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  1. Hi @maria1983! I’m pretty sure everyone’s pumped. It’s raining rocks! Good morning everyone!
  2. Yeah, that stare that takes your breath away and make you forget....uh...where was I?
  3. happy new year! looking forward to RaeShin projects this year!
  4. Happy new year! looking forward to seeing more of KRW this 2019! 2 movies!
  5. @willenette @maria1983 I’m not sure if the i got the correct info though. I saw a lot of campaign in IG last week. Yeah, lots of love for KRW and BK
  6. Hi @willenette, is the voting still ongoing?saw somewhere in IG that “Black Knight didn’t get it to the final round.” hey @maria1983, here’s our rock today
  7. Hey @maria1983, haven’t hear from you in a while. Hope you’re doing well. Keep safe and warm everyone! here’s our rock
  8. brrrr! stay warm oh yeah, time to try something new and sexy for my avatar I really like his built here
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