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  1. BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, Hwang Jung Eum, And Choi Won Young Complete Filming For New JTBC Drama Feb 28, 2020 by S. Nam JTBC’s new drama “Ssang Gap Pocha” (romanized title) has finished filming! Starring BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, Hwang Jung Eum, Choi Won Young, and more, “Ssang Gap Pocha” is JTBC’s first Wednesday-Thursday drama. Filming for the drama, which began near the end of September last year, is finally complete. The drama is based on a popular webtoon of the same name, which is rated 10 out of 10 stars on Daum and won the Excellence Award at the 2017 Korea Comic Awards. The story centers around a mysterious pojangmacha (outdoor drinking establishment) run by a prickly woman and innocent part-timer as they go around visiting customers in their dreams to help resolve their problems. Due to the popularity of the original webtoon, viewers are already highly anticipating the hilarious and touching moments the drama will portray as well as the real-life version of the characters produced by the stellar cast. Hwang Jung Eum will be playing Wol Joo, the woman who works at the pojangmacha. She’s a counselor who solves people’s worries within the dream world. To repent for her sins from her past life, she has to resolve 100,000 people’s problems, but her success has come to a halt with 10 people remaining. Yook Sungjae has been cast as Han Kang Bae, a customer service employee of Gapeul supermarket and part-timer at the pojangmacha. While suffering from his special ability that causes people to confess their secrets to him if he touches them, he comes to work for Wol Joo who offers to fix his problem. Choi Won Young will play chief Gwi, the manager of the pojangmacha. Although he was assigned to manage Wol Joo’s progress as the chief detective from the afterlife police agency, he’s actually in charge of miscellaneous chores at the pojangmacha. Furthermore, Lee Joon Hyuk will play the head grim reaper from Hell, Chief Yum. With his suit, oxfords, clutch, all-white outfit, and curly permed hair, Lee Joon Hyuk’s character is expected to deliver even more excitement to the drama. Finally, Jung Da Eun will play Yeo Rin, the unique security guard at Gapeul supermarket who has been single all her life, making men run away from her for an unknown reason. The production team shared, “Today [on February 28], ‘Ssang Gap Pocha’ finished all of its filming. Since last September, the actors and staff went through thick and through thin to do their best for the project. We’ve pre-produced the entire project in order to present a high quality drama for ‘Ssang Gap Pocha,’ which received great interest from the moment the dramatization [of the webtoon] was decided. We’ll work hard on the post-production of the project from the time of the filming’s conclusion to the premiere.” Directed by Jeon Chang Geun of “The Queen of Office,” “What Happens to My Family,” and “The Package,” JTBC’s first Wednesday-Thursday drama “Ssang Gap Pocha” will premiere sometime in the first half of 2020. Source (1) SITEMA LANGUAspañol © 1998 – 2020 VikakuteViki family.
  2. By the way I have a strong feeling that SA might end up with JW because of the viewers pressure. I think originally it was meant to be a romance with TR but due to OMS's fans, the direction changed.
  3. @Ameera Ali are you a fan of Seo Kang Joon? Or is the black coated man with sunglasses and long hair too distracting? Upcoming Yook Sungjae drama Ssanggab Cart Bar +2
  4. Money shows the real evil in people. Poor I Nam wanted just a motorcycle. YW, Trang and MIL are not interested in money. Now the sister and Il Nam show their true colours. I am not surprised
  5. Lol. It was my first KBS world drama. Back in 31st of May 2018, it was first launched in my country. I used to watch it and I liked the robot, because SKJ was good in his reactions, especially blinking his eyes. but the evil version is really interesting as you say tbh, SKJ is not just about good looks, he is really talented. I sometimes feel sorry for him because his viewers are staring at his handsome face and not paying attention to his acting skills, not that I mind staring too but I hope he gets appreciated for his acting as well. I like his stammering in I will meet you when the weather is fine. He is really a good actor +2
  6. my new video @triplem @stroppyse @angelangie @Lawyerh @nrllee @ktcjdrama @thanie and all Add and Sub team +2
  7. my new video click cc for English subs @angelwingssf @lu09 @dramaninja @Bejaffled @shamrockmom @marrez1@mel22 @whome @laura Washington @tas82 @Leila Essalih @fanofr@Ldy Gmerm @Barbara Riley @Engel @Pam_Van Fossen @0ly40 @Lunkera @jasmine19 @dulceres@monalisa@seungshin
  8. @dramaninja at last lol On the other hand JH is even more evil with his mother. As much as she is bad, but JH is worse
  9. Use imgur Get links Choose one that ends with .jpg
  10. A wonderful drama started a week ago and I just saw a video on YouTube "Hi Bye Mama". I adore the little girl +2
  11. The little girl (turns out to be a boy lol) is so adorable and talented
  12. lol, dogs are really very smart and she/he is really a very tiny lovely dog, everyone cuddles her/him
  13. They all love Jenny, even offscreen lol. At least JH likes the dog too.
  14. At last something takes place. YW holds CD's coat and cries On the other hand seems that JH learns about his mother
  15. I Nam @dramaninja I am here too l prefer CD's scenes lately. YW is provocative in shutting the poor guy off. Seo Kang Joon's new drama started on Monday, so I was curious to see how it is, and was a bit behind lol. I watched ep. 85 of unasked family today, so I still need to catch up.
  16. Thanks dear friend I feel happy whenever I see you in the same thread, and waves to my new nice friend @nrllee my summary is based on raw video lol. I wanted to share it early because it is fun to watch with others in soompi before the subs are out I really like the transitions between the past and the present. It is an excellent technique. I also like the fact that each episode ends with a surprise. In the first episode, it ended at ES shutting the door in HW's face, then changed his mind and opened it again. In ep 2, it ended at the appearance of KBY.
  17. I think they are both real, but it is strange she does not remember lol. I think she still doesn't know he liked her for real +2 I really like the bookstore, if I could I would like to own one too, and play some oldies and Classical music in the background No number
  18. I am not really a fan, I like him very much as SW, but will forget him soon lol. Actually I currently like to listen to some OST of my favourite drama. The music and songs always ring in my head. It is fun to edit some MVs. I went back to an older drama OST because I am not very experienced, and it is better to test in sth old, and then improve in the recently released OST, because I make many mistakes in editing until now. by the way, why is SKJ too quiet in his new drama? Lol. I like the drama but I really want him to shout or jump a bit. He is just toooooo calm I think Kim Myeong Soo will be very lively in "Welcome" he is really mischievous lol +2
  19. why is things getting soooooooooooo calm lately in soompi? I am bored from my daily, so shifted to Seo Kang Joon's new drama, and waiting for Kim Myong Soo's "Welcome" which is due in late March I like Kim Myong Soo, he has a photogenic smile lol, so catchy. I like smiling guys. I was watching Sul Jung-Hwan in the daily Unasked Family, the poor guy was always smiling but the female lead broke his heart, he no longer smiles and looks so tired and lovesick I also liked Yun Park temporarily, but he doesn't smile so often now in BLWL, so it is useless to follow him. He should make me smile to watch him lol. I will check Radio Romance later on @triplem Although I like OMS, but he is really too hot for my taste I prefer Lee Tae Sun +2
  20. Episode 2 rough summary (no subs yet ) so I just guess things PS, the aunt's wearing black glasses seems to be for health reasons I think she is seriously ill.
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