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  1. I am fine I miss previous SBS drama viewers including you, @msmy @Lmangla, this drama is much better than the previous one, but it's a bit sad. I hope the ending will be good.
  2. I don't feel comfortable about JH. He is cold hearted too I really like SW's attitude, she loves her brother sincerely, that's why she accepted the apology. Also YW's sister knelt down in apology because she loves her sister
  3. If JH tells YW that it means he is trying to make her relent towards CD. If so, then JH is still sincere in his friendship. I really hope he doesn't harm YW anymore
  4. This is the only type of chopsticks I can use lol. They are fixed together from above, where I don't have to bother resting one stick on the thumb and the other on the remaining fingers +2
  5. To me chopsticks are just two sticks, which I can't use, whether Chinese, Korean or Japanese +2
  6. I know they are their parents. I meant that there is no indication that Yuri will be killed. It seems that you're worried about the purple line. @ktcjdrama solved it, it is GJ's wish about HJ being his mother. But really it would be too clear if the chart says everything. I mean JS marriage to his mistress is not indicated, but the line says "cheating" with no question mark, also the line between Yuran and JH is "cheating?" With a question mark. The question mark is baffling. I think it means that they will not get married. There is "love" sign between DG and HJ, with a question mark, but not marriage, which can mean they won't get married at the end so the chart is a bit ambiguous
  7. I feel that JH is doing more harm to YW. When will he wake up? I hope he learns about his mother soon and gets distracted for a while, because really he is hurting many innocent people. His love for SJ and enslavement to her father blinded him to right and wrong. He forgot that no matter what, everyone will always consider him a poor orphan, and his in laws will never accept him, particularly his mother in law.
  8. Thanks I really always had civilised conversations with many nice people in soompi where I was not always agreeing with them but it is the referred person's method of replying that bothered me. @angelangie thank you I was just trying to forget about the harshness I already meet in real life but it seems that some people are complicated even online +2
  9. Did you look for android apps? Try searching in app store.
  10. Thank you I just needed to remember that soompi is a good forum by talking to nice people like you, because some members get aggressive for no reason, while it is not even worth it. +2
  11. @nrllee the person I referred to says she is a therapist. So she just assumed I am bad on her own when she does not even know me I told her in a private message about the reasons why she should not judge me. She relented for one minute and even seemed understanding then suddenly asked me where I am from. As soon as she knew, she didn't reply again . Strange, right? I recently consulted a very nice British therapist online, after going through a bad experience that affected me, she was so calm, cheerful, positive, polite and helpful. She knew where I came from and still talked so kindly. But then not all the people are the same +2
  12. Do you mean the restaurant? What do you think he will do? it seems that the land belongs to YW now. Will he try to use sneaky illegal ways to seize it?
  13. I really feel a bit sad, I was writing my opinion in one of the threads, a person attacked me describing me as rigid and unforgiving, when I was just being theoritical. I admit that I don't have much experience in the subject, but she could have replied more politely. When I tried to defend myself and wrote her a private message, she asked me where I am from, when I told her, she didn't answer back and the message status was "read". I know now why many people don't mention their location. +2
  14. She is linked to DG in the half line, a T sign, look at JS and HJ, it is a T sign too . I think JB name is a typo. It is correct in the other chart in page 1
  15. Hopefully lol. I think the question mark means uncertain @rolisrntex I just forget to greet you long time no see.
  16. Me too. I did face some bullying at school but somehow I was able to make peace with the bullies and they eventually became less aggressive. I hid my fear, and it worked. I really don't consider clear bullies very harmful. The sneaky emotional abusers are much worse. I met some. Their harm is really dangerous, because they study the weak points of everyone and use it against them, this needs an evil mind. I consider SJ an emotional abuser. She harmed YW, SW, CD and JH. Jihoon was her clearest victim. She used him in every way. She also knew YW's weak points and hurt her
  17. I just saw your post I searched google using the Korean title 맛 좀 보실래요 and I chose "images" search I found this one too PS you can open the photo by clicking on it and zoom. It is clear but it only says "Romeo and Juliet". The rest is description of each character If you are curious about Yura's behaviour, read the article below. I think she might have a serious problem. At the beginning, her treatment of her child disturbed me, but she seems very complex. https://www.bridgestorecovery.com/blog/the-difference-between-borderline-personality-and-narcissism-symptoms-and-treatment/
  18. Yes lol. But to be fair, in an Indian program, I think the actor was Jackie Shroff, was saying that there is a connection between the finger tips and taste buds, that is why they eat with the fingers directly But really how will they eat chicken with chopsticks if it has bones? Lol +2
  19. They are tooooo elegant I won't be surprised if they use chopsticks lol +2
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