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  1. Yes, episode 3 was really good!!!!! This show is so promising and I really cannot wait to see how this story will unfold! Episode 3 had a few pieces that reminded me of The Haunting of Hill House (castel/house, the scene of where the main female lead had sleep paralysis and saw a "monster/her mother", and how the mother was mentally ill). For those who have seen The Haunting of Hill House, did you notice these similarities?
  2. I am loving this drama so far!!! The cinematography, scene transitions, storyline, ost, and characters are intriguing! I cant wait for the upcoming episodes! <3 I took a look at the reported ratings on wiki, and it looks like the ratings dropped a little bit, which is really unfortunate and surprising to me honestly. Does anyone know how the audience in South Korea are reacting to this drama/the aired episodes?
  3. Yes, I believe so. That's why Wenxi felt really guilty when everything became chaotic (CP's Teacher died, her dad & brother were locked up, etc.).
  4. @bluehibiscus, thank you for compiling all those cut out pieces for episode 16 together and subbing them for us! Super helpful and insightful to get a glimpse of what really happened. I've also completed up to episode 53 now with the English subs and am waiting for the rest of the subs to go out on YouTube. When CP finally realizes that Wenxi is Wenxi, I was like, "Sadly it took 3/4 of the drama for him to realize who she was but FINALLY it happened! Thank goodness, and about time!" Although I felt bad for CP when Wenxi gave him the cold shoulder, he also somewhat deserved it considering what she has gone through.