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  1. I just got time watching episode 8. Wish me luck . . . not to giggling too much or my parent would suspicious, But considering this picture, they didn't have sex yet in episode 8.
  2. It's happened if I hold pee for long time and finnaly have chance to pee. Ussually.
  3. I can say that I am lil bit Drama series fan mix with actor fan, and few of Data Fan. Hahaha. Anyway, this episode is all sweet just like candy. I might get diabetes frome their sweetness. Anyway, anyone have link for Together With Me the series with engsub? Thank you.
  4. OMG, just 6 hours until new episode. Oh my God!! I am crying, because have to waiting until Saturday (if lucky) or Sunday until I understand what they saying.
  5. The reason why I love Perth most is, the way his eyes smile when he is smile. Well, everyone already knew it, I suppose. I just can not deny if he ask anything with that smile.
  6. I starting to following him/her. Adorabe art. Thank you,
  7. Perth my baby ;* I can't believe I am 6 years older than him. I am old -,-
  8. I giggling loud that make my coworking snoop at my laptop, when I saw this picture. Hahha, I hope they make this kind of scene, like in bonus scene or something.
  9. In my family culture, having or wearing riped jeans considered as a bad boy. But I am still wearing them anyway. It's just feel right sometimes, and rebel. LOL. You should try once.
  10. I think fashion has nothing to do with age. It's just preference, I guess.
  11. Some people said that Perth is too good looking for Ae (based on Novel). But I am glad perth got the part. He's fit perfectly.
  12. I am agree to dissagree. I mean, Perth still teenager (17 years old) in my eyes. And he is undenialable attractive boy.
  13. https://twitter.com/LionBoomza/status/1044747134661087239?s=19 He is so cute, I am dying to wait until Friday night.
  14. Oh my God, I forgot how fun tumblr can be. It's blocked by goverment in my country. And using vpn just make the internet connection going slower.
  15. It does help. Specially when every Friday night, new episode airing. Even tho I just understand little bit of Thai language.
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