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  1. 3 hours ago, huongpham82 said:

    (I tried to read back the old posts)


    Is that correct FB is forbidden in China?


    I think so. But only in mainland. Hong Kong and a few other places like Hainan with foreign tourists get more freedom in the matter. Some people also use VPN. About ZYL, I think it was a rumour. If he does have, perhaps it is only personal.

  2. 19 hours ago, yinchanmyae1621 said:

     GeGe said in interview , he use the method acting in other drama but he base on emotions and use the suggestion of director in Minglan.He say all of his acting are base on his emotions and he didn't do purpose .he just follow the his heart .That why he so good in minglan.Even if in a drama ,  I can't stand to watch his sadness and I want to cry .I'm feel so pity for  Qi Heng.


    Ah..Qi Heng is so well done even if the character is not perfect, he feels very sympathetic, maybe only because ZYL acts it^_^ I remember his previous interview and he said that he acted as the director wanted and didn't take liberty with the character profile but he has very intuitive way of acting, he brings a lot of personal experiences and tics to his character. His previous weibo even had some mention of how his character's interests had become his own interests so he immerses himself deep into that cultivated personality. It is interesting.



    8 hours ago, huongpham82 said:

    I think in this video below, he was talking something about his transformation into one character? Got a little confused.


    This vid is so funny:lol: The character he was talking was is this. It is so out there and different from his own that he had to 'become' Feng Douzi himself to portray it. Because of that even after the shoot ended, he kept that personality for a while before getting out of it. Even interviews one can notice it is not ZYL who is talking but the character. If you followed the National drama awards. you might have seen ZYL with Wang Gang, who played his father, recreating a filial scene.









    I didn't think actors need to have chemistry offscreen to bring chemistry onscreen lol, when he is in filming, he becomes another person. I have no idea from 2017 why he did not have good chemistry with any female roles. Before 2017 the reason was he was always the character who loved first and barely got loved, maybe due to that kind of character. In Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang 2016, his character loved the female lead so much but she was like he was nothing which is quite annoying to me. In Border Town Prodigal, FHX and Cui Nong had some chemistry but not much since she always tried to kill him, FHX and MFL had no chemistry. In granting a dreamlike life, I have not finished this series yet but the chemistry is not much either, what's wrong?


    Honestly, I don't watch romance so I can hardly give an input. But I think having good friendship, trust and companionship definitely helps with creating a shared intimate scene. I have watched ZYL's older roles and he didn't hold himself back like he does now, actually he felt very passionate. So I hope the actress and him have good bonding over so it shows, personally I didn't have trouble with his roles. You should definitely watch Phantacity BTS as it shows that he worked for a month to understand the script, the director's vision and create camaraderie with the child actress all the while intensely filming, even when he was sick, for True Friends and participating in variety shows.

  3. On 1/17/2019 at 9:10 AM, huongpham82 said:


    That's why in my opinion he is a true artist. We can see he is very serious, strict, focusing in his roles. "he must have very rich and diverse inner world of his own" I wanna say most introverters have such kind of inner world, they live in the inner world much better than the outside world because its hard for them to show out their thoughts/feelings. But of course as an actor his inner world is even richer. He has a "cinematic" face, especially his eyes, which is an advantage. Although he acts Qi Heng very well but still not a major role, I hope he will have major roles soon. The other thing is that he is not lucky because there are very few dramas where a main lead female has great chemistry with him, I don't see it except in guardian which is a BL. He said he likes Tang Wei who is a very good actress, I like her too and wish he has a couple role with such kind of actress because they may build a great chemistry together. 




    Tang Wei is such a great actress. In that sense, a good actress who can play equally or better should definitely help him. He is very tightly wound, his thoughts and expressions are too disciplined. If he can let go of his reservations and the actress can help him warm up to character's needs, create a good, fluent chemistry, I am sure he can work well and better, something like with his Ugly performance. Letting himself go and indulging in his character will come with a good team who has his trust. If his path continues as is, I am sure he can stand together with celebrated actors outside the mainland. Youku has begun broadcasting an old series Skynet which a government sponsored media also endorsed, so it would be interesting to see how far his goodwill at the upper echelons takes him.

  4. 11 hours ago, yinchanmyae1621 said:

    I not interest to watch the whole series of Minglan drama .I only interesting to watch Long Ge's part .His done the his parts very well .Perfect !! When he crying and laughing do the as the same time , I was speak-less and my jaw was drop ...wow such the good acting ...clapping clapping clapping . He is second lead but he can made great review.



    47 minutes ago, huongpham82 said:

    His acting is really diverse.


    I really hope after the last episode we can have all of ZYL's condensed parts because certain things have happened, my enthusiasm towards this drama is not high. Mango tv has been putting them out in trailers but not all. ZYL's acting is so great, he really showed how well he can portray the characters with his immersive acting, I just hope he doesn't try to become them because it comes at great personal cost and I believe acting actors should have skill to portray different characters just like how he does, if you want too method, it is better to pick some actor who has similar character with the role itself. And about letting off his emotions as siobhanne translated above, it feels like he must have very rich and diverse inner world of his own. I always see that he notices his costars and surroundings very carefully. Like an artist, his character creation really brings the best about him. Such grounded personality, it would be great to see him have full freedom and great team to create what he likes.

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