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  1. I will keep waiting for Zanzan. I hope we will see him happier and stronger. Whatever is happening is so complicated but I hope he knows that being who he is, whatever anyone says, we will keep looking forward to his works with anticipation.
  2. 20191030 Tencent Video Vision Meeting XiaoZhan cut Trailer for The Oath of Love https://twitter.com/tuziwwx/status/1189540604201488384 (eng sub)
  3. Trailer and BTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XR0b6eZqzI It is Youku's big production for 2018-19 see if you like it
  4. Tomb Notes Restart {盗墓笔记重启} Youku Starring: Zhu Yi Long (Wu Xie/吴邪) Huang Jun Jie (Zhang Qiling/张起灵) Chen Ming Hao (Wang Pangzi/王胖子) Hu Jun (II Uncle-Wu ErBai/吴二白) Chen Chuhe (Black Glasses/黑眼镜) Mao Xiao Tong (Bai Haotian/白昊天) Drama : Tomb Notes Restart Chinese Title : 盗墓笔记重启 /pinyin-Dàomù bǐjì Chóngqǐ Other Translations : Restart: The Mighty Sea Listening the Thunder (重启之极海听雷) Genre : Adventure, Action, Thriller, Horror Director : Pan Anzi (潘安子) Art Director : Han Zhong(韩忠) Production Designer : Zhang Shijie(张世杰) Production : Youku ScreenWriter : Nanpai Uncle(南派三叔) Cast Starring : Zhu Yi Long (Wu Xie) Huang Junjie (Zhang Qiling) Chen Minghao (Wang Pangzi) Hu Jun (Wu ErBai/2nd Uncle) Chen Chuhe (Black Glasses) Mao Xiaotong (Bai Haotian) Official https://www.weibo.com/u/6384922287 Synopsis "Nanjing Gulou East, Arctic Pavilion Meteorological Museum, Locker 221 , Happy New Year." "Restarting the Sea" is mainly about Wu Xie, Zhang Qiling, and Fatty, the Iron Triangle. After the end of the decade and retreating to the hidden village, they re-enter an adventure for family and friendship. After struggling through crises of life and death, can they uncover the fog and get a new start? ~~~~~~*~~~~~*~~~~~ Soompi code of conduct | SOOMPI RULES FOR Global Entertainment Mainland China Do follow the general Soompi Forum Rules.Do not insult a celebrity / a member, whether directly or indirectly.Do not spam.A post must include at least twenty characters or be of substance. Hence, a post which does not meet this requirement may be subject to deletion without notice.Do not engage in off-topic conversations.If you'd like to discuss / post off-topic conversations irrelevant to the subject matter, do so through personal message or where else more appropriate. Posts that don't abide by this rule may be subject to deletion without notice.Do not quote images / gifs / videos.If you'd like to quote a post, remove images / gifs / videos (if applicable) and quote the text by itself. This rule is to preserve the bandwidths of images / gifs and to make a thread as simple to navigate through as possible. Do provide English translations as needed.Comments must be written in English or with English translations when posting in a foreign language.The rules may be subject to updates and changes. Failure to abide by any of the rules may result in a warning. Contact angelangie, & LavelyShai for assistance if there are questions and queries to address.
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