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  1. @Ameera Ali I just saw your post about SW. you have telepathy with me lol. we both posted the same scene of SW without the other knowing but really don't you find SW so charming the way he takes off his helmet and shakes his hair?
  2. It is my first time watching OMS too I have to admit I preferred Yun Park (who is playing TR) But in order to judge OMS, I have to watch him in a different role first I am diplomatic, right? Yes I learned that at last, that it is just fiction lol. But in the revenge dramas I hinted at, the writers were putting the villains in situations where you feel so sorry for them. I think it is different here, because I can't describe JW as a villain. He did something extremely wrong by cheating, and I remember in those first episodes, I didn't like what he did. But later on I was even wondering why the writer chose this as a technique to separate him from SA? It really made some viewers dislike him so much (I am sure that wasn’t the writer's purpose).
  3. I agree with you about his cheating, I didn't like those scenes with HR at all too. But what I mean to say is that both the writer and the actor give us a different view And by the way I have been reading the comments on YouTube, and 90 % are against JW too. as I already told you I like both actors, and I stopped taking sides after my famous ordeals in 2 previous dramas that @dramaninja and @lu09 know about, lol. I was defending my favourite characters until I got a headache, because most members disagreed with me But I am really happy that you are defending your opinion
  4. @Songbae beware of OMS fans honestly I like both OMS and Yun Park lol. TR is a good man, I rooted for him with SA at the beginning, but their story didn't go on, I mean I enjoyed their scenes at the hospital and the ones while JW was in coma. I even liked it when they prepared kimchi together, and the song OST 4 was so good. I liked the way SA transformed from the cold person to the down-to-earth woman she is now, and that was because of a simple caring middle class man. Their story would have been good hadn't not been for the charming OMS When OMS returned and started trying to separate them, first I was annoyed, but then @Ameera Ali 's gifs made me start laughing so hard, that I no longer took things seriously. I know that OMS doesn't want us to hate JW's character, so he is giving us every reason to watch him. I can't stop laughing at OMS's hilarious jokes, he has the best sense of humour I ever seen lol Whether JW is good or bad is no longer the point now, because I think the writer knows how popular OMS is and he is really very good at winning the viewers hearts. I was very unlucky with my other two (villains) that @lu09 and @Ameera Ali already know, because the actors were not as popular and funny as OMS
  5. my God, JW is the scene catcher, whenever he is there, I can see no one else even CA and JH lol @lu09 I don't think SA smiles rarely lol, at least I expect the actress to be laughing all the time in the rehearsals @Roomay_ht off topic, is your gif Preity Zinta lol @Ameera Ali
  6. OST 22, I added the English subs at last, Press cc (on android the 3 dots down right) Some of you already watched the music video, because I published it last week but it wasn't with English subs @angelwingssf @lu09 @dramaninja @Bejaffled @shamrockmom @marrez1@mel22 @whome @laura Washington @tas82 @Leila Essalih @fanofr@Ldy Gmerm @Barbara Riley @Engel @Pam_Van Fossen @0ly40 @Lunkera @jasmine19 @dulceres
  7. Right now that is the best scene ever We should cast votes for the most satisfying scenes in the drama lol, (other than the best romantic scenes) I will sure choose this one and SW scenes teasing xx
  8. True Next person, likes long daily soap operas
  9. I know. I think this technique of coincidence was used in the well-made play. I studied that nonsense at college lol For those interested The coincidence is clear that CA fell in love with JH from all people. Another element is that SA is CA's sister who is connected to the judge's son, at the same time SA is connected to JW whose mom is related to the judge etc etc.
  10. Falseeeee I have the worst handwriting on earth next person likes kpop
  11. The writer didn't choose a good woman, but instead she brought HR I don't see why. And does HR have to be TR's adopted sister, CA's abuser, and SW's twin? I don't know how the writers connect all those stories together
  12. I think she was acting up before YW's dad to convince him that she is a teacher of poetry that has always been too busy to learn cooking lol
  13. The evil judge wants someone to blame, when she wasthe one who caused her son's death. She is in denial and has to harm someone else in the process. I hope she loses her position as a judge after the truth is revealed about SW's innocence As for SW, he is interesting by himself with no romance at all
  14. the problem between the CD and YW's sisters is an additional problem. As if we don't have enough. But at least with YW's dad living near CD, it will give them a chance to be good friends. Right now, YW's dad is one of the few people who blesses the relationship between YW and CD
  15. Seems you watched for long lol. Since I am new to Korean dailies, I can handle this frustration for some time. I hope to stay for a long time By the way, I expect Jihoon to end up forgiving his mother, divorcing SJ and leave the house. Of course he will also lose his job at Hana beverages. I think he might start a new life with his mother. JH's mom will never accept seeing her son mistreated by SJ and her mother. It would be interesting to see how she will react She is a real good match to SJ and her mom, I think we will have some comic situations here lol (I suddenly remembered Junho in Home for summer where he left with his mother to a smaller city and was no longer the rich doctor, instead he had a less paying job as a simple doctor)
  16. @Ameera Ali the best thing is people claiming to be elegant and high class, while they can switch suddenly to vulgarity +2
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