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  1. Anyway, here's another rumor about an upcoming Chen Kaige movie, which CFY might join again. I can't read the information in the picture, but Google translated the tentative title as "Flower in the Dust" (尘埃里开花). Based on the GT-ed convo thread, Wen Qi will be involved. So this is the other rumored movie? I guess Sophie Zhang might be in there too? Link.
  2. What?? Coooolll!!!! You can watch it without worrying too much about travel time. Enjoyyyyyyy!!! It's not playing anymore in NZ *sobs* Do share with us your second watching experience
  3. @Lbpg Just would like to let you know that MBS is still showing in the US... though in Arizona
  4. OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! Thank youuuuu... thank you so muchhh!!!!! Dangggggg!!! These scenes!!! I didn't cry when I watched it at the cinema -- but somehow now I feel a lump on my throat
  5. Just found the Dramapanda post about Zhao Liying terminating ("discontinuing" is probably the more appropriate term) her contract with Huang Bin. Read the comments for interesting info (pretty much in line with what I wrote). http://www.dramapanda.com/2018/10/zhao-liying-parts-ways-with-manager.html Zhao Liying worked so hard when she was with Huang Bin, and I think she got ill? There were news about her having to take a long rest. Ironically, dramas that made her C-dramaland's biggest star a few years back were done when she was with her former agent. (I think it was the Huayi brothers). Huaaa... thank you!!
  6. Ahhh... this will lead to an emotional scene when GG confronts YH about his mom thinking she's a bad influence on YH because of her grades :((( Thanks again for sharing all the clips, @epinklyn, I got to reminisce the movie scenes He's probably too tired with all the endorsement works, photoshoots, BFA entrance tests, etc. They went all out for promoting My Best Summer, with road shows, magazine photoshoots, Happy Camp and Back to Field. Remember that he wasn't in one of the road shows? I wonder if he had to take a rest. And he was having a cold when filming Back to Field. Ayayaya... His agent, Huang Bin, is also the Exec Producer for MBS. IIRC, when Huang Bin was agent for Zhao Liying, Liying was, like, working 24/7, 365 days. Did CFY get his Dior endorsement contract after he signed with Huang Bin? (Because ZLY was also repping Dior, and so was Angelababy. Huang Bin was Huang Xiaoming's agent at one point). I remember reading somewhere that compared with other agents, Huang Bin tends to manage very few artists. He's good in getting high end/prestigious endorsements, but he also likes the limelight for himself LOL.
  7. Don't worry! You've been sharing a lot of gems here!
  8. Words!! He looked very handsome in this white outfit, and his hair was perfectly styled. The thing about Arthur is, when he's in his own daily wears he looks like your next door teenager, despite his height. He always picks earth tones or darker hues. (Although somehow he's always a standout). Roomier clothes might be up to his liking though :))). I think he needs to pull off his charm more in his interviews. Don't just save it for your screen characters, Arthur! He always comes across dorky, nerdy, and quiet in his interviews -- and lately he even appears more reserved, although still very polite. I'm comparing his recent interviews with the ones he did for Secret Fruit and Ever Night. Anyway, the Evening Guest apparently receives a lot of attention from China now, thanks to My Best Summer! They uploaded new videos of Nobody's Home and Save Your Breath with Chinese-translated lyrics. Here's what they wrote in their YouTube channel: And yes, of course they've opened their own Weibo account. Good for them, getting some exposure in a huge market like China. I really, really hope they get credit in the movie. Their music helps set the ambience of the trailers and made the trailers even more attractive. Another interesting thing is that their singer wrote Save Your Breath "about the struggles of getting older and loosing track of what was important to him in his youth" (per their answer to a comment on Save Your Breath video). How coincidental is that???
  9. True, I think this is the second time he says in an interview that he looks forward to having more friends at the university. We know he's an introvert, it's not easy for him to make friends. I'm wondering about his friends from his school in Beijing and from Tabor -- does he still keep in contact with them? It may be hard to do, because his work commitments make him on the road all the time. I sense that he's been very careful with questions regarding his female costars. He seems to want to avoid any potential rumor. Perhaps he doesn't want to be trapped in CP-ness, which in the long run might be harmful for them. Who knows, maybe also to protect them? The Cnetizens could be very, very harsh. Namecalling Song Yiren and He Landou, for instance. I don't know about Nana back then, but the case could be different with Nana since Nana is a bigger star, while both SYR and HLD are starlets.
  10. Thank you very much, @epinklyn!!! You're the best, always bringing in new pictures and videos, even the hardest to find! Glad to have him in Weibo Movie Night, getting awards and stuff, although I'm sure you all have known that Weibo awards are mostly PR stuff. Weibo will give out awards to anyone attending but it doesn't lessen the importance of going to that event. Weibo is one of the largest social media on the planet, so of course the big names will be there to promote their works. From the internet I saw Zhang Ziyi, Wu Jing, Hu Ge, Deng Chao, Zhou Dongyu... whoa! Including my loves Jing Boran, Yao Chen ... and of course our boy! I'm with @Lbpg, I hate his outfit tonight. What was his stylist thinking??? I know he's probably bound by Dior, but they could've chosen something more elegant while keeping the youthful tone! (Example: Jackson Yi who came with Zhou Dongyu). It doesn't suit his personality as well! (PS. Thanks for the article about the Dior top, @Lbpg. I'm wondering if Arthur agreed to wear it because the painting has a story behind it. Maybe he feels he's conveying a statement? It's interesting but I still hate it LOL. An exclusive, certainly very expensive item which looks cheap.) Here's the Google-translated transcript of the interview. URL: http://www.shanglingzhuangshi.com/ent/795011.html Weibo Movie Night Exclusive Dialogue Chen Feiyu Sina Entertainment News On June 16, 2019 Sina Weibo movie night was held in Shanghai, and actor Chen Feiyu accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Entertainment. Chen Feiyu’s second film, "The Best of Us," is in the heat, and has already exceeded 300 million box office. In the film, Chen Feiyu gave his first screen "Keep Kiss". He revealed that before the filming, he and his opponent's actress He Lanju did not discuss it in advance, but just drank a little wine with the director to make himself more engaged. Chen Feiyu, who is going to the Beijing Film Academy, is experiencing the last summer vacation before the university. He said that he will accompany his family. Chen Feiyu, who has participated in school associations such as Go, Poetry, and Pottery, hopes to make more friends after college. As for his girlfriend, Chen Feiyu said that there is no specific idea yet, but if he falls in love, he will not disclose it. The type of mother Chen Hong. Acting against the brothers, taking a kiss, drinking, drinking first Sina Entertainment: How do you feel when you come to Weibo Movie Night today? Chen Feiyu: I am very excited, because this is my first movie night, and I came to the movie night with "The Best of Us". Sina Entertainment: This is the second time you have taken the lead in the movie. Is it more experienced than the first time? Chen Feiyu: I can't talk about any experience, because it is also a year away. From the first to the second film, the time span is not particularly long. The main creative, whether it is home or actor, is very helpful to me. Big. Sina Entertainment: I heard that in "Best of Us", did you give the first kiss on the screen? Chen Feiyu: It was the first time that I was kissed strongly, so this is a challenge. When I was shooting this game, I didn’t discuss it with teasing (He Lanjiao).   Sina Entertainment: Will not be very shy? Chen Feiyu: No. Before the filming, I had two or three days without saying anything, so I was immersed in that character, and I drank a little bit of wine, a little drunk. I usually drink with the director. Sina Entertainment: "The best of us" is the same grade as you, do you think it is easier to play? Chen Feiyu: The 18-year-old summer is the best for me. I am only 18 years old in my life. However, it is a little difficult to play, because it may be 18 years old today, and it may take 25 years old to play tomorrow. It takes a long time to speculate. I can't understand what a 25-year-old thinks. As far as my observations are concerned, boys and young boys who are in their youth have a degree in doing things. Older men or boys. Things will be more convergent than the 18-year-old boy. Sina Entertainment: This time in the "Best of Us" play the tyrants, what do you think is the characteristics of Xueba? Chen Feiyu: It is not hard to learn without a hegemony (laugh). From small to large, my grades are not particularly good, so I don't belong to the class of Xueba. This kind of thing can't be played. I hope that every time I play a show, there are different things. In order to play this drama, I asked my brother for a moment. He is a kind of person who does not study very much, but his grades are full marks. Sina Entertainment: "The Best of Us", now the box office has exceeded 300 million. As an actor, why do you think there is such a good result? Chen Feiyu: Just over three hundred hours ago two hours ago. Whether it is from the beginning of preparation, the process of shooting, or even the later stage, everyone is the one who pays the true best for "The Best of Us". We waited for 11 months and wanted to get back the memory points of each student's time. "The Best of Us" is a movie for all the audience. Falling in love will not openly choose a girlfriend to favor her mother Chen Hong type Sina Entertainment: Many high school students will give themselves a special summer vacation before going to college. What kind of summer vacation do you plan to give yourself before you go to college this year? Chen Feiyu: More time to spend time with family members. Whether it is academic or career, the time spent with family is getting less and less. I hope that I can spend more time with my family and eat and have dinner with them. Sina Entertainment: What are your expectations for the upcoming university life? Chen Feiyu: I look forward to making a lot of friends because I don't have a particularly good friend at my side. Friends are especially important, more friends, more roads, so I hope that I can make more friends at the university. I like everyone to be together, whether it is playing basketball or doing some charity. I like the feeling of gathering. Sina Entertainment: Is there a favorite association? Chen Feiyu: I have participated in the community of Go, the community of poetry, and the longest group I have participated in is the pottery art. It has become an elective course for me. Pottery has a great help for my acting and can help me to be quiet. Come down, because when you are doing ceramics, there will be no interference, you can't use it with one heart, you can't jump out and think about things. Sina Entertainment: In addition to making friends, are there any specific plans, such as falling in love? Chen Feiyu: Falling in love is a fate. I won't look for it specifically. I don't think so. Sina Entertainment: What type of girl do you like? Chen Feiyu: I may not choose the girl in "The Best of Us". I am not sure yet. Maybe my son is more inclined to mother. If my mother is 30 years old, I may choose my mother. of. Sina Entertainment: This standard is too high. Chen Feiyu: It seems to be. Sina Entertainment: Are you a person who will openly fall in love? Chen Feiyu: I think that falling in love is a personal matter of personal affairs. If there is a relationship, I will not tell a lot of people. Sina Entertainment: Weibo Movie Night is a movie event. As a new movie, what are your expectations for the future? Chen Feiyu: I have always been very grateful to have the opportunity to participate in "Best of Us". At such a age, I can participate in such a good role. I hope that I can continue to improve and learn more and create more real roles in the future. (阿辉/文)
  11. Thank you so much! Finished watching a while ago, but I need a rewatch LOL. Will do that later! I did figure out the guessing game, but your friend's description really helped. I may add that the lady in white is Xie Na, one of Happy Camp's hosts & a celebrity with the largest weibo followers (more than 100 millions). I chuckled at CFY's contact lenses anecdote. Nope, I don't believe that either, hahahah! And I laughed hard when he forgot to help Yang Chaoyue climb the wall! Poor girl was looking at the wall helplessly before he finally turned around to her rescue . There goes his gentleman reputation!!! I'll be blunt: I thought this Happy Camp episode was rather dull. I don't know why they couldn't make a Father's Day celebration theme exciting. The guessing game is interesting but not that thrilling IMO. The last game (in which CFY forgot to help YCY) is better though. HLD is quite competitive, eh? :))) I like the girl more and more. She seems down to earth, with a no-nonsense attitude, but still quite playful. Just read two interesting stories about her. The first one discusses the Back to Field episode with CFY and her, and the writer praises HLD for quietly helping Huang Lei, one of the hosts (in the kitchen?). The other one is a post in Zhihu (China's equivalent of Reddit), written by someone who attended one of the MBS roadshows. He/she said that CFY-HLD are close backstage, and their interactions are just like GG & YH :))). He/she also mentions CFY playing the guitar and HLD singing. I think I've seen this guitar playing and singing together...
  12. Bless you! Off to watching it now! You know, I thought CFY singing Shallow in a restaurant;/cafe the other went viral, but apparently like you said, he's still under the radar. Or underestimated? I can't believe people think that was Silence Wang. They don't even have the same type of voice! Oh well, with popularity, less and less of privacy will ensue. I admire him for remaining calm... and expressionless LOL. It's twice as hard for him because of his family background. I've seen people mocking his nationality, bringing up his father's past, etc. Like I said before, with his growing popularity following the success of MBS and his other projects, we could except even harsher words and attacks to him and his family. I hope he remains steadfast in fulfilling his dreams.
  13. Yaayyy, thanks to your friend too! I wouldn't have guessed Arthur was having a cold, he looked like his calm and quiet self. Poor guy. I hope he's in better shape now. Eat well and drink plenty of water, Arthur! Thanks for the clip and the pictures, @epinklyn! I haven't found the full Happy Camp episode, but hopefully one of these days it'll show up. He was flying to Shanghai for the Weibo Movie Award tonight, right? Can't wait to see the pictures! Since I'm 4/5 hours ahead of China, it feels forever to me LOL. It's cool seeing him trending in Weibo for the singing! We've seen him singing Shallow before, but Happy Camp gives him exposure to a wider audience! Go Arthur!
  14. Here's the translation of the lyrics of CFY's song "Best of Us" URL: http://www.wsyyxz.com/hires/30224.html Are you at that time? I didn't think I would contact you at the time. You always said that youth never lasted. I really thought that I couldn't finish the time. I should have forgotten you. There is a world-famous side face. The worry-free teenager sits quietly beside me. I can’t tell the farewell. The best of us, the worst of us. The memories are the warm embers of time. It’s best to forget the worst. It is the door that closes the world. It stretches out our hands and embraces us at the time. Are you at that time? I didn’t think that I would stop contacting you at the time. You always said that youth never lasted. I really thought that I couldn’t finish the time. I forgot you at that time. I have the best looking side face in the whole world. The worry-free teenager sits quietly beside me. I can’t tell the farewell. The best of us, the worst of us. Memories are Time is with a warm ember, it is best to forget it.The worst is to close the door of the world. Extend your hands and embrace us. The best of us, the worst of us. The memories are the warm embers of time. It is best to forget. The worst is that the door to the world is extended. Hands hug us at the time, stretch out our hands but no longer have us
  15. Of course we can like people with totally different personalities (like @Lbpg's example of her husband hahah) but I understand where you came from. We can agree that what most people like about CFY in EN1 is his portrayal of Ning Que, and his chemistry with SYR (because their relationship is crucial to the drama). I didn't watch MG 2018, but I know Dao Mingsi is almost like Ning Que. Arrogant and brash and super protective of his girl. I read a lot of DW's fans saying that DW will be able to play NQ with closed eyes hehe... I don't think they're saying NQ is an easy character to play, just that DW has taken a similar role before so this shouldn't be a problem for him. Also, DW in real life has some similar traits with DMS. You know, to me that's actually a big compliment for Arthur, because his real personality is opposite Ning Que! His characters in EN and MBS (because I've only seen him in those) are much more lively and expressive than him. He still needs to improve his line reading and work on micro expressions, and I hope his education and training will help him achieve that. I'm curious how he'll be doing in that anthology movie -- not only he'll be directed by his father, he'll also act alongside Liu Haoran! It's not even a challenge anymore -- he's practically putting himself out there to be a shooting target LOL. So ladies, let's put on your seat belt when the screen time comes, we're gonna brace the storm of very harsh criticisms and name callings! It's already bad now if you read those douban forums, it's likely to be nastier later . (For the record, both SYR and HLD have had their fair share of being called "ugly", I tell ya!). Remember to keep your sense of humor and enjoy CFY's growth in acting :). You are our brave CFY Ambassador! . We need to give you a medal or something haha! I must underscore your first point: CFY's contribution to shaping the character. So true! I will always associate NQ with how CFY portrays him, including those eyebrow plays and carrying SS, which have become NQ's trademark. Outside of EN, I've never seen CFY moving his eyebrows like that... OK, maybe once for his Dior (?) birthday video, but that's it. I'm actually looking forward to your view on the movie @epinklyn, since you've watched With You and a fan of LHR too! Most of the criticisms and negative comments on CFY is due to his different portrayal of YH. I truly understand fans disappointment. But I can't comprehend why that has to be his sole responsibility. He's an actor who acts based on the script and the director's interpretation of all characters. I think his real life personality is closer to YH in the drama than in the movie, but the script and the director told him other wise. Anyway, that doesn't change the fact MBS is a success! With the arrival of Men in Black, it has gone to the 2nd position. For comparison, Dark Phoenix and ahem, Chasing Dragon II have slid down much lower. You gotta give it to MBS, withstanding those blockbusters :)))). I love those Back to Field clips! Hopefully it will make its way to YouTube, or it can be accessible outside China or by non-members so we can enjoy seeing CFY and HLD!
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