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  1. @tiglon another translation: "but i still left an impression on somin's mother".
  2. also, just a little fyi. i know it's not that important but i just want to let you guys know... anyway, i noticed that translators tend to leave some details. for example: "kookmong couple (꾹멍 커플) translated as: Jong Kook Ji Hyo". "kookmin siblings (국민 남매) translated as: Jong Kook So Min". and so far, RM has been consistent with these captions. i mean, addressing SA as a couple and kookmin as siblings.
  3. i agree. the whole conversation seems normal and friendly imo. they were talking about their recent SNS chemistry and there's nothing wrong with that, it was funny. also, YJS mentioned about their age gap or something. perhaps this is the reason that KJK is not qualified to be the SIL. the scene went by so fast, need to double check it again when the RAW is out. on the 2nd pic below, RM keeps emphasizing their siblings chemistry by adding the (jong)kook & (so)min siblings SNS chemi caption. anyway, like @CI0 said, just block all the annoying accounts guys.
  4. guys if you have a log-in problem, try to change your password. just click the "forgot your password?" button. hope it helps..
  5. what's written on all the articles. here's more or less the translation: the episode of "kookmin siblings" private meeting can be seen on Running Man this Sunday, March 3 at 5pm". why still address them as "siblings"? you guys do the math.
  6. alright guys. i already read the naver article. btw, i'm just gonna point out the main points... "the meeting between KJK's former (HJY) loveline and current (SJH) loveline". HH said: "now, KJK's former loveline and the current loveline are all in one place". and later HH added, "the couple i'm rooting for is 김종국♥송지효 (KJK♥SJH), i felt sorry for HJY".
  7. i do feel this "loveline" is SA's way to date "publicly". also, it protects both of them from other lovelines until they are both ready to make the marriage announcement.
  8. i think before we judge something, we still need to wait for the actual episode to air first. who knows that they will use it together bts?
  9. iirc, there's a white caption on SA couple episode which says "will they use it together or separately?" but the translator didn't translate it. this shows that RM had planned to make the SA special episode. if they chose to use it together, then we would not have the SA special episode. also, imo i think KJK is not against the idea.. it's just that KJK wants to keep his interaction with SJH as natural as possible. since SA is somehow "official", now it all makes sense.. with everything we got during the fanmeet.
  10. @mn0096 totally agree. and based from the clip i guess SA is finally "official". and maybe this is what KJK meant by "not settled in SK yet".
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