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  1. I think obviously, he means to bring 安炫 "Ahn Hyeon" back to life.
  2. I hope more action play for Seo-bi in season 3 Yeong-shin carry Cho Beom Pal N+ times
  3. Kingdom season 2 press conference on 5 March, 2020 The production presentation of the original Netflix series "Kingdom Season 2" was held on the morning of July 5. The scene was attended by actors Ju Ji-hoon, Ryu Seung-ryong, Bae Doo-na, Kim Sang-ho, Kim Sung-kyu, Jeon Suk-ho, Kim Hye-joon, director Kim Sung-hoon, director Park In-jae and scriptwriter Kim Eun-hee. The event was broadcast live online to prevent the spread of Corona19.(Video courtesy = Netflix 'Kingdom')
  4. I like season 2 very much! I become the fan of Doona Bae after watching season 2! Seo-bi is my favorite role in this drama. Intelligent and brave! Other characters I like: Lee Chang, Ahn Hyeon, the role played by Park Byung-eun, he is so cool in season 2 and Yeong-shin jein. I hope there will be season 3, I am very interested in Jun Ji-hyun's role! Her look back is so cool in the end season 2.
  5. movie!+ 10086 Here in Taiwan we have many video apps to follow SYJ’s works, her movies especially. I watched many her movies in a video app called “friday影音”. To follow Korean movies is very easy for me. just movies are not so quickly to be released on line. But many Korean films are showed in Taiwanese theaters in recent years. So for me it’s not difficult to follow her movies. I really hope one day SYJ would like SKH to stand on the Oscar stage or Cannes film festival etc. I think for SYJ she is popular enough, she would prefer to develop the variety and deepness of her characters than to getting more popular. This is my humble opinion.
  6. First time I listened to this SYJ on radio in 20100223 https://narcissus09.pixnet.net/blog/post/30958792 두시탈출 컬투쇼 <틀리고 선물받자, 기습퀴즈~ Guest : 김범용 > 2월 23일(화) - 흑궁비키 - 혼수로 가져간 아이와 함께 - 서문탁씨 - 니킥 공격 전문 장학생 - 손예진씨 - 김범용의 절친? - 박상민씨 - 드디어 결혼하는 소수염 원조 MC called out to Son Ye Jin Duxi Talent Cultusho Let's get the wrong gift, surprise quiz~ Guest: Kim Bum-yong. Feb. 23 (Hwa) - Black-goongbiki. - With a child who took it by himself. - Mr. Seo Moon-tak. - A scholarship student specializing in your kick attack. - Son Ye-jin. - Kim Bum-yong's best friend? - Mr. Park Sang-min. - finally getting married with a minor salt aid.
  7. SYJ won triple crown in best actress awards in Korea, she is the only one actress who was born in 80s to win triple crown. And if you read previous posts, we post SYJ was listed number one actress in 2017 Box Office Magic Position, Song Kang-ho was top 1 in actor list. HB is not in the top 5. SYJ is a super star in Korean movie industry, HB is more in drama. SYJ's main focus is in movies. She is a true actor. I think you should watch more SYJ's movies, her movies are much much better than her dramas. CLOY is not a good work for me. Her masterpiece in drama is "Alone in Love" sorry to HB fans.
  8. ohh but award, you have to compare with other works and other actors...you can not win it only with one drama and one actor. SYJ is good, other actors are good too. you have to choose from nominees that’s call award.
  9. I don't think so...other drama is much better than CLOY IMO. about acting, I think other actress is very good too! SYJ is good but the last 3 eps I don't think a good show of her, the main problem is from the script...it's not like 100% she will win it all. anyway, we will see.
  10. Gifts for SYJ by her DC fans https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=sonyejin&no=98171&page=1
  11. SYJ attending wrap up party photos videos
  12. 2008 Soptlight clip, SYJ looks cool when she is scolding.
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