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  1. The ost mv came out, and song sounds great!!! This is a good sign. Hopefully the rumored air date for this week is real!
  2. New trailer, everyone!!!! Can't until this drama airs! Rumored air date is sometime this month.
  3. Viki has up to ep 18 subbed. I'm on episode 14 but am on a break. I do think the plot has slowed down a bit and I'm not sure if I like the story/plot as much anymore. I'll probably pick this drama back up when more episodes are out and subbed though. Oh and another thought that was on my mind when I watched the episodes. Does anyone know why the lead seamstress/villain who killed Liuli's mom has so much power? I get that she's the lead seamstress, but she is just a seamstress, not a concubine or someone higher in the palace. Sometimes it just seems like she has many
  4. Yes, Eng subs are available on viki. I think the official uploader of this drama on YouTube will eventually sub this drama too, but the last I saw, there were no subs.
  5. I also started watching this drama too and am on episode 6! So far, not bad. I actually look forward to see how this story will unfold. If the writer and director does a great job with storytelling, this drama could become pretty fabulous. The main theme song, Moon Legend sung by Zhou Shen, is also super nice (haha and really almost any ost sung by him is great). Some of the viewers/commentary on viki have been angry at the female lead for being a bit frustrating. I do agree with this criticism to some degree, but I'm hoping that that's the writers intention at the moment. Hopefull
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