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  1. They can't do that for a simple reason: YJ didn't know that MH is TP, MH pretended that he met YJ for the first time, he intended to matchmake her with SJ so that he will divorce YR. Also YJ loved TP not MH, so she can't tell SJ suddenly that MH is TP. TP falling in love with YJ again wasn't in his original plan. I don't know if I can continue watching after the breakup
  2. TP could not tell SJ the truth without revealing his identity. It was unsafe then because he is looking for the culprit in DL group. But a question, how will both of them react when it is revealed that SJ's mom indirectly killed TP's mom by ordering secretary Ku to do so? No way that they will stay as friends any more. So it is not about fighting over YJ.
  3. I used to have second ML syndrome but here I prefer Kang Eun Tak. But really why did he forget the mission of clearing his mother's name? He is too distracted by Yujung and Minhu. I like the 3 together but Yura's stupid mom is a nightmare
  4. @Ameera Ali @Jillia @UnniSarah we are turning the supposedly "serious tragic revenge" drama into a farcical comedy
  5. I think in the preview, the stupid mom is referring to TP as YJ's brother in law. Question, is the marriage registered? If so, then SJ can't be a legal husband to Yura. I am tired
  6. why does everyone send their children to the US? Yura here and Jimin in A place in the sun? As if it is the North Pole or planet Mars @UnniSarah I am team TP and YJ. YJ told SJ they are just friends so...
  7. Seems that TP apologises to SJ. 이시강 덕분에 무사히 풀려난 강은탁, 그런데... "형, 유정이랑 헤어져 줘!" [비밀의 남자] 20201214 Text under clip. Google translate Kang Eun-tak, who was released safely thanks to Lee Si-gang, but... “Hyung (means big brother), break up with Yoo-jeong!” [Secret Man] 20201214 so SJ asks TP to break up with YJ
  8. http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/secretman2020/mobile/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2020-0412-01-549275,read,,63,807950 Text papago translate 63 Previews Seo-joon is in shock when he finds out that his girlfriend whom Taepong is meeting is Yoo-Jung. Seo-joon, caught in a sense of betrayal, kept quiet even though he knew a clue to prove Taepong's alibi. Sook-ja went to the hospital to hear about Yura's car accident, and Hwa-yeon came in while talking to Yura in the hospital room.
  9. I am tired and sick of Yura @maribella I am not sure about birth secrets. But we already know about Minhu not being TP's son. In revenge drama, birth secrets usually unveil to viewers in the first episodes. The exception was in Fatal promise about Eunchan being the lawyer's son. If you remember The left Handed wife, Namjun was known to be the son. Maybe the birth secret was the young boy being the son of the lead couple, but that was so easily guessed. In A place in the sun, we already knew from the start that Gwangil was switched, Kim Yuwool wa
  10. Yura is a thug, she screams like a demented woman. I don't find her special. Only two steal the show: Kang Eun Tak and the child actor
  11. The only way to punish Yura is for her accomplice to get arrested and testify to her evil deeds.
  12. @Lmangla the only thing I am expecting about YR is the same as the lawyer in Fatal promise, he ended up in jail and cried when he remembered his son Eunchan. He even told the FL that he won't claim his son and that it's better for him not to know about his father's existence in the first place. So I think Yura will regret it later that she can't have children, perhaps she can't get pregnant again, but she will just accept that Minhu has YJ for a mother because she is not fit to be a mother.
  13. I think both lady Joo and Yura will be punished. Yura committed too many crimes already even more than lady Joo. She took TP's money, gave false testimony, abandoned her baby, blackmailed SJ, indirectly caused Minhu's father accident that caused his blindness; tampered with the brother's brakes, married both TP and SJ by force, denied her family, threatened the rich colleague of scandal, kidnapped the CEO's child, etc etc. I lost count. She resembles the female doctor in Fatal Promise in my opinion The ones who will be spared are YR's mom and SJ (in case he changes)
  14. I like TP despite his faults. Kang Eun Tak can express different emotions easily just using his eyes. I saw very few episodes of Love till the end, so couldn't judge his acting. He is doing fine here. I like his chemistry with YJ, they are friends in real life, I saw them in Problem child in house, they both visit each other's houses, so you can imagine their strong friendship.
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