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  1. Had some spare time and just scrolling thru Instagram, look what i've found The caption says thank you for finishing shooting Beast movie (google trans.)
  2. Well, that's exactly why i posted it here, because Daniel's in the picture, why would i posted some other actor? I don't know if that's an old picture or not, but Lee Yi kyung just posted it about 5 hours ago.
  3. I watched the whole ceremony from Red Carpet until the end, live stream. Really happy for Daniel, his hard work paid off with the 2 awards and a bit disappointed because Park Eun Bin didn't attend the event, but i love that the Jugglers gank still close with each other. It's kinda OOT, but upon watching the event, I think Daniel and Jin Hee really adoring each other. Not in the romantic way, but in a friendship or brotherly way. I've captured some of their interactions because it's just so sweet (in a friend zone kind of way ) When Daniel gave his speech and thanked Jin Hee, she clasped her hands and looking at Daniel tenderly, as if she's so proud of him, almost like a proud mom's face (i know, that's how i look when my son did great in school ) and when Daniel thanked her for the second time, she even wave at him while smiling widely. I love their friendship, they didn't hide their closeness, unlike some other celebrities, fearing they would get into scandal news or some bad publicity. I hope they'll continue supporting each other
  4. I'm sorry, i think you're being inaccurate there. I read interviews about Jugglers, especially about Daniel. He said he didn't want to do romance drama with actress(es) who's in relationship because he had a bad history with it (when he starred High Kick with Hwang Jung Eum and he was rumored being punch by her boyfriend whose got jealous of him). But when he accepted the role in Jugglers, he's just got back from military duty, so he didn't know that Baek Jin Hee has a boyfriend, not until they had to do the kissing scenes shoots. He got so worried, he asked Jin Hee if it's okay with her and her boyfriend about the kissing scenes, but Jin Hee said it's okay, she and her boyfriend are both professional actors, so it's not a problem and her boyfriend even supported her.
  5. I didn't celebrate Christmas, but Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and Happy New Year for all of us here
  6. I'm sorry dear @gm4queen, i don't think i'll be able to vote for him either. Like i've said before, i'm out of town and only on my phone, so it's a bit hard to get around the hangul page of kbs . Let's just pray that Daniel can get at least one award at the KBS Drama Awards or maybe from other events .. and pray that he would do small screen soon, i really miss him on my screen
  7. I have no idea how to vote, so i think i won't. I hope a lot of Daniel's fans will vote for him and his couple. I don't really want to put my hopes up, since i learned a lot of award events in Korea are based on popularity (and looks) , talents are quite underrated IMHO..
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