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  1. I'm not 100% sure, but my understanding is that Xi State is one of the top/powerful kingdoms along with Li Kingdom (and there was another one but I forgot the name....that kingdom also proposed marriage to XF during the beginning of the drama). XF is the only legitimate daughter of the king and queen of Xi State/Danchi (XF has other sisters too but they are her step sisters from concubines). In addition, Li Kingdom wants her as crown princess to prevent future war/create an alliance for all kingdoms. Those are my thoughts. Anyone who has read the novel want to confirm this?
  2. In addition to what Dashmount20 said, LCY is experiencing internal conflict. He loves XF, but bc she found out right before the wedding that her clan was killed by him, XF won't reciprocate his feelings. On top of that, he has to put on a mask to hide his love for her because he's scheming to achieve a bigger plan, which is to ultimately get revenge for his mother/gu family. Due to this internal conflict, he consumes alcohol to alleviate pain and frustration.....and then goes to Sese probably bc Sese will welcome him and it'll also support his scheme of showing everyone how much he "loves" Sese and not XF. Omg I hope so too then!!! Pleaseeeee be true. These type of sweet, honey, lovey dovey scenes shouldn't be cut out! Our tragic leads bicker all the time and rarely have those sweet scenes. *Fingers cross
  3. Yay! Cheers to our leads and their great acting....they even went above the screenwriters expectations. So happy they were casted for their characters. ❤
  4. Omg this is too sad!!!! I thought I knew all of the tragic things that will happen in the story due to the spoilers, but nope! I was so wrong lol. Sigh LCY's actions makes everything so much more complicated and unappealing. So I understand why XF would want to leave/would be frightened of him. This also makes me wonder....does he "really" love XF? LCY's love later on seems to turn into an obsession which is super unhealthy. On one end, he makes the viewers want to believe that he loves XF but on the other end, his actions says otherwise. He loves himself/puts himself first and is unwillingly to let XF go bc of his selfishness, all of which feeds into perhaps....not truly loving her. Gahhhh this is too tragic.
  5. Yes she won't be able to get over the guilt. I think she may be able to forgive but she won't be able to forget. And if anything....she probably will have a harder time to forgive herself since she was the one who brought destruction to her clan...she brought the fox into the village, which is symbolic to LCY. Sigh this tragedy...it's messed up but also is beautiful in a way due to the realism of life. On the other hand, the monk did say they have 3 lives together!!! Let's hope that they'll be happier in their 3rd life and will be able to love each other without having to carry a bagage full of revenge, hate, and greed.
  6. This is too sad! I wonder if they will somewhat modify that for the drama and fan's sake! My wishful thinking hopes for XF to find out the truth about LCY's poor actions towards her and his hidden love for her later on. If I recall correctly from one of the ost mv towards the end, she says she has forgiven LCY and herself....lets hope that a part of the reason why she's willing to forgive him is bc she discovered/realized that LCY has actually loved her all along.
  7. This is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing. I am so happy for the cast!!!! They definitely deserve it! Hope it continues to thrive and have even more ppl watch it!
  8. I've watched til ep 25 only, but I don't think General Pei likes the princess/XF. It seems like he feels bad for XF/LCY since he knows of their past. Doesn't General Pei like the other princess (I don't remember her name but she always hung out with XF and the other princess who I think is the emperor's daughter). However, in the story, I heard from someone that General Pei did have a crush on XF.
  9. Hahahaa wow. The writer must really like the concept of forgetting one's memories. At least it sounds like those stories aren't as tragic as Goodbye Princess lol!
  10. I cannot agree more with everyone’s insights and input about this heart wrenching, tragic, and yet warm drama. Goodbye Princess’ plot is full of angst and our main hero is quite unique. The writer, producer/director, and overall cast has been doing a great execution of pushing and pulling the audience towards the drama. Just when I felt like dropping the drama during its earlier stages, the chemistry between our leads and the plot itself pulled me back to continue investing. Although there were a few moments where I felt like there were gaps in the characters’ developments and plot, I glossed over that due to the overall storyline. Honestly, I couldn’t stop thinking about what was going to happen next too, and I was just curious in general since this isn’t your typical type of drama! I would like to applaud the writer who created this story and the characters. Goodbye Princess’ story mirrors the brutal reality of what humans are capable of doing when they harbor revenge, hate, and greed. LCY/Xiao Wu’s character is a direct representation of that. He wants to get revenge for his mother. So he goes to the extreme to become the crown prince and prioritizes nothing before it. And sadly, this includes his love for XF. On the other end, one could also argue that XF is a representation of that as well but just that hers is portrayed more indirectly at the moment. I am interested to see how her hatred and crave for revenge will control her actions once she fully awakens and regains her lost memories. Lastly, although I love our two leads, I just cannot picture them together at the end due to what LCY/Xiao Wu did to XF and her family/people. XF’s guilt would prevent her from being fully happy if she ended up being with LCY/Xiao Wu. There are two types of “happy ending” I would be okay with. First, the “happiest” ending for me would be for XF to forgive herself and LCY/Xiao Wu, and then leave the palace to go back home. This type of ending would free her from the tragedy that happened in her life. Unfortunately, LCY would have to carry the burden of living in the palace for the rest of his life. Although it won’t be the best ending for him, I think it’d be a fair ending for me. The other happy ending I could see would be for both of our leads to die at the end, get reborn, and then end up together. This ending would also be fair, and it’ll free both of them from the tragedy they created in their previous life. Sorry for all of this long writing! Just super happy to have come across this drama, and I can’t wait to see how it’ll continue to bloom!
  11. I'm not sure actually, but it sounds nice. I wonder if it's the actual language/dialet from XF clan?
  12. Does anyone know how this drama is doing in China/is it being well received? My guess would be that it is doing somewhat well since there is supposed to be an alternative ending when originally that wasn't the case.
  13. Omg yesssss!!! I agree. I really hope they modify that part of the story for the dramas sake!!! Otherwise.....that's just too tragic for our leads, but the author/writer probably included that in the story for that paricular reason and perhaps another factor to really hurt/haunt LCY towards the end. Sigh.....At the very most he could bring that maid/servant to the palace only and nothing more. :'(
  14. I started watching about a week ago and am waiting patiently for the latest episode to be subbed! I've also been silently reading people's analysis and comments on the drama, which has been great! Props to you for not reading the spoilers!!! I read all of them just because I was too curious!!! I almost dropped the drama bc I hated how brutal the main lead was with his scheming but then decided to continue watching due to the storyline and great acting. I cannot wait to see how the story will continue to unfold!
  15. Hi, kokoberry! Thank you for this awesome and exciting opportunity! I would love to write and produce content for Chinese dramas, but I don't think I meet all of the qualifications, and I haven't written drama reviews/articles before. However, I've always been the silent lurker who enjoyed reading the reviews and analysis that people have made for dramas. Aside from this opportunity, does Soompi have volunteer options where we can help create content/write reviews for dramas?
  16. Omggggggg thank you so much for sharing!!! *wipe away tears I've been waiting to see this...I am so happy for them! Well deserved ❤
  17. Omg!!! Thank you for sharing!!! I've been waiting to see if the leads will sing the ost songs live ❤
  18. Does anyone know if Deng Lun won an award for his role as Phoenix/Feng Hua?!!!! Seemed like the fans were chanting "Feng Hua" but I'm not sure. Anyways big congrats to our lovely Deng Lun regardless ❤
  19. Yes, season two will be happening. Unfortunately, our yang zi and deng lun will not be playing the leads again. The story will be about their son instead. The video that Marcus Sim made, which I linked below explains it. https://youtu.be/GYWSvyusuHA
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