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  1. I've sent complaints before. Now I will send massive messages to AAA. They really need to invite Soo Hyang!!!! I'm happy Eunwoo will be there, but I also really want to see Dorae on the red carpet! And she sits between two boyfriends. How catchy! @AAA, do you get the point?
  2. Did you guys see this?? Soo Hyang liked a picture of her and Eunwoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BppVeHIA-L2/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Please teach me how to embed the Instagram in the post.
  3. Me too I'm so frustrated! It feels like a scam. I hate this kind of voting mechanism. I think I'm done with those voting games. I will still support Dorae, follow up with their projects and wish them the best for future.
  4. I just watched the first episode on youtube, where has English subs. It's interesting! I'm hooked.
  5. There is still tiny little hope, I guess , is that in the last 5 minutes, CEW could gain some more votes to push him to #10. figure cross... The results will be announced on 11/1 morning.
  6. Soo Hyang made top 10. She will enter the next round voting. I'm sure she will be invited. Hopefully she will attend. At least we can see her beautifully on the red carpet. She deserves it.
  7. It seems that CEW did not make it for AAA He was #11 before the voting was closed. I guess we will not likely see DoRae together at AAA.
  8. I'm happy that SooHyang seems secure there. But the actors are so competitive. The positions from 4-11 are so close. it feels like ebay bidding. We have to wait the last minute to give it all
  9. @monica63, thank you so much for sharing your opinions. I can sense the chemistry between them behind the scenes as many people do. ISH is such a wonderful woman. Any man who eventually ends up with her will be so lucky. She can make any man happy because she is such a positive person. I know how cruel the Korean entertainment industry is, which is very sad for all celebrities, especially for idols. I really doubt they can date eventually. But at least, I hope they can be close friends forever, especially for CEW, he needs someone there to support him and help him going through struggles. And yes, vote for AAA, there will not be many opportunities for them to be publicly together anymore.
  10. Hooray for the historical drama!!! He has to take one sooner or later to become a well-known actor.
  11. I just saw this on twitter, too!!!! Does this explain why CEW always avoided ISH's eye contact??
  12. Did you guys pay attention to Eunwoo's new drama conference? He compared the role in drama with himself. I found the translate on twitter: @99pmh: doingmin: my personality and my character's personality are similar but slightly different. yeonwoo goes straight for what he wants, his eyes are set only on his manager. the real cha eunwoo is a scaredy cat so we're different in that aspect. Does it mean that Eunwoo has trouble to have eye contact with ISH because he has crush on her???!!!! He is scared to look at her. My shipper heart!! I did not expect they could date very soon or even in future, but it makes me so happy that CEW could have crush on ISH.
  13. I just watched the new trailer of Top Management. Cha Eunwoo seems involving some romance part. But he is the second male lead, which means his heart will be broken. I hope he will continue proving his acting skill in this drama. BTW, is there any thread for Top Management?
  14. OMG, that expression and the glance! I also saw that glance when they passed by: https://twitter.com/kattenimittlive/status/1053201329651363841 Eunwoo, did you hold yourself so hard?? Those glances made my heart fluttering! And smelling each other's hand? stopping the knee? All of these just came out naturally!
  15. Will the Atelier Event start at 2pm in seoul? Does that mean I need to wait for the pictures until tomorrow US zone?
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