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  1. For me, I think it's Taeyeon solo and I love her first song as solo (I feat. Verbal Jint) is the best song ever~~. Her powerful voice is so so amazing!!!! This is Taeyeon MV! LET'S check it out! https://youtu.be/4OrCA1OInoo
  2. Who do you think that speaks English very well. Why he/she speaks very well? Thanks!
  3. I want to know the reason (s) that how you choose your bias Please let me know!!! Thanks!
  4. Jackson from Got7 He stuided in international school in HongKong and his accent is so so good!
  5. I suggest Son Seung yeon cuz her vioce is so strong and amazing Ps. Son seung yeon is the women in black dress https://youtu.be/fWUrIUUvZnE
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