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  1. He looked so fresh and plump (? for lack of better words haha) in the DEPART photoshoot bts, bless his beautiful soul and his beautiful visual. Tomb notes filming is ongoing and will be for quite some time now, but afterwards I hope he'll take a long relaxing vacation before diving into a new project, the guy needs a break. Plus I like how he looks when he's travelling. P/S: @TheRedDragon Is that really you in the picture??
  2. @siobhanne @BreezeC @huongpham82 I know, you guys are right. It's not like they have anything against ZYL and his acting, although i can't be sure since i started reading from the latest post backwards, got upset and then just left lol.. but yeah they were just discussing the character qiheng. Well the good thing is he's being noticed and i do notice he's gaining new fans haha.. I'm pretty sure there's another xiao gong ye scene trending on weibo but since i can't read chinese, i might've misunderstood.
  3. I visited the story of minglan soompi thread because i wanted to know how people are evaluating zyl's acting, but it seems they're not liking his character much I do find it really unfair though how people are comparing his character to the main character, i mean we all know who gets the girl and have a happy ending blah blah in the end i can't believe some people are actually comparing this 2nd lead character and getting annoyed with him because they think the main character is more deserving of the girl and whatnot like of course dude! that's the whole point! Is it because he's standing out so much as the 2nd lead? Is that a problem? Although i haven't seen much of the drama i can't really judge qiheng's character, so. Sorry for ranting here guys, but i feel sad, some people can be really mean and insensible. Gah, zyl is such a good actor, i really wish he'll work in much better projects these coming years and choose only good scripts. Please can't he just choose less tragic characters after this, or at least ones with a happy ending. I notice he has a knack for these tear jerker characters, ones that have almost unbelievably bad luck, i wonder why..
  4. I was surprised when his hallway crying scene trended on weibo. I mean, the guy has only 9% screentime (did i read that here? i can't remember), and for audience to notice his scene so much says a lot about his acting. I already know he can act amazingly well, but for him to have little screentime and be noticed as much as the main leads is a whole new testament to his acting abilities in my opinion. I like the way @yhl0802put it “The emotional changes of the role are very natural and smooth, Zhu Yilong's eyes can talk, for real.” He really expresses a lot with his eyes, to the extent he can convey much emotion without using any words. I think that's what sets him apart from others, not saying his style is better or worse, just different. While others use all, gestures, words and expressions to emote, he's more restrained and articulate, which works really well due to his 'cinematic' eyes as @huongpham82 eloquently put. He does have the disadvantage of being slow to warm up to people tho, typical of an introvert, so I think as @huongpham82 pointed out, somehow I think that results in lukewarm chemistry with some of his female costars, also because of his shy nature. In Guardian's case, he has brilliant chemistry with Baiyu offscreen too, which translates really well onscreen. He just needs someone he's comfortable with, so I guess an actress that's not as shy as him might work well with him?
  5. @BreezeC I'm actually saving this drama for when I'm less busy because I'm drowning in work right now, but I checked a few clips that showed up on my twitter timeline and got tempted to watch the first few episodes lol. So I watched up until ep6 I think and I truly liked it, and not just because ZYL is in it. Although he's superb as Qiheng, the lovestruck look, the gentlemanly gait, plus he looks so beautiful in the outfits they put on him. A true noble xiao gong ye. Sad that his storyline is so tragic. I haven't watched later episodes, but I did see a clip from ep28 and it was so sad.. why you always so sad Yilong ah? Or maybe he just plays sad character very well, because the scene I watched, man. I mean I know the guy can act and he can play tragic very well, but that scene just struck me deep and made me feel so heartbroken, it's like I can feel the hurt. Or maybe I'm just biased, but you guys can check it out and judge for yourself. Thank you for being an actor, Zhu Yilong. I never knew I needed this kind of impact from a character before. About the drama itself, I like the casts so far, expectedly, I like Minglan's grandma and I like Zhao Liying's portrayal of Minglan and I also like the character. Some people said the pace is too slow, but I enjoyed it, altho I for one don't have much qualms with slow paced dramas, especially if it's as well shot and well casted like this one. No one really stand out in a bad way, I even like the main wife who I think doesn't really come off scheming or manipulative, just kind of self centred and sharp mouthed. Some scenes have a subtle humour that stops the drama from being too serious and depressing, and I appreciate that. So far I like the drama and I can see now the difference of these high value productions. The visuals are nice, some of the scenes are shot really beautifully. Now I'm having dilemmas about watching the rest of the episodes because of how sad they look (and tragic Qiheng storyline!) but I'll put the drama on hold for now anyway until I have time to watch it.
  6. So I went and checked out some of Huangjunjie's work since he's confirmed now cuz I got curious. From what I see, he's got a very strong Yangyang feel when he played ZQL in the first tomb notes adaptation, so I guess that's a good thing? Like at least he got the look pat down right. He also reminds me of Haruma Miura in Bloody Monday, so I guess I'm somehow assured of him playing ZQL. I haven't checked out Wangpanzi, but I'm sure he'll do great cuz he played the same character in Tomb of the Sea right? Now I just hope they have good chemistry with each other, anyhow TNR is supposedly focused on this Iron Triangle so I hope they match well with each other please please.. And ZYL looks great as Wuxie!!! He looks rough-ish, a bit like Luofusheng but also somehow youthful? and I like it. Since they've announced all the main casts, I suppose we're gonna get bts of the team shooting together now? now that they won't have to keep the casts in the dark anymore. Can't wait!
  7. So the rumours are true after all haha.. and now we have the Iron Triangle yay! My excitement has not died at all and this is really fueling it huhu.. Why oh why is the broadcast still so far away~
  8. @meifang89 Well from what I read of the novel so far, there isn't much romance, if any, between Wuxie and other characters. From the chapters that I have read, there is a girl who has a crush on him, and I think there's a little bit of flirting with benefits (?) haha (hope that makes sense), but there isn't that much romance otherwise. But then, since this is a book adaptation, I can't be sure of the drama, since there might be changes or additions according to the script writers or director. To be honest, I'm someone who really isn't into the romance genre myself, especially if the drama is of action/thriller genre, since I think addition of romance just for the sake of having romance will add unnecessary conflicts and drags everything along and then it'll be very boring to watch. I'm a huge fan of action/investigation/supernatural genre, and I'm saying this out of my personal experience of having to watch unnecessary romance being added into these genres and really spoiling the thrill and taking the fun out of everything for me, so I for one, actually have the same wish as you, and wish they won't have romance in the drama. I do enjoy good romantic comedies, but that would be because I watched while expecting romance from the start, same goes for romantic dramas. I just hate it when romance gets in the way of my action haha, so yeah. I'm pretty sure there isn't romance in TNR though @TheRedDragon Thank you so much for the updates!
  9. Yes that is quite a lot compared to previous lost tomb series BUT! hahaha i like that there are a lot of episodes because that would mean a lot more ZYL as Wuxie goodness!! Muahahahahaha.. And yeah it's still quite a long time away T_T I'm very excited for this series I can't put it into words. @TheRedDragon Here's to more ZYL lead roles!
  10. @TheRedDragon Thanks for the updates! Their shooting location looks so pretty~~ that wuxie zhang qiling video though I still have this great anticipation for the drama, it feels like torture waiting really even though i know it won't come out yet anytime soon lol. Anyway, at least the story of minglan is coming soon so i'll have something to watch while waiting for wuxie.. I do feel this greed sometimes that i want him to just take lead roles so that i can see more of him onscreen, lol, but really that is not up to me, so.
  11. @siobhanne Yes it is terrible this kind of crazy behaviour i really can't comprehend the kind of thinking that would motivate them to do such a reckless thing. They weren't thinking at all were they? Yes, thankfully it was minor, but someone could get seriously hurt and like @BreezeC said, i pray there won't be another time. They were apprehended by the police if i read correctly, i thought they would get some sort of penalty, but they got off with a warning i got so mad really. I thought i've seen enough of these sasaengs in kpop fandom, turns out they're everywhere *sigh* Really, and he's been so active these days too, having quite a lot of appearances, i hope this wouldn't discourage him. But knowing his dedication to work, i think he would hardly let this affect his activities, but still. I do wish they'd taken legal actions straightaway, letting them off easy might attract more crazies, in my opinion
  12. @paopaolong I see so they both went to Bejing Film Academy, that's why they look familiar with each other Thanks for the info on his filming, and yay another appearance on Dec 31st! I love his work ethics too, really dilligent and dedicated. When I saw the released bts videos of Phantacity, it's like he's a whole different person when working. He doesn't look his usual soft shy person, a side of him that's very confident and charismatic comes out. Not saying he's not usually confident and charismatic, but wah, really, they said a person looks coolest when they're doing something they're passionate about. And I thought I couldn't admire him more. I heard the rumour about Happy Camp filming too I hope it's true! I would like to see his interations with the casts, and He Jiong is always so nice to him, it would be great!
  13. Yilong was seated next to Huang Xiaoming during the event! I got so excited seeing it cuz I used to like HXM a lot, like a lot, when I watched Legend of Condor Heroes (one of the very few chinese dramas I followed), I love seeing Liu Yifei too she's so pretty~ but then I got into tvb dramas and never looked back until ZYL pulled me back in haha~ Not to mention he looked extra dashing in white.. So today is Yezun and yesterday was HeiPao? kekeke.. Sorry I'll just see myself out
  14. I found this, and even though I haven't contributed anything to this number I think, I feel so proud! haha! Question; can someone tell me if we bought any of the products he's endorsing, like L'oreal or Refa online, I mean like not in China, would the sales still count, like would it still boost his image?
  15. Thank you very much for the updates guys, he looked so good during the LV event!! i am a happy girl cuz i get to see him again~ he's gone back to the mountains right away though.. I agree with @TheRedDragon, i've always thought that ZYL has delicate features that make him beautiful rather than handsome, but that's a personal opinion really. And it's funny that i've only just watched this video of him mentioning that movie with eddie redmayne, but i've always imagined him in that sort of role, although i think that's mostly because he reminds me of lee pace so much, and lee pace has played a similar role too in the past, and it was remarkable. I think ZYL would be able to pull off this kind of complex character splendidly.
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