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  1. New Teaser! Lee min ki and Lee yoo young And i've found some hint that maybe the main lead will get some magazine promotional. Their name wrote on Cosmopolitan Korea magz October edition (with Kang Daniel cover).
  2. Soompi Article Update: Lee Min Ki And Lee Yoo Young Show Charisma In Teaser Photos For Upcoming Thriller Drama TV/Film Sep 4, 2019 by L. Kim Updated September 8 KST: OCN’s “The Lies Within” has revealed photos of Lee Min Ki and Lee Yoo Young outside the frame of the official poster that was revealed previously (see original article below). The partially-visible faces in the poster raised anticipation for the hidden stories behind the two characters. Jo Tae Shik (Lee Min Ki), a detective with a special sixth sense, leaves his position at the Provincial Special Detective Division and requests to be reassigned to a small town in the countryside. Kim Seo Hee (Lee Yoo Young), the youngest daughter of a member of the National Assembly, becomes the center of a mysterious case involving her father’s sudden death and husband’s disappearance. Lee Min Ki is taking on the role of a detective for the first time. In accordance with director Lee Yoon Jung’s hopes that the character would have a human touch, Lee Min Ki gained eight kilograms for his role. Meanwhile, Lee Yoo Young put aside her image as a passionate police officer from her previous drama “My Fellow Citizens” and showed her character’s determination to discover the truth with her charismatic eyes. The drama’s producers shared, “At the poster shoot that took place last month, the two actors perfectly transformed into the two characters who are hiding different secrets. They raised the quality of the poster with their professionalism. Please look forward to seeing how the two people will team up while chasing the truth and how the mysterious case will bring the two together regardless of the unapparent connection between them.” “The Lies Within” is slated to begin airing on October 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST as the follow-up to “Strangers from Hell.” Source (1)
  3. teaser chacter: Lee Min ki as police inspector Jo Tae shik teaser character: Lee Yoo young as National Assembly member Kim Seo hee
  4. Lee Min Ki And Lee Yoo Young Are Secretive In Mysterious Poster For Upcoming Thriller Drama TV/Film Sep 4, 2019 by L. Kim OCN’s new weekend drama “The Lies Within” has released a poster! “The Lies Within” is a thriller that follows the story of Kim Seo Hee (Lee Yoo Young), a woman who becomes a member of the National Assembly to save her husband after he goes missing following the sudden death of her father, and Jo Tae Shik (Lee Min Ki), a detective who refuses to leave a single person’s death unsolved. The poster shows the silhouettes of a man and woman whose faces and emotions are unknown. It piques curiosity about the stories that are contained in their eyes outside the frame and the truth that they’re hiding. The copy between the two characters reads, “secret thriller.” The font of the text creates strange tension and stimulates viewers’ mystery-solving instincts. The production crew commented, “The mystery of the unknown boundaries between truth and falsehood was emphasized in the overturned hangeul characters in [the text] ‘The Lies Within.’ The teaser poster also deliberately cropped Lee Min Ki and Lee Yoo Young’s faces to highlight their hidden stories. Starting with the teaser video that was released for the first time on August 31, ‘The Lies Within’ will gradually be unveiled. Please look forward to the first broadcast on October 12.” “The Lies Within” is set to premiere on October 12 at 10:30 p.m. KST.
  5. This fan acc ig had translation for the script reading video. LMK has gain weight about 8kg for the detective role. He looks good!
  6. Guys, you can check this IG acc, it posting some making film footage with translation
  7. Lee Min ki and Lee Yoo young spotted Is this On Joo wan on shooting location? Food truck support from CJ ENM for Everyone's Lies production team and actor
  8. Congrats Designated Survivor:60 days, the ratings keeps rising each eps. 4,8% on Sunday and 4,9% on Tuesday. Need to catch up eps 14 soon. Ig update from assistant secretary park
  9. Behind the scenes pics that posting in personal Instagram by the casts somehow give us hints and spoilers hahaha.. i feel glad that all president team still complete till the end.. i mean maybe they're all clear and the casts show us their friendship and closeness, hang out together, taking selfies and posting on social media. solid casts give solid chemistry on off screen. two weeks and four episodes left, finally monday is coming up!! i just dont know why TVN restrict the film making/behind the scene video on Youtube in some country. little bit dissapointing..
  10. Seems like the reading script already held. There are some pics surface today, this is from the official photographer team i think Lee Min ki and Lee Yoo young looks great. Also found this by searching the hangul drama title hashtag, Lee Joon hyuk as main supporting casts. Previously seen him in 100 days husband and The wind blows, he takes comedic parts, but here he seems looks so serious I hope more footage and spoiler will surface starting today, waiting for the official release from OCN. Fighting!
  11. Wow.. reading all of your conspiration theories guys, awesome it's adding more curiosity and intensity while watching. I am not good enough at describing my thought, so i will give likes to support this thread. I am watching eps 9 and 10 back to back. Netflix so fast at updating new eps, maybe it's only 2 hours differences with Korean airtime. Eps 9 kinda slow and focused on PMJ and wife back story and their son, but in last 10 minutes, the pace is getting intense again since OYS's appeareance. And eps10 was so thrilling with all action, reveal facts, and confusing acts from the people. I can't read them... it was so frustating. Soo.. do you think president PMJ was shoot guys? I am gasping at the ending becoz there's no preview of eps 11 at Netflix glad i found the link from this thread. Uugh how supposed to wait for another week.. Here is Ji jin hee's ig update, he was watching eps9 with some castsmate.
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