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  1. If Ah Ri's dad kicks her out now, he is giving her up when she needed him badly. The only reasonable and kind one is Haeshim. Bora is like JS. They deserve each other. Actually even Sunny is a good match for JS. It is the first time I find myself disliking lead characters too much in a 120-episode daily.
  2. Right now JS and his parents as well as Sunny and her family are far more infuriating than the cross dresser Btw poor Ah Ri needs a gentle kind man as Dae Ro. They would be a wonderful couple
  3. The only good Han was poor Minhu, an innocent child who died because he was too good to belong to that family btw I like the uncle. YJ and YM are not evil but they are too weak. The father has no guts. I don't understand how no one of them defends the other. The worst are YR and her mom. I think YR's death as a good punishment to the stupid mom. She will be devastated if this happens.
  4. I remembered the lawyer in Fatal promise. He loved his father and when he could not help him because of his lung disease, he regretted it, so I think in revenge drama the punishment is just, although I don't know how Yura can suffer when she doesn't care about anyone except herself, she doesn't even care about her own mother who sacrificed everything to help her selfish daughter.
  5. Don't forget she caused her son's death indirectly. One day she will regret it especially if it turns out that she cannot conceive. Also when SJ learns the full truth about her, she won't stand a chance to be with him anymore. I think she will be slowly punished and then dies (remember Namjun in Left Handed Wife?)
  6. Do you like BTOB?? Their songs are so good.

    1. Ayame


      Yeah, I've listened to their songs before.  They do have a lot of good songs. ^^

  7. By way, the only solution to stupid mom to accept YJ and TP together is that Yura dies. We all know that there's no evidence to Yura's crimes, so I think she has to die as punishment.
  8. Bora is stupid. Junsu was a jerk towards her poor sister, how does she consider him a good person? She should be thankful that he showed his true colours and get away from him.
  9. I am a kpop fan too I started listening to kpop in 2013. It was CNBLUE for me. I think Eru has fans so he will compete with Kang Eun Tak lol.
  10. Junsu's mom is so nasty. She thinks that her son is too good for Ah Ri. I don't know how she regards him so highly when he is really equally nasty. Like mother like son. I am watching because of Ah Ri, Dae Ru, Byori, Haeshim, the grandad. Ah Ri's dad is sometimes good and sometimes not. Everyone agreed to dislike the cross dresser lol. I think of him as halmoni so that I can keep watching.
  11. We have about 30 or 28 episodes left. Still too much will happen. Until now TP doesn't know anything about lady Joo?? It is strange. He does not search enough. I guess his involvement with poor Minhu and YJ distracted him. He is also focusing on Yura too much. I don't know where the writer is taking the viewers to??
  12. I feel frustrated after Minhu's death, but the writer revealed that TP isn't the father through Minhu's illness, also SJ suspects that Yura has a son. I don't know how Eru's comeback will serve the plot.
  13. I am glad that Yura's secrets are revealed one by one. Now TP knows that Minhu wasn't his son, SJ knows that Yura had a son, and he is about to discover that YJ is her sister.
  14. I think when SJ sent flowers to the donor (Yura), she was angry and the marrow implant was delayed leading to Minhu's death. That's why YJ blames SJ just mere guesswork because I don't have the heart to watch Minhu's death
  15. It beats me. Why does he appear now since Minhu is already dead???????? Kdrama is sooooo illogical
  16. http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/secretman2020/mobile/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2020-0412-01-549275,read,,72,808219 Dongho died as I predicted Preview With Minwoo's death, Yujeong, TP, and his family have a hard time. After hearing Minwoo's news late, Yura goes to the funeral... Meanwhile, after leaving Minwoo, Yoo Jeong, who was struggling after leaving Minwoo, saw Seojun and eventually exploded... YJ tells SJ [72회 예고] "우리 동호 너 때문에 죽은 거라고 너 때문에...!" [비밀의 남자 "because of you Dongho died" Revenge t
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