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  1. 1 Bathtub scene 2 moisturizer scene 3 Ae's dorm scene Most awaiting scene
  2. Cutie See Ai and Pete together in bathtub Another ep that will kill me
  3. But I wonder how many takes did it take for S and P to film that bed kissing scene
  4. Ae and Pete chemistry is on another level My pete is sooooo adorable What will my frida6feel like without LBC
  5. P'new was right if all scenes were it would have completely turned into porn
  6. After watching ep 9 teaser Me: It's Monday Me: I wish I had a time machine
  7. I'm going to die from saint's cuteness Ep 9 is going to kill me I love him sooooooo mutch
  8. This ep was so soft This ep Pete was sooooo cute ahhh my heart can't wait for the sub
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