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  1. Customer service told me to inform Netflix and directed me to a link that requests for drama titles. I’m not sure if this will work but I followed the instruction in any case. We need to let Netflix know somehow and maybe a deluge of inquiries and request will alert them to this issue. I guess this is the least we can do. Social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook might help too.


    For the sake of their remaining viewers, I hope Netflix cleans up this fiasco soon. 

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  2. Thank you for that. I heard it is the same for Southeast Asia regions. It doesn’t make sense. They would already know beforehand about this. And they should have made announcements too. Plus they showed all the episodes with air dates before. To say about licensing issue at the tail end of season doesn’t make sense.


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  3. @r047

    It’s so beautifully done I am immersed when watching at everything. Their performances, the cinematography and the director’s penchant for nuanced detail for each scene is brilliant.



    That was a beautifully written perspective. With some insightful questions. I like how you interpreted that fight scene between Bangwon and SeonHo. And that last past about Bangwon and protecting the abandoned. This was also what he said to his men before they started marching towards the Palace. 



    It breaks my heart when I think about what could have been. Woo DoHwan gives an amazing performance every time. I can’t help but feel for what he is going through.

  4. It was a beautiful shot of the door of that big gate closing and

    Sunho and BW standing and looking at each other. :D



    It was brilliantly shot. Both of them looked really good.
    I’m seriously worried for SeonHo though. What’s gonna happen to him? I hope he realizes that he’s not alone in this. Having a father like Nam Jeon must not be easy. In that part of their world where people like him get trampled on. I wish he would rise to the occasion and uphold himself in doing the right thing and prove everyone wrong. I hope he realizes that being a son of that despicable person is not the definition of who he is. He is so much better than that. That heart he had as a child from way back when he helped Hwi bury his own father. That’s the kind of compassion that he has. Not to mention the way he cares for Yeon. His heart is in the right place. He just needs to learn how to deal with all the negativity surrounding him. I really want him to prove everyone wrong in how badly people think of him. 
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  5. @rocher22 They were in battle in a swordfight. Stabbing could have gone either way. Either one of them could get hurt at any moment. It’s not fair to say Hwi stabbed SeonHo with the sword without hesitation. 


    And no, I don’t agree that stabbing SeonHo will make up for sending him to the battlefield. 


    It is just unfortunate and quite sad that they were born in turbulent times. And both of them have to take opposite sides. 


    But it doesn’t look like they can still preserve their friendship. SeonHo is now angry at Bangwon for killing his father. 

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  6. I’ve been reading some comments about that part when SeonHo was hurt and Hwi left him. At first I couldn’t understand it either. I had to rewatch that part again and it’s clear now what had happened. When Hwi was helping SeonHo to sit down, SeonHo didn’t want Hwi to be there. He removed Hwi’s hand two times. That’s why Hwi was just sitting there like a lost puppy. I think he would just sit there and follow SeonHo if ChiDo and the others didn’t come to get him. 


    SeonHo wasn’t seriously injured. (Well that’s according to the script heh). That’s why it wasn’t urgent for them to help him like what they did when they escape from Liadong. As for SeonHo’s reaction, I’m thinking he realized that now his father is dead, the power that he thought he could have through his father is now also lost. He probably thought the other Minister will look down on him once more. And now he is just a bastard orphan of a low class woman. Also I think his pride is probably hurt that the tables have been turned and Hwi is the one now who has all the things he doesn’t have. And that is the reason why he rejected Hwi. These are just my speculations. What do u guys think?


    I am am so relieved that it wasn’t Hwi but Bangwon who took NamJeon’s life. That would surely be the end of his friendship with SeonHo. I just hope whatever it is that is that is separating them will still be mended. Their relationship is really complicated and I’m not saying one is good than the other because I really think their friendship goes deeper and their brotherly love is still strong inspite of all that has happened between them. 

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  7. BangWon and Hwi have a great chemistry. They are both excellent actors. I like both of them in the same team.


     I’m so curious to know how they pulled off that last few scenes of Hwi attacking BangWon. It was a ploy to fool NamJeon and to discredit him in front of the King and the ministers. And yet it looked so real. In the trailer we see NamJeon’s surprised look at the Royal Court. But we also know he is still alive as we see in the first episode. So it means the King did not execute him. I think a lot of things are still about to happen in between. It’s suspenseful and thrilling isn’t it? Even though we know from history which one will prevail. I am still engrossed in how the story is written here. 

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  8. @Prettysup thanks for sharing all info about Korean history. It’s helpful for those not so familiar with it. Especially since the drama is fast paced and go through the historical events that may be confusing. Such turbulent times for our main characters to be in. I can understand why this part of history can be fascinating and told and retold countless times in many dramas. And thankfully all the cast of My Country are doing a really good job of portraying their roles. 



    I hope we can see more of them in videos like this. I can’t help but turn into a fan of Yang SeJong and I’m really impressed with his performance in this drama. 

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  9. This drama is riveting. I’m captivated by the way it’s presented even though it has the usual drama antics. The wonderful portrayal of the cast plus top notch cinematography makes up for the fairly standard story. I like to believe that there will be a twist to the story towards the end between the two main characters’ friendship. I think there will be something that will restore their bond and things are more than what it appears to be right now. At least the optimist in me would like to think so. 

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    Hi everyone. I have been following this thread discussions and delurking just to say I appreciate the enlightening posts on Korean culture specifically on Filial Piety. This is why I love this drama so much. After Mr Sunshine, no other drama has captivated me as much as this because of the way the female lead is portrayed as being strong willed and empowered. And yet, still keeping within respectful boundaries. As shown in the scene with Jung In talking to Ki Seok’s dad. She was firm and direct but still polite and respectful. I love how this balance is being shown here. 


    The female leads from both shows had similar predicament of breaking away from traditional expectation.


    Even though I am Asian and exposed to Asian culture, I must say that some parts of their tradition resonate with me, yet there is still a whole new layer to understanding another country’s way of life. I must say Korean culture runs so much deeper. Which is why I appreciate shows that depict this reality. And this show is way much more and really delivering from the way it was written and directed to the actors and actress portrayal. This is now on the top 2 of my drama list. I sincerely hope this will be good until the end.

    No drama tropes, please. :sweatingbullets::D

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  11. Are those BYH and YYS on advertisement prints on the side of cars? I think that's first time I saw one of BYH and YYS. It's the cutest!!! :wub: :D If I were in Seoul, I would probably be one of those obvious tourist fan girl taking selfies chasing after those cars :D


    And that Samsung CF parodies of the show... Sooooo cute!!! Even if I dont understand at all what they are saying hahaha thanks for sharing @rubie  these posts are just what i need for my Mr Sunshine withdrawal symptoms :wub:



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  12. @2handsintertwined First if all, can i just say i love that gif of Hee Sung :D :wub:  It is heartwarming to know and read how much viewers are positively affected by Mr Sunshine :)  It does take a while to get over a drama such as this. Even LBH himself said in his speech that after a year of filming, he is still immersed in his role of Eugene Choi. ^_^ I hope to see him and the other cast be acknowledged in other award groups as well. 

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  13. LBH winning speech with English subtitles. Congratulations to the winners and Mr Sunshine team! :wub:

    Edit: I just saw this video and posted the link here but there seems to be an error. Sorry I dont know what went wrong :unsure:


    @cynkdfHCY's song now no. 1 at Soompi charts, yaaay! :)


    Edit #2:

    @rubie thanks for that. I thought I posted the wrong link. 

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  14. An update to Brad Havens' rave review.  

    Mr. Sunshine - a vibrant, romantic Epic from Korea radiates across a Global Stage



    His thoughts after viewing the final 2 episodes. 


    UPDATE: Okay, so it's a one season series running 24 episodes. I just finished absorbing what I witnessed in these final two episodes, and all I can say is:

    Bravo! Wonderful. Amazing. When you consider that this is basically considered a series for Korean Television - albeit an ambitious one - the breadth and scope of the accomplishment is as impressive as Peter Jackson's original Lord of the Rings productions. Seriously. I stand by the "Asian-style Game of Thrones" comparison as well - action, intrigue, tragedy, romance, it's all there. Well, the nudity & graphic violence is out, but for what this story is, it really doesn't need all of that anyway.

    Mr. Sunshine can only further cement Korea's place in the Asian Film Market as producers of top quality entertainment. Hollywood seems seduced by Chinese Investors these days - which is not a bad thing, either - but as Netflix continues to blur the lines between Cable and Feature Film Production, Korean-based Producers and Performers are proving it's time they get the International recognition they deserve.


    @cynkdf credit to you for sharing his initial post.


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