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  1. @Transition Yes, I agree. A few days ago, Tao posted a hairstyle without bangs on Instagram. She looks very beautiful and mature. Thank you for sharing the last Ryota's post in IG. The sky in Ryota's post also reminds me of Tao chan @cwkwkhp2 Hi, thank you for sharing the video. So lovely. @justananimelover Hi, nice to meet you. So they will start shooting this month?
  2. @Transition @ryotatao9495 @setokaonii Happy 2nd Anniversary too Thank you for always keeping this thread active. And hopefully one day we can hear happy news from RyoTao. Happy Anniversary to you all @bk2001 welcome in our thread. Yes Ryota and Anna are in the same management which is LDH. I think they are not close to each other. Ryota also doesn't like Anna's post like Tao's. Sorry for being inactive for some time because I'm busy with my work. Like @setokaonii I also always read this thread. I'm glad you guys keep this thread with good things. Thank you all. Here you can see Usagi with short hair and school uniform. Tao chan has let go of that role before. I wonder if Tao chan will wear a wig? I hope she doesn't cut her hair. This is a reunion after 4 years since the movie Orange for. Some artists and actors are very quick to reunion in the same drama or movie. When is the time for RyoTao? As you have discussed before, RyoTao always leaves the same clue. I don't think Ryota really deleted the post about Tao and Anikoma. He just archived it on Instagram. Ryota very rarely posts photos together with his co-star on drama and movies after Anikoma. About someone who looks from a balloon, it certainly looks like Ryota. I've seen Ryota dressed like that. By the way Ryota always liked Tao Chan's post but only TaoRyu's post was not liked by Ryota. If it was not seen or Ryota felt jealous when he saw the photo. See photos of Tao Chan's reunion with Ohno san, I hope Tao chan can take pictures and post photos of the reunion with Ryota. I really miss RyoTao.
  3. @ryotatao9495 @Transition I just found that Instagram. Before I saw the photo on twitter. I was really surprised. I think too much. I think Tao has a relationship with Ryusei hehe. I opened the Shiseido blog and then just found out this is CM. Does CM also have Instagram account? As you say, I also hope it's Ryota. Thank you for sharing the info about RyoTao. Tao also hasn't posted yet on her Instagram account since 2 days ago. She is pretty in the Asics's CM Btw, Kiminami was chosen as the Best Animation in the Shanghai 22th International Film Festival.
  4. @Transition Thank you for telling me about what Ryota wrote. So that's the Aiko san, huh? @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sending a photo of the same pose from RyoTao. And thank you also for the video. I think Ryota really said that seriously. He is always serious during interviews or when talking about love. I also immediately thought that girl was Tao. Yes, it is ok. We understand. As Transition said, I also want them to give a lot of hints
  5. Have you opened Instagram? I saw Ryota writing very long. For some reason I'm very happy. It's like he has tried to express his feelings. Of course this is possible because he learned from Tao. For some things I don't understand what he wrote. Can someone tell me?
  6. @Transition @ryotatao9495 thank you for your information, sorry for unactive a long time I haven't heard about Tao and Yokohama Ryusei's new project. I look forward to it. Btw Akira's wife and I have the same surname hehe. Ryota is very excited to give a greeting marriage to friends and seniors. Rina and EXILE Akira got married this year. So Tao and Ryota will be as busy as 2020. Ryota will also be busy with LDH Perfect Year in 2020. At the music station they talked about June Bride, about what kind of woman they wanted to marry. Ryota says "Family oriented person". Unchanged since then. I'm sure the Tao is meant. Sorry I didn't send the video here. I think you can find it on Twitter
  7. @Transition Yes I think so. Ryota looked very concerned about Tao. He can't hide it haha Aww hairstyles and videos when Tao sat on the porch really reminded me of Setoka. Thank you for sharing with us. So this might be one of the reasons suddenly Ryota drew and uploaded it on Weibo. Pictures of turtles and rabbits look similar haha. So cute after all. Thank you for translated. Ryota really likes to drink wine. He mentioned it in several interviews like we have talked about before. Then Tao also said something like this, like she likes to drink wine because of Ryota. What do you think
  8. @Transition thank you for information haha I really don't know about OL. It turns out it's an office lady Thank you for translation Ryota's comment in Rina's post. Does that mean Ryota is also watching Tao in silence in other matters haha because they spend a lot of time together. He also updates on weibo about that. @ryotatao9495 Congratulation for Rina san. Ryota gave quite a long comment. He looks excited haha. Takanori just made a short comment "Arigato". It was because he had known since dorama Gakeppuchi Hotel. Rina and Tomoki really have a serious short relationship. So we are just waiting for news from Ryota (about his marriage later) They do it. Isn't that a similar behavior? (RyoTao). Beautiful Tao. Tao's hair was long again. Tao looks mature there. They do have similar things so this is like an additional hint for both. Fans definitely think why they can have the same things from objects, photo poses and places. The fans were curious as to who was photographing Ryota. What's the manager or girlfriend?
  9. @Transition @ryotatao9495 thank you for sharing with us. What is OL? Sorry I don't understand I am so glad to hear about it. It is meaning Tao realized when she opened her Instagram. Yes it seems Tao doesn't want to stop following Ryota
  10. @ryotatao9495 @Transition Welcome to the Reiwa Era. RyoTao's photo is very cute. I miss the Tachibana brothers. I am very happy to hear that (about Tao's new project). I can't wait to know the details. I thought I hoped for drama & movie. I want to see Tao more often. By the way I'm watching Asadora Mare now. Only until episode 8. Maybe it's too late. But I just found the download link so I decided to watch it. This is cool, I like seeing the real Tao's figure here. Thank you for the information. Finally Ryota has an Instagram account for his latest project (Kaede Ayase). I have read the manga (only half because of internet constraints I have not read it yet).
  11. @Transition I haven't read the manga. But I want to try read it first. Thank you for the information
  12. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for information about Genekou 100 SP. I can't wait to watch full too @Transition It is okay, thank you I just watched Kasane last night. This is truly extraordinary. I'm talking about Tao's acting. This is the first time I see Tao acting as an antagonist. In the movie Tao plays 2 characters. I was like being taken into a movie. As @ryotatao9495 said, I also agree. I was very impressed especially in the last minute when Tao played Salome and danced. I also hope there will be a second movie so we can find out about Nina. honestly I want to see Tao acting like this again
  13. @Transition Thank your for your information about Ryota I have not seen both movies. But if in my country already there I want to see it. Anyone can help me translate in English why is Ryota crying here. Thank you
  14. @Transition Thank you for the information. Was Ryota sick at that time? Or he just feels his voice isn't the best? Sorry, I didn't see the video in full and didn't understand it so I asked here.
  15. @ryotatao9495 I just checked it. They have the same date of birth. I was surprised too. Ryota has followed Kanna and Maeda on Instagram. Yes, right. We have to support with whom Tao and Ryota work as partners in the world of showbiz
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