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  1. In ep. 3 , Yura is despicable. When she learns that Juseok is poor, she throws him away. I really dislike her so much
  2. When I found out about the drama Do you like Brahms, his Hungarian Dance no. 5 popped up in my head - 2
  3. The disco style of the song Dynamite reminds me of Bee Gees song Night Fever. It is so good, the beat is refreshing
  4. I feel sorry for the conman's son After meeting his dad at last, he turns out to be playing with his son's feelings. He is so evil
  5. Why are Instagram embedded messages banned? (Just read it on drama threads rules) -2
  6. I have too much drama on my plate lol. -2
  7. Poor grandpa I hope he is fine, watched one clip so not sure what happened after he lost consciousness
  8. You are a feminist lol. I really like TP's mom the most. I am sad that she will die. I suddenly remembered Mexican telenovas where villains keep plotting and scheming all through.
  9. Lol I learned about the drama from Sam Hammington in the Return of superman. He plays a minor part. His little son William appears too. -2
  10. I watch the drama but still behind. Why am l not surprised that BH turns out to be the real daughter? (Reading your comments).
  11. Why is the focus on villains in revenge drama? I know that TP will be the centre of attention soon when he starts his revenge, but really villains always get on my nerves. They are scheming all the time and get away with it for too long. I am starting to think that the evil twin is the female lead.
  12. I love this drama but I watch it on KBSWORLD on TV. So I am always one week late. I am surprised that few viewers follow it. It is so good.
  13. Don't recognize any except Love in the Moonlight, so can't vote. It is so good, currently aired on KBSWORLD
  14. Watched ep 1 on KBSWorld. I like the character of TP as a seven-year old minded man. He is such a dear. His transformation later on alarms me, reminding me of Love till the end. I wish we could have more of his pure-hearted personality. The actress playing the evil twin is always casted in the same role (ex. Home for Summer). I wish to see her casted as a kind person one day.
  15. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of Choi Sung-jae lol. He is my profile picture with a co-actress. I am a bit slow in watching but I like the female lead too. She is humorous
  16. The divorce was due to the miscarriage and the constant interference of KJ's mom Apart from that, I find the aunt's daydreaming about the butcher hilarious I keep looking forward to them lol
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