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  1. I am tired of guessing I want to enjoy the drama lol. It doesn't matter if he loves GH or fake VP, they are one person the only thing I feel good about is that despite lying, GH did that for no ulterior motive, I mean she didn't expose him or harm him. She kept lying because she was afraid to lose him. And she supported him all the time. So Dom will come to forgive her, because he will know she loved him unconditionally. Which is completely different from his previous secretary who sold him for money
  2. wow, then if the same happens in Secret life of my secretary, they may not be separated after all, and we can hope that Dom falls in love with GH and leaves the fake VP. If they keep the confession till the end too, as it is very clear, there is much hope. I really like Choi Si-won, he is very popular on instagram, did you see the amount of comments? He is a man of principles, and does so much charity work. -2
  3. @triplem I wasn't able to continue my fellow citizens, in which episode did the wife discover that her husband is a con artist? and how long did it take for them to reconcile? if you tell me, I might be able to guess what will happen with Dom and GH because all writers follow the same tactic no number
  4. Enjoy the drama friends, don't worry about details, this will lessen the joy of the drama There are so many sweet moments already between Dom and GH I have high hopes that Dom will fogive GH quickly, because if the discovery is late, he will be already so in love with GH, and ready to forgive her (I don't think they will be separated for long, compare this with Lie to me, the OTP made it up very quickly), and with only three weeks left, there is no time for a long separation, so just cheer up
  5. I feel like listening to an Edith Piaf song, do you agree with me? 678
  6. I really want to know, why did Dom start to like VP, when he had GH in front of his face all the time? is it because VP is not so docile? I mean she wasn't submissive, but then really GH gave him everything. He just needed to see a different side in GH to fall in love with her, and that is what made him like VP.
  7. I have high hopes that DM will choose GH at the end, before knowing she is fake VP Somehow, he loved GH all along unconsciously, and just liked VP. but then he will feel betrayed after he knows the truth, but in general the drama is light, so I don't expect heartbreaks for long.
  8. it is the usual suspense elements of all kdrama, keeping it till the end and of course GH is freaked out every time Dom is about to discover the truth.
  9. if there is no love triangle, the writers must come up with another idea to torture us, this time it is original Dom can't see the face of his beloved, and he loves the same woman in two versions
  10. @Lawyerh you are back to KJH in your pp no number
  11. matter of fact, since I got addicted to kdrama, I no longer watch Indian movies just sometimes on TV, there is channel (MBC Bollywood), which I watch occasionally -2 672
  12. Lee Dong Joo is a wonderful father and caring brother, I like him very much. The shady mom is a nightmare
  13. https://www.forbes.com/sites/dongroves/2016/04/19/video-reveals-how-shah-rukh-fan-was-transformed-in-fan/ read the article -2
  14. lol, the idol looks strange with that mask @LmanglaI watched this movie about 4 times . In my opinion it is one of SRK's best movies. You should watch it. @Lawyerh when you mentioned hardcore fans, I told myself, how come I forgot the SRK movie -2
  15. How far can a mad fan go? @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali @triplem @Lmangla @ktcjdrama does it ring a bell? -2
  16. Hiii, I remember you, your profile picture is unique always a girl wearing glasses @blademan the writers always keep the tension till near the end, that's why they keep delaying the revelation, especially that it will lead to temporary separation, but don't be sad, the drama is not tragic, if there is short separation, it might last for one episode only
  17. @screwdila be careful chingu, it is exhausing to create a video and have it removed. See how to avoid this, I think it is related with the song you use.
  18. haha, don't worry, I don't intend to keep him for long, will just dump him soon, no worries 682
  19. hello @turtlegirl, I remember you from Lovely Horribly, I guess your profile was a girl from animation movie eating noodles, right? you used to post stills from new episodes I like the slow development of romance between Dom and GH, it is logical, if it is rushed, it will be rather awkward, especially that GH is shy and Dom is a bit clumsy
  20. just curious, I know that Koreans can't pronounce letters F and V How can Veronica keep saying Veronica with a "V"? while Gal Hee, like all Koreans, says "Peronica"??
  21. I have another idea, maybe Gal Hee, who is now deeply in love with Dom, pleaded VP to keep her identity a secret, until she chooses the appropriate time to confess to him
  22. I used to watch Mexican telenovas, then started bollywood from 2013 till 2018. Now it is kdrama
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