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  1. In the second episode ML takes the girl to the entertainment park. We know more about the family consisting of a father, son, his wife and step mom. The stepmom is a cook. The stepson and his wife steal money from the restaurant. The stepmom has a son or a nephew (unclear)
  2. In the first episode Jae Hee (ML) owns a diner. His dad comes one day and leaves to him a young girl....
  3. @maribella you watched Winter Sonata too? It is my first Kdrama I don't think that TP will die. But at least YJ wakes up.
  4. I think lady Ju will kill YR. She will never accept to be blackmailed. Also since there are not enough evidence to accuse or punish YR, it is possible that the writer might resort to this resolution or ending for the plot.
  5. The only three people who care about Ah Ri is Hae Shim, Byeori and Jun Su. She does not need the lousy dad and sister. She deserves to be happy. I am glad that Junsu is changing. He really needed someone like Ah Ri.
  6. I choose Once Again. I loved it so much. SBS dramas are very dark. I keep reminding myself never to watch them. They are far worse than KBS revenge tragedies.
  7. Bora telling Ah Ri vindicatively: "I will see how happy you will be with Junsu oppa" She is so malicious
  8. We are fewer each day well I think that TP saved JS from the cliff. Both know of the attempted murder of JS at the hotel so probably TP was following JS and YR. I usually watch KBSWorld on TV. This idea came to me. We need a poll lol.
  9. Preview text Papago translation 80 Previews SJ found out from YJ that YR's pregnancy was fake. He goes to YR to complain, and YR learns what Hwayong did to Su-hee 31 years ago and threatens him. Also, YR anticipates that the recording file that YJ has will threaten her, and she looks for YJ....
  10. I am sure she will be punished. Remember she committed murder too, even if JS is not dead it is attempted murder. Both her and Lady Ju committed crimes.
  11. Bollywood song in a French style @Lmangla -2
  12. Things are heading towards the worst @Mocharel while it is getting better in No Matter What
  13. 1. 하다 (hada) — to do 하다 is usually used at the end of a noun or another verb to indicate action. It can also be used by itself for certain situations, though this is rare. Examples: 생각 안 하다. (saeng-gag an hada) — I do not think. 하루 분의 일을 하다 (haru bunui ireul hada) — to do a full day of work 2. 고르다 (goleuda) — to choose Examples: 한 아이가 사탕을 고르고 있었다. (han aiga satang-eul goleugoiss-eossda) — A kid was choosing some candy. 괜찮은 물건을 고르는 남자를 보았다. (joh-eun mulgeon-eul goleuneun namjaleul boassda) — I saw a guy choosing some cool things. 3. 찾다 (chajda) — to find o
  14. @UnniSarah I have the first male lead syndrome TP's revenge is delayed for too long. It seems the writer will speed it up in a hurry near the end. One thing I am sure of is that when TP discovers that SJ's mom is responsible for the death of his mom and that she hurt Jisuk (Yijin's mom) as well and caused her to suffer from amnesia, he won't be comfortable around SJ anymore. YJ has gone mad. I wanted her to be smart but at least she should not be cruel to TP again. She hurt him more than once and he still forgave her. I really feel sorry for him.
  15. Well said. Yes Ah Ri is suffering just because she wants to protect her baby. She is a good person who has no luck thankfully her sister Byeori stays by her side. Btw it seems that JS softens towards her. He changed his views about marriage because of her. It seems that both of them care about each other even without being aware of it.
  16. I will stay because of Kang Eun Tak, Jisuk and her daughter and Sangtae her brother-in-law. Oh I forgot Hawaii uncle lol.
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