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  1. Finally!!!!!! This is great news! Viki licensed this drama so hopefully the episode will be out and subbed soon!
  2. Can't wait to see their concert!!!!! Looks like they put a lot of work in/practiced a lot!
  3. Phew, just watched episode 45-48 and thank goodness I decided to wait to binge watch these episodes! Can someone explain to me...
  4. Love and Redemption review from Dramapanda!!! Loved the author of the article's signature phrase/move for each character SF's was spitting put blood and XJ's was saying, "Sifeng, Sifeng, Sifeeeng!!!!" So on point haha https://dramapanda.com/2020/09/love-and-redemption-drama-review-the-cast-characters-and-ten-lifetimes-between-sifeng-and-xuanji.html
  5. YES! I AGREE! I was also frustrated with Minyan and Linglong too, but more so with Minyan bc he has gone through various life and death situations with SF! Plus, Minyan learned how the fox lady, although she's a demon, wasn't evil. So that should've already taught him that not all demons are evil. Urgh oh well lol. Maybe he's like that bc of how the sects are/how he was raised. I think WT and LL were only intimate (hugged/held each other) when she was still merged with the flower demon girl, but there weren't too many scenes dedicated to show that. As for SF and XJ, I'm not sure. I
  6. @Lyn Hizole, yes God of War is also Star of Mosha. Like many of us, I can't wait until their concert too!l I hope they also invited Yisa Yu, Ayunga, and Zhou Shen to sing Lover's Curse and Love Like Colored Glass. Those are my two favorite songs for this drama! On another note, sigh, I've been wanting to wait until this whole arc (XF pretending that he's Star of Mosha and XJ being manipulated by the sects and urgh worst of all, being manipulated by HC) ends before posting something, but I couldn't wait any longer haha! Apologies for my long post in advance
  7. Though he is evil/the villian, he is handsome, and surprisingly, he actually looked pretty good with the white hair he has later!!!
  8. Oh, okay! But just to clarify. Are they reducing the episode time length for Love and Redemption or is it for Go Ahead drama?
  9. Whaaaat?! Nooo! Why are they reducing the episode duration?! Maybe it's bc of those anti fans who keep complaining about the drama?
  10. Sorry for posting a lot today, but I came across this article and it didn't make me feel too good. I'm a fan of this show and I have watched til ep 27 but disagree with some of the comments. For those of you who have watched farther, does XJ get overbearingly annoying/frustrating as a character? https://dramapanda.com/2020/08/love-and-redemption-writer-explains-side-controversy.html
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