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  1. Sorry comrade for the late reply. I didn't check my forum acc lately because I was busy with my travelling, LOLS. The beginning of the series are good but in the middle of the eps, somehow I lost interest, lols. Maybe the main lead male's character wasnt like I expected before. Another thing, those actors seem very new in terms of acting. When you watch it later, you will know what I mean
  2. You wont want to understand their psysho-mindset unless you wanna be the same level as them I am wondering once the drama airs, and once they see the romance between Ningsang. What are they gonna do and what kinda reactions that they are gonna give? I believe both Dylan and SYR knew what is happening right now. They also knew the consequences of hanging out together in public place yet they seem do not care. LOLS. I heard from a friend that a hater in twitter accused Dylan and SYR slept together?? she was too disappointed with dylan and hates SYR too much until she made that kinda accusation of both of them. Too pathetic! of course you have to watch the first season first for understanding what is going on in the drama completedly. If you have time, you can read the novel too for better understanding of Ningsang's relationship.
  3. @n3bula I heard there are chaos everywhere on social media.. SYR's fans are fighting with Dyshen's fans. what a show! the drama not even airing yet and both SYR-DYLAN also seem relaxed but the accusations already took place
  4. My dear comrade, lets put our worry away.. otherwise, our heads will go bald lets wait for another updates. @shrvirus caution, cholesterol! Dont eat too much chocolate you better BBQ one of your rabbits. Its more yummy
  5. Comradessssss, chinguuuussss, I just saw a video where YCY was wearing white and looked like haotian SS. Anyone who has weibo acc, kindly check on Director Yang's update status @n3bula please check your twitter acc, twin @shrvirus hahahaha your rabbits look stress. What you have done to them? Feed them properly
  6. @n3bula that girl who seats beside SS is SYR real best friend. They used to be housemates I doubt there will be two haotians as rumour its just that, the more I think about it, the more the story line doesnt make any sense. Those feet that the director mentioned before must be either belong to flower addict or other new actress. @shrvirus just send your viruses to those haters then they will stop bullying SYR Have you seen the latest pics where SYR, CPP, Dylan, and their other friend hang out together in Thailand? I bet these four people are gonna be best friends or perhaps, they are already indicated each other good friends in real life. They look very comfortable with each other but, of course.. those pathetic fans are getting even more jealous and say bla bla bla about Dylan and SYR but, who cares???!
  7. In my opinion, the reasons why the production didnt want SYR to act as cold hearted haotian is because they wanna protect SYR's image in a good way. She have been received many hate from "those fans". If they let SYR acts as cruel SS and following what had written in the novel, I believe those fans wont be able to take it and might be cursing SYR even more. Surely she will get more bully from those haters. Second reason, it might be Mao Ni's idea since he firmly said that he is on SS's side and he also involved in the production and script. So, we all never know what kinda series that those people are making unless they are showing us more bts videos I might be wrong.
  8. Welcome to the thread, comrade SPOILERS: it is only based on my personal opinion so it wont be 100% correct.
  9. So the news that I heard must be true. They dont have an intention of making the season 2 for this drama hopefully I am wrong.
  10. You know what comrade, I have started fell in love with Kris Sun!! I just realised that he is sooooo handsome (on/off camera) Even his make up as evil Long Qing is very eye catching! My habit of liking beautiful and handsome bad-asses is still there (haotian SS, YHY, Xia Hao, and now LQ)
  11. I am speaking from my point of view about the comparison of the scenes between NQ-SS and NQ-MSS made by the production team/director and NOT ATTACKING anyone. Please read my post carefully before you make any judgment and comment. I awared that you are MSS's shipper and now you claim you are a fan of both and calling me a fanatic fan. You also mentioned few days ago that you are a novel reader and now you claim you never read the novel. Your comments and your reaction are totally different. If you respect other people opinion, you wont react that way and called other people fanatic without reading my previous post properly. We are here to agree to disagree. Let's end this topic. Its kinda boring.
  12. hey twin, here is my prediction. It would be not 100% correct. I've just predicted it based on how the bts videos had shown to us and then combined them with the novel
  13. I also just heard about this news a few mins ago. The director did mention on the video about a mysterious girl as Haotian SS. There might be two haotians at the same time. Get prepared guys! However, I believe SYR would be still around after changing. It was mentioned on director's weibo. I dont have weibo acc, so I dont follow her updates closely.
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