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  1. woHOO.... thankyou so much to write about that, i'm QL x YL shipper hahhaa.. please write about them again which part didn't showed in drama if you have time ^^
  2. Firstly i want to thank for all for your theory, i really liked it Please someone explain this, when YL accompanied QL eat, why De Sheng take out the meals and then QL asked him to take in that meals? Is it because De Sheng afraid YL with eat it all? LOL Sorry if someone already asked it, i just reached read until page 20, i can't refrain to ask this. I'll continue read again, thankyou
  3. Our pretty Jung somin will be presenter announcement at MAMA 2018 https://twitter.com/MnetMAMA/status/1066930364046700545?s=19
  4. I feel and know your heart all JM shippers.. But for me, i believe they still together, i think sometimes no news is good news, right? i will keep waiting patienly until good news come (maybe married news ㅋㅋㅋ). Because as i know, other dating couple celebrities is like that too. Almost nothing news about them after dating news and some celebrities tend to not post anything about their boy/girlfriend in their social media. Just see this sweet picture and you will find your reason again when you started ship JM ^^
  5. this is really break my heart, I'm so sad for LJ and SM TT TT.. when you have a GF, you want to doing all for your GF but you can't.. i really don't understand with K-netizens, why are they so strict to him? actor is human too LJ already did his best when MS, is it his fault if he had panic disorder??
  6. @eyjooniesh @MayraR We are so crazy of Lee Joon and Somin *in good things Let's go to Korea when Lee Joon discharge from his MS
  7. Wow.. so beautiful, i like the picture on mug, should i make one of mug with Joon and Somin picture like that? But i think my friend will laugh at me Is My golden life good? I watched until eps 8 but i dropped and stop watch.. Always pray for the best for Lee Joon and Somin. 1 years again until Joon finish his MS #waitingforLeeJoon
  8. omoooo.. so pretty, soo min unnie girls become more beautiful when they are in love
  9. Hi @MayraR @eyjooniesh I will add you to my IG and Twitter.. I'm so happy find friends who i can talk with to talking about Joomin. For join fancafe somin and lee joon, the site full of hangul (korean language) or have english translate? I will try to join their fancafe, if i find any difficult i hope you can help me, i will send you message on IG or twitter ^^ @MayraR @eyjooniesh Thankyou ^^
  10. hello to all Joomin fans here, i'm new fans of JM, i know i too late but its okay ㅋㅋㅋ I'm so happy to found this forum, lets be friend and forever support JM To be honest, i have done watched FIS last week and until now i still can't move on from Miyeong and Junghee, i still keep watching their romance video on FiS and i even make their picture (dispatch picture) as my wallpaper and lockscree on my phone.. I never felt this feeling like that after i watched any drama before. But i don't know what happen to me ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ i really really hope JSM and LJ will end up tie the knot in real life. I never ship anyone couple of drama before, so JM is my first and only couple i ship now. May i know, all of your twitter username or have you create chatroom for ship JM? I really want to join and create a lot memory together when ship them ^^ if its not bother you, please add me to chatroom or tell me your twitter username. Thanks everyone, hope all the best for JM forever. Sorry for my bad english, have a nice day~
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