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  1. So happy to hear you are considering this drama because I enjoyed it (even though it was a roller coaster and had some gaps)!! Mmm...depending on a person's interpretation, the ending could be sad or open. I think the ending fell more towards the sad/tragic category for me. However, I accepted the ending/knew long before that it wasn't going to end well. On a flip side, they did do a 3 or 4 mini short episodes that focus more on a happy ending/another (modern) life. Hope this helps you decide!!!!
  2. Wow, a lot was left out! Those scenes are small but make quite a difference! So thankful for the subs!!!! Was the narrator in the beginning the General?
  3. @Le_Amarant, thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights! I definitely think your argument/perspective makes sense! GJ being killed, although was wrong for me, I didn’t feel too bad for him because he was asking for it/knew that his actions would eventually make LCY kill him. LCY even forewarned him. Hahaha and I didn’t really like GJ’s character since I was so invested in our leads. I know GJ wanted the best for XF, but I couldn’t come to truly like him due to some of his actions in the drama (if anything, the person who I truly felt bad for was XF because she was the victim throughout the whole story). I agree with the point that LCY had to do what he had to do with GJ due to political factors. I have some buy-in; however, I’m not completely sold. I’m going to start by first defining what I mean by “monster.” In this case, I see the monster as a greater being who has the power to control human beings, and this greater being is jealousy, revenge, and selfishness. It’s the so called “bad/evil” part of humans. When jealousy, revenge, and selfishness devours a person, that person will ultimately turn into “that monster”. I actually think all humans are capable of becoming a monster because it lives within us. We have flaws. The important part is whether we let that caged monster out of us or not. Just out of curiosity, how do you all define what it means to be a monster and or what does it take to be a monster? With all that said, when LCY decided to kill GJ, that “good” human part of him was devoured. The moment LCY decided to kill GJ, he opened the cage for this monster to come out, and in place came the “evil/bad” part of being a human. If there were more evidence shown in the drama that LCY was concerned about his status/kingdom/empire during this particular plot of the story (GJ’s death), then I would have been more convinced. Again, I’m not saying that I don’t agree; I just wasn’t completely sold. In my perspective, the political side that drove LCY’s actions were lacking. Most of the scenes dedicated to show LCY’s order to kill GJ were more so due to being jealous of “GXW” since GXW had the luxury of being loved by XF when LCY didn’t. For example, even at the last breaths of GJ when XF put his hairpin on her head, LCY’s face was filled with jealousy and hate. He wasn’t concerned about his political status. He was concerned about not having XF’s heart. He believed that XF didn’t love him anymore/never loved him. Because of that belief, he slowly let the caged monster within him out, all of which eventually overtook him and led to GJ’s death. A part of me thinks that some of us are unable to label LCY as a monster because we are too attached to his character; we want to like him and can’t bear to hate him because as the viewers, we have seen the whole story from a third person perspective. We empathize and feel bad for LCY. Although XF didn’t see the whole story from a third person view, at the end of the story, she too was someone who couldn’t hate him although he has done a lot of horrible things. Why? Because a part of her may have also felt guilty for the baggage he had to carry as someone who wanted to be the crown prince/get his revenge. Just because LCY’s actions may have been “justifiable due to political reasons,” that doesn’t mean that killing GJ was “right.” Therefore, I think it’s understandable that LCY was jealous, but he was a little too extreme for me to the point that he was obsessed; there could’ve been other ways to punish GJ. LCY killing GJ on one end was to prevent the political side from becoming unbalanced, but on the other end, I truly think it was more due to making sure that XF would be tied to him completely. Plus, if you really love someone, wouldn’t you let them go if that’ll make them happier despite the fact that you will be unhappy? A huge part of love for me means sacrifice; you sacrifice a part of yourself (happiness) so that your loved one will be happy. I am not confident to say that LCY let XF go;he's always wanted her for himself. LCY’s is a genius/that’s a characteristic of his character; he was able to get his “third wife” out of the palace, and so I think if he really was willing to make a sacrifice and let XF go (even though she's the crown princess/9th princess), he could’ve made arrangements.
  4. I love how we are all still pretty active on this thread despite the fact that this drama came to closure a couple of weeks ago. This just shows how powerful GMP is overall (regardless of the gaps within the story/characters). @El Lieu, you brought up a great point about how LCY’s character was a bit out of place for the scene where he killed Gu Jian. I agree that it did seem a little unsuitable since the writers decided to sugar code his character for the drama. With that said, however, a part of me also sees how LCY’s action of deciding to kill Gu Jain made sense. To me, I’ve always thought that a huge lesson/theme from GMP is the capability of what humans could do when selfishness, revenge, and jealousy devours them. LCY/XW at the core, is a good person. However, due to multiple factors, such as wanting to get revenge for his mother and letting his jealousy manipulate him, he gets fully consumed by it and eventually turns into a monster. Just like how shocked some of the viewers were when LCY went to the extreme to kill Gu Jain, XF was shocked as well. When Gu Jian dies and XF sings the Little Fox song, it shows the final hope that LYC/XW strips away from her. This pivotal point in the story reflects XF’s realization of falling in love with a monster, and it also feeds into the hopelessness XF has moving forward about their love. I’m so thankful for the Eng subbed BTS!!!!! It really shows how hard the whole crew/team worked to create this beautiful artwork, GMP. This uploader will also sub the variety show our leads will be in as well! I can’t wait to see it!!!! @ElleSor, I also agree!!!! It’s great to hear PXR’s insights to what LCY was looking for in the desert. At one point, we were all wondering whether General Pei liked XF in the drama since in the story he liked her. Turns out, he did like her a little in the drama (according to the BTS interview)!
  5. @nuttyz, thank you for sharing the lyrics!!!!!! I've only seen parts of it translated in the drama through the subs. So this is super helpful and beautiful to see. I didn't know that the Little Fox song was actually a poem from the book. The author is amazing!
  6. Yes, that's the really awesome part about the fox analogy in this story! The fox could be seen as XF and or XW/LCY and perhaps even Gu Jian. ❤
  7. I know!!!! I'm so happy that their modern life is better/not tragic!!!! They finally don't have baggage and are free. ❤
  8. Yes, I believe so. There have been other Chinese osts I've heard in other dramas that have been reused too. But yes, I do prefer Love Catastrophe for GMP as well hehehe!
  9. Omg what a beautiful interpretation. It's different from mine but I love it! ❤ you bring a great point about how this song is complex on many levels and so there are a lot of different interpretations that could be made. I also think it's really interesting how the director/producer decided to use the scene of where XF was waiting by the sand dune for both scenes!!!!!
  10. Yeah he did ask her to sing a song and so she did. Just thought that there could be a hidden meaning (not sure if that's absolutely the case) since "Little Fox" is symbolic to the story and characters.
  11. @biancardi for songs with lyrics, yes. I believe that is the only song she knew. She did sing that song to LCY as well. Once during the boat ride and the second time was during her suicide scene/her last words to LCY/XW. The time she singed it during the boat ride...she was quite happy. Which is interesting/I'm still trying to decipher because "Little Fox" is actually a sad song.
  12. Although it’s been about a week since the finale of GMP, my heart continues lingering and longing for this drama. Now that I’ve actually completed this series with English subs, another fresh wave of feelings and aftereffects have consumed me (in a good way haha). For those of you who have been a part of this community thread, you may know me with my long posts, and so sorry for sharing my lengthy thoughts everyone! I have a couple of parts I want to talk about. First being the final ost I will interpret, which is Love Catastrophe. Second being a question I want to pose for you all and would love to hear your thoughts. Okay, so let’s go! Love Catastrophe Viki English Subs “As dusk starts, I look at the setting sun in the horizon I faintly remember the outline of your face After all, it can’t be helped to feel more sentimental when one reminisces I sigh softly at our happy times The western wind got paralyzed, my old friends have left Now I got banished by love Got trapped in the center of my tears Who caused my sun to fall from the sky It’s your face that took away my entire light” “As dusk starts, I look at the setting sun in the horizon. I faintly remember the outline of your face. After all, it can’t be helped to feel more sentimental when one reminisces. I sigh softly at our happy times.” The first verse of the lyrics could be seen as LCY/XW reminiscing about the tragic narrative between XF and himself. It’s beautiful how a part of this lyrics highlight the sun because I think the sun is symbolic to their relationship. The location where they had their happiest moments was in the desert/in the west, and when I think about the desert, I identify it with the sun. The sun has carried its light to pave an opportunity for LCY/XW and XF to fall in love. Unfortunately, due to the destruction that LCY/XW created, he tainted that opportunity and consequently, cannot afford to be with XF. The reality became that he could only afford reminiscing about the happy past as he continues longing for it while looking at the sun as it sets. When the sun does not rise but set, speaks volumes to the hopelessness and tragedy that is bestowed on our leads. On the other hand, I’ve previously noted how LCY/XW represents the moon from the “Little Fox” song. While reflecting about “Love Catastrophe,” I’ve noticed that in addition to the sun symbolizing their relationship, the sun also represents XF. Although XF definitely has matured and deeply developed throughout the story, at the core, her character has always been pure, innocent, kind, and warm just like the sun. Furthermore, during the beginning of the story, XF always wore bright colored clothing, such as red, while LCY/XW wore more neutral colored clothing, such as white. So when the lyrics state, “As dusk starts, I look at the setting sun in the horizon,” it parallels to how the moon sees the setting sun which also could then symbolize how LCY/XW, who longs for XF, could only envision her from afar. While the sun and moon could meet during sunset, they would never truly be able to coexist during the daytime or nighttime. This aligns back to the tragic love story: LCY/XW and XF were destined to be ill fated lovers, and as the saying goes, “They were fated to meet, but not destined to be together.” “The western wind got paralyzed, my old friends have left. Now I got banished by love. Got trapped in the center of my tears. Who caused my sun to fall from the sky. It’s your face that took away my entire light.” This part of the song is hands-down so heart wrenching! In a blink of an eye, LCY/XW’s greed, revenge, selfishness, and jealousy blinded and forever imprisoned him from happiness. He betrayed his friends and family in hope to successfully achieve his revenge. Most importantly, because of this betrayal, he indirectly killed XF. This is unfortunate since deep down, XF is the person who he truly cares and loves the most, all of which centers around his happiness. It wasn’t really until he saw how hurt XF was that he realized the injury he inflicted to her. When he realized this emphaipany during XF’s suicide, it was already too late. “Who caused my sun to fall from the sky. It’s your face that took away my entire light.” The person who caused the sun to fall from the sky turned out to just be LCY/XW himself. If only he would’ve realized the danger revenge, greed, and jealousy would eventually gift him earlier on, then perhaps our leads would’ve not ended so disastrously. How tragic and horrendous it must be when you finally become fully conscious and realize that the monster has always been just within yourself. Lastly, in episode 48 when Gu Jian dies, XF sings a part of the “Little Fox” song. Does anyone have a theory and or interpretation to why she sings that particular song? I was a little confused when I watched that scene. However, after reflecting, I think the song was meant to compliment Gu Jian’s side of his tragic storyline and highlight XF’s side of her tragic storyline. Since Gu Jian plays a critical role in creating the Danchi catastrophe and has done wrong to XF, he spends the rest of his life repenting with the hope that XF will one day come back to him. He’s the fox who has done wrong to the shepherd, and consequently, is punished waiting for her regardless of knowing that she will never come back. On the other hand, as to why XF sings that song, it could be because she sees herself as the fox who will one day reunite with the shepherd, her homeland, people who she loves dearly, and most importantly, her Gu Xiaowu. As much as Gu Jian has done XF wrong, she still loved him as her teacher and friend. As much as LCY has done her wrong, she still couldn’t forget Gu Xiaowu, and so her coping mechanism to the monster LCY has turned into was to believe that LCY has killed XW. Therefore, when XF sings, “Little Fox,” it circles back to all the tragedy and hopelessness between our characters.
  13. I just finished the drama with subs on viki. Gosh the last scene between our leads was so heart wrenching! The acting was so on point. Does anyone know if there were two versions of that last scene (XF's suicide scene)? The ost background in the episode from viki was different from the ost background from the Instagram's clips shared previously in this thread. I thought the background ost from the Instagram version was better/made the scene more emotional.
  14. Omg that was beautiful!!!!!! This is my favorite version of First Encounter. Thank you for sharing. I'm so happy for GMP's success ❤
  15. While waiting for Viki to have all of the episodes subbed, I decided to take a look at parts of the ost song, “First Encounter/Meeting.” I had a lot of fun analyzing it from XF’s perspective and character! Once again, the producers/writers of GMP’s ost are amazing on many levels, and the osts are definitely a beautiful art piece that compliments the drama. First Encounter/Meeting Credit to Viki English Subs “Wounds have frosted in my heart Can’t forget your image in my mind If we meet for the first time again, who are we returning to Fall goes and spring comes again Dreaming and awakening are just in cycle” “Wounds have frosted my heart. Can’t forget your image in my mind.” LCY/XW has wounded XF’s heart, and to protect herself, she embraces the cold in hope to numb her pain. XF jumps into the River of Oblivion to forget the catastrophe she brought to her loved ones. Perhaps, another reason leading to her jump into the river was not being able to truly hate LCY/XW and instead hated herself; her heart just couldn’t forget him. Hating and blaming LCY/XW would have easily given XF an excuse for the destruction she brought to her loved ones and herself. Unfortunately, seeking numbness to avoid pain is like using a temporary ointment for a wound that requires care beyond just an ointment. Eventually, the underlying problem which caused the wound in the first place will resurface, and when it reappears, it’s going to be lethal. This is reflective of XF’s tragic ending when she sacrifices herself and suicides. “If we meet for the first time again, who are we returning to? Fall goes and spring comes again. Dreaming and awakening are just in cycle.” These lyrics imply that even if we choose to forget, we will participate in the same behaviors and make the same decisions because we didn’t choose to own our story which consists of our failures, mistakes, success, and love. The cycle will continue and everything will repeat. A part of me wonders what would have happened if XF decided to own her mistake instead of letting her mistake own her. I’m going to define “owning her story” as XF truly forgiving herself for the destruction she brought to her loved ones as well as for being in love with LCY/XW; to me, I am not confident to say that she forgave herself at the end since she ended her life. This thought leads me to this question: Would the cycle have been stopped and or at least been positively impacted? I’m holding onto the belief that it’s a yes. XF would’ve kept on living because she accepted her story. Of course there are are other factors, such as LYC/XW, the palace, and her duty as the legitimate Xi Princess, that have potential to influence her peace long-term if she remained alive. However, I still think if her mindset was set to own her story, she will ultimately be in peace about the fact that she killed her love ones (family/clan/friends). On the flip side, a part of me also wonders about a greater being, destiny, that also plays a role. Regardless of owning one’s story, can one change their destiny due to the decisions they make on the way and or do they have control over it?
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