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  1. I like Farms look. it fits his character development. It shows that he has grown up, and become his own person with a distinct rebellious, grungy, I don't-care-look. and a person that does what they want to, in his case being a musician. Farm isn't that cute, innocent, impressionable little kid anymore. He has learned through his relationship with Bright that he has to grow up, stop being so naive and to not let himself get played so easily. But it sadly also made him a bit bitter and not believe in that true love anymore. He has learned to believe (through his "relationship" with Bright) that its just about casual sex. I am kinda excited for that new cute guy.... but I kinda have a feeling that Farm might become his Bright. I am not mad at the Korn and Knock's storyline honestly. Coming out to ur fam, even if you aren't close, is never easy and sometimes takes years, but it seems from the trailers that Knock will be supportive which he really wasn't during Bad Romance which I appreciate and is a new twist to it and I hope that topic gets explored in a more earnest way. About the ring thing, I think it was just a way to remind/tell viewer made a promise to each other previously. I guess it was just kinda a renewal of that promise. makes me think.... maybe we will finally see a wedding.... wink wink. Also... Korn in drag??? He looked so damn good! I didn't expect him to look THAT gorgeous, like damn. The stylists and makeup artists did such a good job! so cute.
  2. Hey guys, I am a newbie to this series and Thai series in general and utterly confused. I just finished watching Together With Me on YouTube after I saw it in a recommended list and I am OBSESSED. Both actors have so much chemistry and I enjoyed the plot a lot. I know that Together With Me isn't the first season, but I read that Bad Romance wasn't as good and the two arent featured much. What do you guys think? Is it worth a watch? Also, I saw that the new season started, but I have zero idea where and how to watch it, where I can find eng sub, when etc. If someone could educate me on that it'd be great !!! Also.... are there any interesting vids, behind the scenes, interviews, fanpages etc you guys can recommend to me? I really want to get into the boys more. Thank you sooo much and hope this isn't too overwhelming.
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