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  1. It is screened in Singapore, so I figure the producers picked countries with significant number of Chinese diaspora? The theater I went to was almost full house, and the movie is screened in 3 theaters in Auckland, each having 3 showtimes, which is unheard of for most non-Hollywood movies. (Even local movies and British/Australian productions rarely gets multiple showtimes). A movie critic in South China Morning Post slams the movie as being "jingoistic" etc., and while I can agree with him to a certain extent, he clearly dismisses the fact that the movie IS mainly targeted to the Chinese communities. I think it's great to see a nationalistic theme from the ordinary people's point of view. This is a movie through which the Chinese mainlanders celebrate their accomplishments, although one can question if some of those accomplishments actually benefit the people (like China's first atomic bomb, or even the spacecraft).
  2. @mei2018 Here's an opinion about CFY's performance in My People My Country. Yes, he got the same impression with me! http://group.mtime.com/20860/discussion/3963522/ PS. The author praises Chen Feiyu's Inner Mongolian dialect (when he narrates the story). I'm not familiar with the Mongolian dialect (I can only recognize Cantonese & Sichuanese dialects, but that's it LOL), so I can't comment on that. Great that people notice it! "Me and my motherland": I was moved by Chen Feiyu's youthful feelings. Add to favorites 2019-9-30 21:36:27 "My Mother and My Country" is a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the founding of China. It consists of seven famous directors and 56 popular actors who form a strong creative lineup. Seven small stories, each with different focuses, but all said It is a story of the great achievements of the motherland. It shows the success and progress of the motherland in all aspects. The film is hot, very beautiful and touching. The short film directed by Chen Kaige is "White Cattle Meteor", starring his sons Chen Feiyu, Liu Yuran, Tian Zhuangzhuang and Jiang Shan. Chen Feiyu, who has always walked the idol route, changed his wandering children under the guidance of his father. The whole dress was very sharp, unkempt and ragged. Chen Feiyu did not try to sacrifice his value in "The Night", and he changed himself from a tall man to a handsome man. As a freshman of Nortel, Chen Feiyu's performance is not small, and he can't see his habitual micro-expression. This may have changed his habits through systematic learning. I have been asking in my heart whether the styles of Chen Feiyu and Liu Yuran are too exaggerated. Is it that director Chen Kaige wants to completely eliminate the superiority of the actors in the city and turn them into villagers. Because the parents died, the two brothers of the family's four walls flew to themselves, and did not take the right path but stole the chicken and touched the dog to become a frequent visitor to the small management office. In fact, this short film reflects the story of the Shenzhou 11 spacecraft and poverty alleviation. The successful landing of the spaceship inspires the two brothers, Vodler and Hazard, to embark on the road to prosperity under the leadership of the old Li played by Tian Zhuangzhuang. The scriptwriter cleverly binds two unrelated things together. Although there is no objective connection, the whole spiritual essence is the same. There is no difficulty in the world. Our astronauts are able to ascend to heaven. Why does poverty limit imagination? Good actors, regardless of the environment in which the characters are created, should accurately grasp the psychological changes of the characters, and feedback this information to the audience through their own performances, so that the audience can believe the role. Hazard, played by Chen Feiyu, did. In fact, he was a very simple boy, and everything was under the command of his brother. However, he has his own independent personality. When his brother stole the old Li family's medical treatment, this time Hazard resisted and opposed his brother's behavior, but his resistance was not enough, and he eventually obeyed his brother's leadership. Chen Feiyu’s performance was still serious and simple. He could have eaten with his face value, but he had to fight for acting. The impulsiveness, savage, questioning and kind nature of the juvenile have not been annihilated. Wardler is interested in Hazard, not only because they have blood relations, but also because Hazard relies on this brother. Hazab is purely innocent, and Ward is daring, but in any case, they still have sex in their hearts. It is worthy of praise for Chen Feiyu, who is proficient in both Chinese and English. Because the background of the story is in Inner Mongolia, they have the ancestry of ethnic minorities, and the conditions do not allow the culture to be low, and they all speak dialects. Chen Feiyu's progress in this aspect of the line is also very big. The words are round and round, and there is no ambiguity. Even though it is a dialect, the audience can still hear clearly. The purpose of Chen Feiyu becoming a scavenging teenager is to restore the character's style in a specific environment. This has been done, and the degree of restoration is very high. And Liu Yuran, who has rich experience in acting, has not lost, and Chen Baiyu has not lost, showing just right, complementing each other and adding to each other. In fact, I am actually improving. The style of Chen Feiyu’s “sharp brother” is not inconsistent, but instead sets off the surprise after the transformation. The success of the landing of the spacecraft No. 11 to motivate the changes of the two brothers, Vodler and Hazab, is also a good intention. Although the story is very short, Chen Feiyu's acting is undoubtedly worthy of praise, because this role shows that a young actor should have a positive and positive creative attitude, while giving the character a vivid texture.
  3. They were really good and believable! Their faces already look alike (seriously, when I saw Ever Night trailer for the first time, I thought CFY was LHR!) so it's not a stretch, but the way they interact with each other are naturally brotherly. CFY is the rather naive younger brother who always looks up and follows what his older brother (LHR) tells him to, even lying for him. LHR is the older brother who is the breadwinner (and even commits crime because of that) and protect the two of them, but never trusts anyone. (PS: doesn't that sound like Ning Que & Sang Sang? LOL).
  4. Hello allll! Here to report that I've watched My People, My Country :). The experience is a bit different from what I had after My Best Summer. If you remember, I was gushing about MBS, and I could barely wait to share the movie with you. I enjoyed MPMC alright, just not felt as emotional as with MBS. I think that comes from the fact the My People My Country is definitely targeted towards the Chinese citizens and/or diaspora. It's a propaganda movie, specifically made to celebrate the 70th anniversary of PRC. Being non-Chinese, I can't relate to the movie, even if some of the stories featured are familiar in my personal experience. And TBH, the incessant presence of the Chinese flag just grows the distance between me and the characters in the movie :). It IS well produced -- after all, you have 7 of the most prominent Chinese directors and their superstars. it's kinda fun to see these top actors all around and often times you only see them at a glimpse! I think Zhu Yilong only spoke a sentence, LOL. There are 7 segments in approx. 2.5 hr of movie, so you can imagine how short their screen time is. Surprisingly, Chen Kaige's segment (The Daylight Star) isn't my favorite, although I still consider it one of the best segments. My top pick is The Champion, which stars the child actor who played little Zhang Wuji in HSDS 2019! Those who have seen HSDS 2019 (poking @lynne22) most likely will remember how good of an actor he is, despite his young age. Here's how Daylight Star goes: All the actors are really good, and the reason why I think CKG's segment is one of the best is because each actor receives pretty much equal screen time, while in the other segments it feels like there are many big stars who are barely shown throughout their segment. Moreover, the patriotic tone isn't too "in your face", if you know what I mean :). It's more subtle than most of the other segments. (The subtlety is also The Champion's strength, IMO). On the other hand, I think the editing could've been better. In general, although I can't relate to the movie, it is really not bad. I only dislike the Hong Kong handover segment, because I think it's misleading. (I'm old enough to remember that prior to the handover there was a huge migration, obviously the Hong Kongers weren't too happy with the change of authority). Now I look forward to Youth! (aka Flowers Bloom from the Ashes).
  5. Oh, that's too bad on LHR. Great that CFY dubbed himself, though The animated movie Abominable, which CFY dubs as one of the main character, is also in the top 10 box office (currently ranked #4). So it's exciting to see TWO CFY's projects in the box office at the same time doing quite well! He's everywhere this year, LOL. Abominable's Chinese version (yes, with CFY!) also gets wide theatrical release in the US. They're using an app, so people who want to watch the movie with the Chinese dubbing, will only need to use the app and earphones/headphones. According to the Cfensi blogger who had tried it, it works pretty well too. https://cfen.si/2019/09/27/chinese-dubs-of-abominable-available-in-all-u-s-theaters/ ETA: Just saw that Abominable topped US weekend box office chart!
  6. I just checked the Maoyan site, and per today My People My Country has gained close to RMB 900 million -- on the 3rd day of showing! Maybe tomorrow the movie will surpass RMB 1 billion. Fun fact: CFY and LHR spoke their dialogues in supposedly Mongolian accent
  7. Congratulations to My People My Country for passing RMB 515 million on its second day! And here's a short CFY video with Maoyan -- which is currently on Maoyan homepage! https://m.maoyan.com/movie/1277939/preview?_v_=yes&videoId=103882&userId=77181714&share=iOS ETA: BTS of CFY and Liu Haoran in CKG's part in My People My Country (courtesy of LHR's fan account, as usual he he)
  8. They've been linked together for the longest time, Angie! There have been too many suspicious clothing coordination and whatnot, despite their (reportedly) unfriending each other on socmed. And we discussed here before, they have many, many things in common (characters, interests, etc. based on their interviews) so I won't be surprised if they've actually been dating for a long time.
  9. I haven't! But I'm planning to see it next week, if it's still in theatres! Update: Just bought the ticket for this coming Saturday! YAY!
  10. Those who were still waiting for the subs -- it's now fully subbed on YouTube, and there are even a few channels that offer the English subbed version. I've even seen episodes in Spanish & Portuguese sub, so I guess those were taken from Viki?
  11. OK, so I NEED to see this episode, gals! I guess because it's fairly recent, it's not yet on YouTube? I don't feel like download MGTV app on my phone -- it already has tons, that I have to recharge it everyday LOL. @epinklyn and @mei2018, can you share the link to the clip, please??? I love that his hair is already growing out. BTW, do you notice that he tends to wear long sleeve shirts/Tshirts nowadays? He's been rocking his Chen shirts. You know, he or his team need to consider selling them. I've bought merchandise shirts from music concerts and I'd love to have his. I honestly think the design is cool. And I saw pictures of him with his uni mates -- it's amusing to see him so serious, while his friends are goofing. (Although, on the other hand, he's getting better in public speaking and interviews.) YAYYY!!! Congrats Ever Night team! Well deserved! I'm going to request Netflix to license for Ever Night (and My Best Summer again). "Full Time Master" is King's Avatar right? (King's Avatar is already on Netflix, btw). He looks great, acting wise, in the trailer and the BTS. And guess what: the ticket is already on sale here for 1st & 2nd of October! Unfortunately, it's again only showing in Auckland and on weekdays. You know I'd go in a heartbeat if it's on weekend >_<. I'll still be checking the schedules and am hoping at least they'll have a weekend show. On another note: the other CKG movie (the one with LHR, Sophie Zhang & Wen Qi) has been re-titled, from "Flowers Bloom in the Dust" to "Youth". Frankly, I dislike the new title. Why change something poetic to a generic one?! It'll also probably set to release next year, and there is speculation that it may even get screened abroad in film festivals. Since it's Chen Kaige, they may go to the prestigious ones like Toronto, Berlin and even Cannes. I really, really hope they'll bring it here for next year's NZIFF :)))
  12. These past few days have been unfortunate for Arthur! I don't know if you ladies follow the Ouyang Nana shenanigans. Nana was asked in a reality show her ideal type, in which she responded that she didn't think face is important since she's seen a lot of beautiful people in the showbiz; she'd also prefer someone who is "cold" but treats her well. ("Cold" is the interpretation given in most sites, but I believe "calm" is a better translation, because she also said that she liked to talk, so her partner had better be a good listener). Obviously a lot of netizens shout "CFY!" Later on some C-netizens pointed out that she once wore a jacket which is very, very similar to what Arthur had worn (if you remember, that's the jacket he wore in his earlier Happy Camp episode). Anyway, apparently today netizens found out Arthur unfollowed Nana on instagram, and accusations flying that he was trying to be on hotsearch. Well. Can you see my eyes rolling so hard? The guy is the last person on earth who will try to attract unwanted (negative) attention! Also that stupid uproar about him hating Wang Yibo, just because he accidentally liking a post about a photoshopping thing. He issues an apology, but men... that was really unnecessary. On the other hand, I find these incidents pretty funny LOL. Though I pity him, he probably wants to bury his head in the sand heheheh...
  13. I can't stop watching the vid and staring at the pictures (even better in black and white). Thanks for sharing them, @epinklyn. Someone on twitter comments that he looks so grown up and distant now. I think we talked about this earlier -- with all his baby fat gone, here's a fine looking young man with gorgeous cheekbones and natural elegance. I just miss his playful eyebrows though, so I still think it's hard to top his 18th birthday video (where he tried on a tuxedo suit -- remember?). He never does that again, so I hope someday we'll see him raising his left or right eyebrow in a playful manner. Love his voice, as always!!
  14. This is the kind of attire that really suits him! Simple, sleek, and elegant
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