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  1. I think the cross dresser has to tell Dae Ro the truth. By the way, Sunny's aunt recognizes the cross dresser from the YouTube videos. There might be a connection between them. Why didn't any one mention the aunt as an annoying person? I dislike her
  2. Preview text Google translation with some modifications Preview Episode 46 When Taepong learns that Dong-ho, who was raised by Yoo-jung, is his son, “Min-woo,” Taepong realizes that he has misunderstood her. Meanwhile, Yura decides to have a test tube procedure to have Seo Jun's child...
  3. @angelwingssf long time no see my friend I know that the CEO's girl won't let BCW alone I like Koala's dad, he seems good after losing his memory lol. Sorry for using koala, I don't remember his real name. maybe Naro will date HD later. tbh, my favorite couple is the uncle and the aunt, whenever she stands near him, a music plays so comically, that I start laughing
  4. I don't know how to describe BH's ex husband, he is so foolish, also BH's stepmom and sister aren't smart at all
  5. Hi @Ameera Ali @rolisrntex @smhelen and others. I miss you all. I am glad SA got a taste of her own medicine. She is really evil
  6. Watching this one for the umpteenth time Big B has his charisma still lol. -2
  7. Suji is nothing compared to Yura. Yura is one of the most evil women in kdrama, sometimes I even think she outpassed lady Ju
  8. Arijit Singh's voice is so good. I like his songs very much -2
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHemhVFB4s3/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CHUh6ODpDnL/ https://www.instagram.com/ringirin/ https://www.instagram.com/_angel_elijah_/ https://www.instagram.com/chyoung15/ https://www.instagram.com/chaebine/ https://www.instagram.com/jangtaehun__/ Instagram official accounts of the actor playing SJ, Kang Eun Tak, the actress playing YJ, the child actor playing Minhu, the actress playing YR, yijin, Yura's brother So many photos behind the scenes
  10. I am soooooo happy. SJ didn't give in. Horray Translating the text below SJ's clip using Google translation. SJ telling YR: 내가 당신이 원하는 대로 해줄 것 같아?" 이시강과 이채영, 팽팽한 기싸움...! [비밀의 남자] 20201113 “Do you think I will do what you want?” Sigang Lee and Chaeyoung Lee, a tight fight...! [Secret Man] 20201113
  11. I feel good that SJ is with Yura, this way the romance between YJ and TP has a better chance to develop
  12. @Sleepy Owl Yura is a character in KBS daily "man under a veil" -2
  13. @partyon thanks @Ameera Ali @Lmangla I don't understand the joke about Yura's nose lol. I don't want to offend her fans so I thought about asking you here instead. -2
  14. @partyon hey chingu, I wasn't able to vote in the villains poll because I was a bit ill. @Lmangla since you like Turkish series, I am watching "Çarpışma" (English title "Crash") 2017 and "Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters" 2017 (both dubbed of course lol) -2
  15. Really the brother provides comic relief lol. I like the blue dye on some strands of his hair no competition now, the former detective is already booked by SJ's aunt, there will be a cats fight soon
  16. The cross dresser has a sense of humour He is supposed to supply a comic element in the drama. I think that is the intention of the writer. (I feel neutral towards the cross dresser. It is too early to know how he will act later). I don't like Jinsu and Bora. I know that Jinsu is not bad but I disliked the way he treated Dae Ro. Bora is too cockish. I like Bora's mom. She acted in "Angel's last mission: love". She was a villain lol Waves @mjmartinez
  17. So YJ thinks that TP is dead. I think she will fall in love with Minhyuk now sounds good to me
  18. I watch Indian movies on TV. Luckily also KBS world is available on TV. I watch Korean daily drama shows and weekly long drama. -2
  19. Did you watch his movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha? It is so good -2
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