correctly this novel took 8 years to write? it had 4 books released years apart. The author released book one, with the feedback and her own preference she changed her protagonist to Tianyou in book 2. Liang Sheng didn’t have any existence in book 2 but made a reappearance in part 1 of book 3. Book 3 ended with the cliff accident... Book 4 was released 2 years later. So if you only read up to book 3 it gave the impression that both Jiang Sheng and Tianyou died. Liang Sheng learn of their deaths while boarding a flight or on the flight. It was reported in the newspaper that two dead bodies were found at the bottom of the cliff. Also there were character monologues at the end of the book, and in there Tianyou says I didn’t know that my love would push her to her death... so naturally we assume the leads died. The cliff incident is so vague. I don’t know if she accidentally fell or she jumped. But if you read the spoiler up there it gives the details to what led to the final moment. She was also mad at God that he gave her two men, both of whom she can’t be with. She felt unworthy of Tianyou because of what Dr Lu did, plus unlike the drama it was he who broke it off with her. She also couldn’t conceive again because of her choice to abort the baby. She was warned prior to the abortion. His family including uncle Qian reminded her she’s not worthy of him. He even gave her a novel where the protagonist has three husbands. In the novel version people were also under the impression she was raped by Liang Sheng at Tianyou’s Paris home. So if you count she had 3 husbands LOL. She also felt she cheated on Liang Sheng because she fell in love with Tianyu. Her emotions were a mess. She was also drunk. So did she slip or fall? Its up to interpretation. But Tianyou was ready to go with her, hence the quote you jump I jump. He was convinced what happened between them the night before was her body telling him she wanted him, that’s why he said her body was more truthful than her mouth. The next morning he decided to forgive her for the abortion and had his assistant order pink roses because he planned on spending the rest of his life with her, despite everything in the past. Sun Yi’s eyes look fake to me. Like the lines didn’t look natural. But she was going through pregnancy at the time so I wasn’t sure if it’s pregnancy doing weird things to her face
  5. There was more dialogue in the novel. The reason why she felt she was a chess piece is because Tianyou implied so. He actually went back to Weijiaping with her because he feared for her safety, afraid she’ll either commit suicide or his grandfather would send people to hurt her. His grandfather’s people actually threatened him if he walked out the door and followed her he’s not to come back, but he followed her anyway. In his own monologue he wanted to protect her until Liang Sheng returns from Japan. When Ningxin found them he was actually concerned again for her safety because if Ningxin can find them so can his grandfather.. But this wasn’t the story he gave Jiang Sheng, he told her he was accompanying her because Liang Sheng was accompanying his wife to be Miss Shen, and he was protecting her so he can exchange her with Miss Shen when she returns to China. Because they probably changed the script after SARFT stepped in, you see an annoyed Jiang Sheng, which didn’t seem really fitting without all that dialogue. On the drive to Weijiaping she was talking in her sleep, she told Tianyou not to marry Miss Shen. He thought she was like a spoiled child who was getting greedy, wanted Liang Sheng but wanted to keep him too. If I remember correctly, they spent the next 3 days together? During those days she was upset he was getting married to Miss Shen but she can’t get his 8 pack out of her mind LOL. She had to physically keep shaking her head and reminding herself loudly to stop thinking about the 8 pack, he walked in on her talking to herself and shaking her head he was like what’s wrong with you? LOL Also that conversation that Uncle Qian had with Jiang Sheng when she returned from Weijiaping about Miss Shen, picking wealth and duty over love, in the novel he was referring to Tianyou, not Liang Sheng. The drama version made no sense because they picked Tianyou up so he can go back and marry Miss Shen yet Uncle Qian talked about Liang Sheng getting married to Miss Shen when he was the same person picking up Tianyou to go marry Miss Shen. Even from the story I mentioned above and in my previous posts I think Sun Yi’s acting suffered from the censorship. Because the dialogue and storyline changed it didn’t match what you were seeing onscreen, that’s probably why you see the inconsistencies in her acting. She looked emotionless during those hospital scenes but watching the drama we didn’t know she was sedated. To compare her acting to Angelababy is far fetched. She has room for improvement but I think she brought enough justice to the role. I can’t say the same for Ma Tianyu because he was consistently underperforming and over performing . Because Liang Sheng emotions were suppose to be subtle that’s why it takes a stronger actor to portray the role without looking stoic or crazy. He was chosen for the role solely on the fact the events in his life matched the sadness of Liang Sheng, so the director thought he’s going to get an actor who was just going to play himself. I don’t think he’s as bad as Angelababy but pretty close because he had one expression for most of the drama and sounded like he was reciting his lines. I wouldn’t say he looked retarded, he just overplayed his emotions. I read in articles that because Ma Tianyu fans didn’t like the way the drama was playing out they started attacking Sun Yi, her looks and personal life. Her fans fought back by doing the same LOL. I didn’t see any of this personally because I followed her hashtag with Wallace and didn’t see this. This drama started with Ma Tianyu vs Wallace to Ma Tianyu vs Sun Yi. If I had anything to complain about it, I think it would be how both male leads looked unhealthy skinny. I know Wallace had to gain weight for General and I and he filmed this during the same time. But when he went back to film this in 2017-2018 he got really thin. A lot of chinese actors including male actors are often told to lose weight so I’m wondering if both of the guys had to lose weight for their roles. They’re stick thin. It showed even on their faces. This was filming all the way to February March of this year. I see Wallace gained weight since then but he’s not filming anything else. Ma Tianyu Is still very thin. I also felt that Sun Yi’s makeup and styling was underwhelming at times. She had flawless makeup sometimes and looked like she just woke up other times. Did Sun Yi get eyelid surgery? People mentioned it. Or did her lids just get bigger after pregnancy? Surgery would make sense since she didn’t use any makeup on her eyes after her lids got bigger. I’ve seen behind the scenes footage of her and the first thing she’s concerned about after a scene is finished is her hair and makeup, so it doesn’t make sense why she looked the way she did at times.
  6. I must have missed it LOL. I have to go back and watch most of the drama since I fast forwards through much of it the first time round. I honesty don’t know how many versions of this drama there is. I just read that the Hunan cut is the best one because they edit out a lot of the Ma Tianyu Umm no. Not in any of the versions I read. There are a couple versions of this novel out. The outcome isn’t different but some includes special addition. Part 3 is the fall off the cliff. There is special excerpts at the end of the novel where all the characters speak. Tianyou said he never knew that his love would push her to her death. Liang Sheng learns of two dead bodies found at the bottom of the cliff. As a reader you would assume the two bodies belong to Tianyou and Jiang Sheng since the novel ends with them falling off the cliff. It turns out if you continue to read the 4th novel which was written a couple years later you find out the body belonged to the model and the other person I forgot. The novel ends with Jiang Sheng being months pregnant and Tianyou returning to her side. There is reference to Liang Sheng’s pulmonary fibrosis but he was hardly the focus at all in part 4 of the novel. He was in part 1, missing for much of part 2. Had some existence in 2nd part of part 3 and barely any existence in part 4. For sure once she married Tianyou she couldn’t live without him. It didn’t appear like that in the drama but that’s how it was portrayed in the novel. Why would she be stupid to kill herself over her brother when she’s madly in love with Tianyou? Where are you reading this? Go ask them if they really read the novel and make sure they’re talking about the same novel LOL The author took years to write the entire story and between each novel the writer waited a year or to two to release the next one. She released a special edition last year too. Well both Ma Tianyu and Sun Yi got criticized for their acting, both were compared to Angelababy. Sun Yi got criticized briefly and it went away after a while but for Ma Tianyu he was slammed with criticism from beginning to end. The media and fans said that Wallace carried this drama on his own. This was the general consensus and the voice of the majority. You can go pages back where I translated articles about the feedback. Unlike Wallace who was the highlight of the show and constantly praised for his performance, articles talked about how Ma Tianyu makes Liang Sheng look mentally retarded. I’m sorry but Liang Sheng isn’t suppose to look slow, that is not the Liang Sheng in the novel. A LOT of people said he made Liang Sheng look retarded, so much that the media wrote articles agreeing LOL. I only put up one article talking about his acting but there were countless articles that attacked his acting. I read comments from viewers too. He was criticized for being more feminine than Sun Yi; criticized for his soft, girly and slurred voice; criticized for constantly opening his mouth and breathing through it instead of his nose; criticized for constantly throwing his head backwards every time he talked as if his turtle neck is on too tight..you name it, he was criticized for it LOL. So for us to say he failed to bring justice to his character is an understatement compared to how brutally he was criticized in China. I didn’t want to translate these articles or comments because it’s too big of a blow for his fans to read. Here’s the only one article I translated on his acting
  7. I agree with most viewers when they said the only normal and positive person in the drama was Tianyou. He loved Jiang Sheng very much but never let his relationship woes affect his work or daily life. He didn’t ever let his hardships become his downfall. He was very composed no matter the situation. He just never lost his cool. He was like this in the novel too and the explanation for this was because he was born with responsibilities, born to be the favorite heir to the Cheng family, at the age of 12 he was expected to be an adult and not show any weakness. This is also why he fell for Jiang Sheng, because she’s different from the socialites he’s used to being around. With her he could be a kid again. The assistant actually tore her up? I must have missed it. I’ve been watching the tv version but there were episodes that didn’t have audio so I had to go looking for the DVD version. She tried to kill herself because her brother has cancer? Definitely not. I think the English synopsis only has up to third novel, where it looked like she committed suicide and Tianyou follows her. Even then those synopsis isn’t true to the novel LOL. Liang Sheng’s false diagnosis was already revealed. He did not have leukaemia. Talk about lost in translation. A chain of events lead to it the cliff incident. Dr Lu threatened to keep Liang Sheng hospitalized if Jiang Sheng refused to marry him, this was after Tianyou broke up with her. He broke up with her not because he was mad about the abortion, but because he found out from Ningxin that her brother wasn’t blood related, so he wanted to fulfill her wishes by allowing her to follow her heart. Loving someone means being able to let go, fulfilling their happiness and not your own and that’s what he did. This is true love and mature love. Dr Lu wasn’t in love with her, but he wanted to make Liang Sheng miserable. According to Tianen, Tianyou returned to the city after finding out about this. Tianen went to Dr Lu and showed pictures of Tianyou smashed up car the day of the fire and asked him if he believed that Tianyou who would risk his life for Jiang Sheng would allow Dr Lu to marry her. He told Dr Lu he had evidence of the rape and that Tianyou him to pay for his feed. He said that Tianyou wouldn’t hesitant to kill Dr Lu in China if not for the fact he’s afraid of hurting Jiang Sheng when she finds out about the rape since the killing would set off a chain of events unveiling the truth. Dr Lu didn’t take the threats seriously until Tianen asked him if he had people contact him about signing some sort of contract in Indonesia, noting the exact time and location, that’s when things got scary for Dr Lu. Tianen revealed that when Dr Lu’s plane lands in Indonesia in 2 days times, he’s going to be assassinated. He told Dr Lu he only tipped him off because he’s afraid his brother being behind the assassination will be revealed sooner or later and it’s just bad for business for both families. Dr Lu laughed this off but sure enough he cancelled his business trip to Indonesia and he called off the wedding contract with Jiang Sheng LOL. Dr Lu basically had nightmares every night till the very end about Tianyou putting a bullet in his head. Dr Lu fears Tianyou but not Liang Sheng. The night of the bachelor party, Tianyou again tells Jiang Sheng after tonight we are irrelevant and Ningxin lies about her pregnancy. This settles Jiang Sheng to move on since she already feels she unworthy of Tianyou after Dr Lu raped her. Liang Sheng breaks up with Weiyang after learning she concealed the truth about Jiang Sheng not being blood related. He openly announces to the world he and Jiang Sheng are together by dragging her out of the wedding. Jiang Sheng plays along even though she’s not physically comfortable with him her childhood fantasies about being with her brother is finally fulfilled. Dr Lu finds out about this and makes threats again that although she doesn’t have to marry him she’s not allowed to be with Liang Sheng either. If I remember correctly he made death threats on Liang Sheng, so that made Jiang Sheng sit on edge everyday. Then comes the night in Sanya, Dr Lu’s threats was turning her insane so she’s goes out and get drunk again. Tianyou saw her in the ocean and had to carry her back to his room and tried to put her under a shower so to wash her from getting sick. He promised not to touch her but he couldn’t help himself and she admitted in her own monologue she wanted to indulge. The next morning Tianyou told her he didn’t want to apologize for the previous night he just wanted to love her. She was still in shock over her own actions so she ignored him most of the morning that’s when he got upset and said don’t tell me what happened last night wasn’t what you wanted. LOL I’m pretty he just went for a kiss and she proceeded with the rest, hence why he made that remark and on another occasion told her off when she said she didn’t love him. He said to her in front of Liang Sheng that her body speaks the truth compared to her mouth LOL. She continued to give him the cold shoulder the rest of the day so he told her he didn’t love her and she was just a bed warmer like all his other women. When she went off the cliff I dont know what set her off, the alcohol in her system, the pressure of Dr Lu’s death threats, Tianyou’s mean comments, or the guilt of sleeping with Tianyou when she was with Liang Sheng at the time. But for sure at that time she felt she loved both men and she felt guilty about it since she wanted to reserve the love for Liang Sheng. It was in the later books where she revealed she realized she loved Tianyou when she lost him. Let’s go back to why Tianen has evidence of the rape. Tianyou put security cameras in the house because he was concerned about her health and safety. The security footage was accessible on his phone. The night of the rape was the night they got into an argument because he had overheard her wanting to marry him to make her brother happy. So when she tried to kiss him and proposed marriage to him, it ticked him off. He told her not to behave in a way to make him look down on her. (This footage was filmed btw, I saw the full clip where she continues to kiss him even after he refuses to respond). He left her to go out with his brother. She was upset so she went drinking. She was drunk so one of her friends called Dr Lu to take her home. This was when he raped her without knowing he was being recorded. Tianyou was with his brother when he opened his phone and saw on live feed what was happening. Tianyou dropped his phone and Tianen got access and took pictures of the live feed. The drive back was 25 minutes so no way he was going to make it back in time to save her. By the time he got there all he could do was clean up the mess left by another man and play along like he was the perpetrator. She drunkenly asks him not to look down on her, she loves him but she can’t forget Liang Sheng though she will try to forget him. He felt guilty for leaving her that night giving another man the opphtinith to violate her. It’s safe to say Liang Sheng will die of pulmonary fibrosis because of the meds Dr Lu was giving him during the fake leukaemia diagnosis You pretty much nailed it on how a lot of viewers in China felt about her, that Tianyou deserved better and she didn’t appreciate him enough. But it’s a love hate relationship and they were still fans of the couple and liked the ending nonetheless. Some Wallace fans are not too crazy about the drama because they said although it’s a happy ending the journey to get there is too stressful to watch. I think they tried to make her too sane after the Sanya incident that it made her look under appreciative of Tianyou. When he was dying she really didn’t look like she cared LOL. If not for the monologue I would think she didn’t. If they stuck to the original version it just seems more fitting than to have her stand there like she’s half asleep. It was that point that I realized Sun Yi’s acting wasn’t strong enough to carry the role. This was the general consensus too with articles comparing her acting to Angela’s baby. People started questioning her acting when Tianyou was hospitalized
  8. Totally agree Tianyou would be more entertaining if he was flawed. Wallace did an amazing job but he would have nailed it as a jerk too. I would enjoy seeing him inflict some pain on Liang Sheng LOL. He was much more love sick and stupid in the novel though. He actually heard Jiang Sheng tell Dr Lu that she wants to marry him to make Liang Sheng happy. He heard and seen enough to convince himself Jiang Sheng loves Liang Sheng, but he loved her and stayed with her nonetheless. That’s why I said he tolerated a lot more in the novel, but he let it be known when he was upset at her. In the drama he never once lost it on her. In other words he’s nicer in the drama but he wasn’t as blindly stupid in love. How much he loved her didn’t differentiate much between the two versions but how ruthless he was with others was a big contrast. In the drama he was so cordial with Dr Lu and Liang Sheng. I felt the drama had a lot of loose ends when it comes to explaining certain things. Like the pink roses and the mangos had significant meaning in the novel, and it happened in the drama but no one cared to explain it? Or even why someone as rich as Tianyou who had 3-4 men entourage at the beginning didn’t have a driver or servant in the house to service him after he met Jiang Sheng. If I had not read the novel I would assume they didn’t have enough funding to hire these extras LOL. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think Tianyou’s assistant ever explain all this to Jiang Sheng in the drama? In the novel he told her. To protect Jiang Sheng’s identity from the press and his own family he went to great lengths to keep her a secret. He stopped using a driver and bodyguards, it became just her and him. He loved her so much he slaved for her on his own when he could have hired a servant to do those chores. The assistant reminded her how many men were with him the first time they met. He told her that Tianyou’s actions proved how much she weighed in his heart. Those pink roses the assistant gave her really was from Tianyou, because Tianyou had him order pink roses after their night together in Sanya. The assistant told her the pink roses were symbolic of Tianyou wanting to spend the rest of his life with her. Pink roses meant together forever. When the assistant gave Jiang Sheng those mangoes at the hospital,it was suppose to be a symbolism of hope. The assistant at that time did not know of Tianyou’s blindness yet but knew his actions were inconsistent for a man who would give up his life for Jiang Sheng yet would be so cruel to her only days later. He told her that by giving her the mangoes he wanted to remind her to have faith in the relationship and know that Tianyou must have difficulties hence why he’s behaving the way he is and for her not be blinded by his actions at the moment and let it overshadow all the great things he’s done for her in the past. Liang Sheng was a bigger prick in the novel. He didn’t tell Jiang Sheng he was a part of the Cheng family until they reunited years later. He just went missing without a trace. Jiang Sheng wasn’t mad at him for leaving her but she got mad after Tianyou broke her heart in Sanya. She said she hated Tianyou for what he did to her but she hated Liang Sheng more for leaving her, leaving her fall in love with another man and have that same man break her heart like a sword to the heart. I forgot the dialogue but it was metaphoric and heart breaking because she went into shock after their breakup in Sanya. She told Liang Sheng that she thought she was with Tianyou because he looked so much like Liang Sheng but she now knows she really did fall in love with him. In her own monologue she admitted that it took losing him to realize how much she loved him. I really can’t think of a modern drama like this one, especially not one that’s 70 episodes. Like someone mentioned the closet drama to this is probably [Autumn in my Heart]. I think they had enough material to make it 70 episodes easily but instead used so many fillers and repetition of the childhood memories. They cut out all the necessary stuff, for example those scenes we saw coming back in the form of memories why was it not included in the previous episodes? They didn’t even include the ballroom dancing scene where she admitted the moment she saw him she wanted to be his wife. Also those scenes where Jiang Sheng and Tianyou were reflecting on what ifs of the past.....that’s actually right out of the book. The morning after they first met, that was exactly how the scene played out. She was instantly attracted to how handsome he was as he turned from the window and walked towards her. If they had kept that scene it’s consistent with him saying that the moment he met her he wanted to give her the world... because in the drama they had no interaction the morning after, leaves me confused and makes me think he’s lying about when he got attracted to her.
  9. Some parts of the novel was extreme, but some parts would have been more suited given the situation. For instance her reaction after finding out Tianyou hasn’t woken up yet and might never wake up again. She went berserk in his ICU room, she had to be held back and sedated. I think that reaction is a bit more consistent given the situation. Every time she woke up she had to be sedated because they were afraid she would commit suicide too. In the drama her reaction was so nonchalant. She looked dazed days after so I’m assuming that was her sedated. Then you have the parting tea. The situation was similar but Tianyou’s grandpa actually wanted to kill her, Tianyou was blind so he had no way to protect her so he and uncle Qian came up with a solution so all those around will believe he doesn’t love her anymore. The tea wasn’t just tea, it was a contraception drink to ensure she wouldn’t be pregnant. The night before the fall off the cliff they actually slept together. When she refused to drink it, he threatened that he would cut off Liang Sheng’s fingers. She finally agreed to drink it but was hesitant so he had his men force the drink down her throat. Right then and there she turned crazy, her temporary amnesia kicked in. She started singing the song that Tianyou sang while putting the crib together. Liang Sheng had to carry her out and she saw Ningxin on the way out she questioned why Ningxin was allowed to keep her baby and she wasn’t. Then she talked to Liang Sheng as if he was Tianyou, asking him if he was ok with her not being able to conceive again and if he can take her to see the fireworks and teach her to play the piano. I think the parting tea is more suitable compared the the contraception tea. Seems overly aggressive in my opinion. I agree, Ma Tianyu just came off so stiff and awkward. I don’t know if Liang Sheng is a weirdo or Ma Tianyu makes him look like a weirdo. Tianen was a terrible human being but you can feel for him at times, something I found hard to do for Liang Sheng because Ma Tianyu’s Liang Sheng wasn’t likeable. Liang Sheng is passive aggressive. His way of punishing his sister was avoiding her or giving her the cold shoulder. Things got awkward between them once she told him at the Cheng mansion she still loves Tianyou. He went missing and stop taking her calls. He really had no valid reason to do that besides immaturity. I think if he was truly a good sport about it he would have stayed around and made her feel comfortable that he supports her decision. After that conversion Jiang Sheng didn’t seem as dependent on him for her emotional happiness. It looked like she could live her life without him, unlike in the past. Jiang Sheng is dependent in the drama but not as bad as she was in the novel. In the novel during her college years Tianyou would send her clothes and personal items each season. It would be ready in her dorm. He gave her a credit card that didn’t have a limit for her to spend on, though she says she only used it for necessary essentials. He protected her from afar by having his men watch over her. When they finally reunited years later he bought the flower shop for her. Everything she had, it was him who provided for her. In the drama she wasn’t this dependent on him. He gave her the house and condo after the breakup but that was about it? All of this should have been provided for her by her brother. Even with his fake amnesia he shouldn’t have her rely on another man for material things. He has no common sense. Vlinkage personal ratings index for November. Wallace @2. Ma Tianyu @ 12 Sun Yi @ 48
  10. Ningxin and Su Man were already his past by the time he met Jiang Sheng in the novel. Things would never go back to the way it was when he was 18? 19? He can forgive Ningxin but there is no going back. He couldn’t possibly share the same woman as his dad. As for Su Man, she was just another girl who crossed his path. The romance between Su Man and NingXin wouldn’t have played out differently in the drama even without the censorship. Tianyou is not motivated by romance but career motivated, that changed when he met Jiang Sheng. The 4 years of separation, they had an agreement that he would change for her, he would wait for her and not get involved with other women. During that departure at the station she already told him she liked him. It wasn’t the silence we saw in the drama. She eventually returned to his side. They changed a few things about his character for the drama, first he’s not a triad boss from overseas. Secondly, how he handled Liang Sheng. The reason why he cut off Liang Shengs fingers was because he was so upset that Jiang Sheng promised him she would do anything in exchange for Liang Sheng’s safety. That set off a chain of emotions and he was so upset she cared so much about Liang Sheng. He found out after that they’re related. In the novel he played a pivotal role in their separation, whereas the drama he was oblivious. He separated them because he felt their relationship went against ethics. In the novel he knew who raped Jiang Sheng while she was drunk but he kept this secret from Jiang Sheng. Instead he lied to her that he was the one who couldn’t control himself the previous night.Even after he broke up with her, he already had plans to avenge her rapist. It was Dr Lu by the way. If Tianen had not tipped off Dr Lu, he would have been assassinated and buried 6 feet under in Indonesia during his business trip. Tianyou wasnt going to let Dr Lu off after what he did to Jiang Sheng. Personally I think the adaption provides more clarity for all the characters compared to the novel. In the novel Jiang Sheng was so confused. She felt she was in love with both men at the same time and she felt guilty that she fell in love with Tianyou. In the drama it was clear all she had for her brother was sisterly love. But like Tianyou said to Jiang Sheng in the novel when she told him she didn’t love him in Sanya, her mouth speaks differently than her body. She was so shocked she went speechless. As a reader, I know her body didnt want Liang Sheng, cause she avoided him like a plaque if he tried to do anything LOL. Tianyu’s love for Jiang Sheng is strong in both versions. He suffered more in the novel but he was more outspoken. If they had adapted this according to the original script, I know for sure there would be a lot of upset viewers, because this adaption is well praised for its changes. The original script is too bloody. I’ll be back to respond to your other comments. Have to run
  11. @Darrkn3ss I think Ningxin is a human with flaws. I’m sure all of us at some point of our lives have dropped ambiguous signs to serve us instead of being rash. No one is innocent. Dropping signs is probably better than what Weiyang or Tianen has done, where they are directly causing havoc in other people’s lives and feel no remorse instead feels their actions are justified. Neither Su Man or Ningxin pursues Tianyou in a way where it pushes him to outright reject them. When he had Su Man apologize to Jiang Sheng he didn’t stick around to hang out with her. He told her he would have his driver take her home. He doesn’t even leave a chance for her to touch him or say more than business to him. If a guy doesn’t even give you the time of day I think that is a very good sign he’s not interested.. Same goes for Ningxin, she has never directly told him she’s interested in him, so how is he suppose to say directly to her face, stop chasing me? That would be disrespectful of him. And since she has never openly pursued him she can outright deny she was interested in him. She did invite him to a school reunion once and he rejected her saying he doesn’t want to make all the men jealous. Then when she invited him to dinner in her room, he rejected her again. He hasn’t done anything to give them mixed signals or give them an impression he’s at all interested. Both girls are just holding on hope one day he might turn and look their way. He’s polar opposite of LS who isn’t interested in Weiyang but allows her to hang out with him, hold his arms, take care of him etc. The two girls love Tianyou but they also have great respect for him. Can you imagine them throwing a tantrum at him the way Weiyang does with Liang Sheng. Look at the way Tianyou handled Su Man at the hospital and she took him seriously too. Liang Sheng is selfish and cocky, towards everyone including his sister. In the novel the animosity towards Tianyou made sense because he did lose two fingers to the man. But in the drama Tianyou has been kind to him from day one but he can’t even pay the same respect by being cordial. It wasn’t till the last few episodes that he didn’t act so bitter and rude towards Tianyou. He acted immature like a sore loser for much of the drama. It wasn’t till the end of the drama that his character developed and wasn’t so self absorbed, he started doing things for others instead of serving his own heart but even then I think his actions were still inconsiderate. Him disappearing towards the end was pretty much what he did the entire drama though. He has a lot of growing up to do. It was so tough for him to play a central role in his sister’s life only as a brother and as an uncle to her child. He’s so selfish he can’t just swallow his needs and let his sister be happy by staying by her side as a family member. The one good thing about the drama is that his amnesia was real vs the novel where he faked it. In the novel he basically abandoned his sister and never did anything to help her out all those years he went missing in her life.
  12. Ningxin in the drama is a smart business woman but she’s not manipulative when it comes to her personal life. She’s almost close to perfect in the drama. Yes she’s deeply in love with Tianyou but she never crosses the line. She’s pretty classy throughout the entire drama. In the novel she lied about being sexually involved with Tianyou even though they were never involved that way. She lied to Jiang Sheng and Liang Sheng that she was pregnant with Tianyou’s child. When the baby failed to show up after the 9 months she lied about him forcing her to abort the baby. She was one of the many reasons why there was friction between Tianyou and Jiang Sheng. I agree and disagree with Liang Sheng. He has told Weiyang he’s not interested, he’s just not firm to make any attempts to distance himself or even avoid her. He allows her to hold onto his arm and to fondle him. He doesn’t physically push her away. He does this through college and all the way through to adulthood. That all changed after he found out Jiang Sheng wasn’t related to him, finally he grew a backbone to break it off with Weiyang. In the novel he dumped her after he found out Jiang Sheng wasn’t his blood sister. He was upset she hide the truth from him. The drama pretty much played out the same way. I don’t think he cared much about the miscarriage, it was an accident. She aborted the baby in the novel and I’m 100% sure it was the same in the drama if SARFT didn’t step in. Did you hear any dialogue where he regrets the miscarriage happening or even apologizing on Weiyang’s behalf? He was not going to marry Weiyang knowing Jiang Sheng wasn’t related to him. This is why I say he’s selfish. He strings Weiyang along, then dumps her as soon as he stands a chance with Jiang Sheng. He should have never agreed to marry her to begin with. Jiang Sheng is too nice, that’s her flaw. She’s so used to being babied by her brother because she’s depended on his care her entire life so when Tianyou babies her shes already accustomed to being taken care of. Liang Sheng is also dependent on her emotionally. Tianyou doesn’t string anyone along, not in the novel or the drama. He doesn’t do or say anything to lead on either girls. He doesn’t give Su Man the time of day. He treats Ningxin only as a friend and business partner. Both girls have a tacit understanding and are respectful of him which is why neither are overbearing. He has this commanding presence on them. He just gives them this look and they back off, both Ningxin and Su Man. In the drama the love is one sided and he’s not interested at all. The novel was a bit different. He was romantically involved in the novel with Su Man but she was just his past. In the novel Ningxin was his childhood sweetheart....but here is why it would never work out between them... and probably why in the drama she was never persistent and waited on him to fall back in love with her and forgive her. In order to help out her family she betrayed Tianyou and became his dad’s mistress. Tianyou’s mother sent him to pay her off, thats how he found out she’s the mistress and how she found out his relationship to the man who has been financially supporting her. I know the drama never touch base with this betrayal, but there was reference to it... there was a part towards the ending episodes where she says to him, “I had hope you would eventually forgive me.” I mention the novel because a lot of this drama was filmed according to the original novel, but SARFT stepped in and made them tweak it here and there so it’s more positive. I’m not making assumptions but I’ve actually seen the original footage without dubbing. Wherever you read that the nanny was his grandma is the most unreliable source because neither the novel or the drama gave any hints she was his grandma. That is a hilarious claim.
  13. What did everyone think of the ending? They have everyone a definite clear cut ending and a vague one for Liang Sheng. This drama has been airing for how long now? Almost 3 months? Somehow I seem to have forgotten almost much of it. So now as I’m re-reading part 2 of the novel I don’t even remember if the sequence in the drama matches the novel. There are several versions of this novel floating around so I’m not sure which is which and there are several endings too. For sure now I have to go back and rewatch this drama too. The adaption is better because it’s less dramatic but the lines are better in the novel and reading the novel you get a better understanding of the characters. I know without doubt most of the drama was shot according to the original novel. This one person posted a lot of content that was consistent with the novel. It was original sound before subbing. The blogger removed the clips after she got a legal letter from the production company. Too bad I didn’t save because it was busy weekend for me. I saw other kiss scenes that got cut because it wouldn’t be consistent with the story. For those interested how the abortion played out in the novel. Jiang Sheng was told Liang Sheng had two months to live without a donor. So she made the tough choice to abort the baby. Remember the baby she thinks belongs to Tianyou when it’s the making of a rapist. Tianyou never let her know this painful truth either, he acted like it was him who took advantage of her drunk body that night. Although Tianyou wasn’t perfect in the novel he put up with a lot more nonsense from Jiang Sheng. Tianyou was willing to be the father’s baby without ever telling Jiang Sheng the truth that the baby wasn’t his. So how painful it must have been that he made that ultimate sacrifice only to have her abort what she thought was his. In the drama she was the one who asked for the breakup, in the novel he left her after that incident. It broke him. In the drama it was mostly Tianyou that ended things with Jiang Sheng but in the drama it was almost always her calling it quits. In the drama, the breakup after the miscarriage, you see she’s always the one wanting to go up to him and make amends. It didn’t seem consistent with how she was the one who left him because those parts were consistent with the novel. I am typing this on my phone going back and forth between reading the novel and this screen so if some parts don’t make sense try to make the best of it LOL. I started on the part where after she tells him she aborted the baby he’s still acting as if he heard nothing and going on with his business. This scene is included in the drama....but they got rid of the lines and put in that sad song instead. The content of the whole letter makes the situation more sad. They probably had to remove it since he makes reference to the abortion and makes reference to her sacrifice for her brother and his noodles LOL. Excerpts from the novel, after the fall in Sanya I saw Tianyou falling down the cliff with me with his desparate face. I said if he really can't regain consciousness, I will always stand by his side. I will tell him the events of each day. I will watch him every single day, every spring, every rainful, winter, snowfall, when the flowers bloom and the autumn leaves fall. I will look over him and wipe the dust from his eyebrows everyday. I will wath him grow the first wrinkes, see him grow white hair all over. I will live to watch him gow until 100 years or mine. If he goes before me I will bury him, if my hundred years come first, my soul will look over him.
  14. What do you usually like watching? More news tidbits on this drama. Vlinkage personal data for the past 30 days October 23 - November 22. Wallace ranked #1 while Ma Tianyou ranked #9 An important side note, the articles I put up are from respectable news agencies or state run news media, not tabloid. People’s daily is state run. Some parts I omitted because it’s just telling us facts what we know,air dates etc. <<All Out of Love>> PPTV HIT DRAMA Many fans have been chasing the urban emotional drama <<All Out of Love>> for more than two months. It ushered the finale last night (November 22). Since its launch the tv ratings have continued to occupy first place in its time slot for national satellite tv, with the highest viewing record for Hunan Satellite TV in the second half of the 2018. Related topics such as #TheBestChengTianyou# or #LiangShengFinale# and other topics frequently topped the hot search list becoming the focus of attention and discussion among netizens. The powerful star lineup, high quality and excellent production, <<All Out of Love>> is a breakout drama according to netizens’ evaluation. <<ALL OUT OF LOVE>> RECONCILIATION Seeing the embrace from “The Best Cheng Tianyou,” proves love is not humble In the episode last night, Ningxin (Wan Zhi) came to bide farewell to “Cheng Tianyou.” She finally made the decision to let go of her obsession on him to go discover herself. On this occasion of departure, Cheng Tianyou gave Ning Xing a tight hug, but his expression revealed his reluctance and gratitude. I won’t translate this because it’s just a long article praising Wallace’s acting skills and how it’s widely praised and resonated with the audience. It talks about how he has given Tianyou the best interpretation Tianyou could have possibly had so Wallace is “the best Cheng Tianyou.” It talks about his highly self-disciplined lifestyle and how his experience, devotion to his roles make his performance rich, meaningful and credible. http://sn.people.com.cn/n2/2018/1122/c378307-32318329.html From weibo talking about the ratings
  15. Thanks for all those links!! Can’t wait to re read it again, bring back the bloodiness LOL. I think I posted some of those clips myself but never had a chance to watch, maybe I’ll do so now that the drama has ended. Yeah they need to show us that kiss without censoring it LOL. I decided to watch this because I liked the novel and was really excited for adaptation. I’m on the boat with a lot of novel fans, I like Tianyou. The novel Tianyou wasn’t perfect but it would have made for good tv and without doubt Wallace would have nailed the role. I wished that they would have watered down his bad attributes but not take it all away. I found it really stressful to watch the drama because he was just too nice, too patient, it’s unrealistic such a man exist. On the contrary the audience across the board felt this adaption made the best of Tianyou and Wallace made it the best, hence why “TheBestChengTianyou” was trending days ago. I think they’re still using the hashtag now. I personally prefer my leads to have a mean streak in them because they get things done and not waste their time LOL. What I appreciated was the chemistry between the leads and the fact Wallace and Sun Yi looked physically compatiable. They don’t look 2 decades apart. Most of Wallace’s costars look older than him even the ones who were a decade younger. I think he has chemistry with all his costars, but making a good looking couple is disputable. This scene of their first meeting wasn’t shown until these last few episodes He leans in to kiss her after she wakes up from her drunken night. He leans in slowly and waits for a reaction...she tells him she didn’t brush her teeth yet LOL. What’s ironic is she doesn’t exactly refuse him, flinch or turn away or even tell him to back off. So if he didn’t mind her morning breath he could have finished what he started LOL. It’s daring on his part considering they haven’t officially met yet, she was drunk the previous night. Oh Tianyou! There was an article talking about the succcess of this drama and how it did well in tv ratings and in video plays . It didn’t hit 1, but it always dominated in its 10pm slot and it took in the highest market ratio overall for all the dramas airing that night, that is considered a success. It set the record for highest market share this year for Hunan. Vlinkage is an overall rating of popularity based searches, readings, view count, video plays etc across all platforms. This was posted today on weibo. Blue Eagle data is usually posted by the same source that post the tv ratings. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, I think it collects popularity data based on searches, readings and comments without factoring in video plays. Wallace ranked in at #1 overall for October and so did the drama. Blue Eagle’s October artist network communication index 1. Zhong Hanliang (Wallace Chung) 2. Zhao Liying 3. Fan Bingbing 4. Dilraba Dilmurat 5. Yang Mi 6. Zhou Xun 7. Yang Zi 8. Wang Junkai 9. Chen Weiting (William Chan) 10. Hu Ge 11. Lu Han 12. Cui Yongyuan 13. Xie Na 14. Huo Jianhua (Wallace Huo) 15. Jackson Yee 16. Yang Ying (Angelababy) 17. Jackie Chan 18. Jay Chou 19. Huang Xiaoming 20. Ma Tianyu
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