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  1. @whome @dramaninja I am positive that SJ won't allow CD's sister to date Jihoon (not that Jihoon is interested in her). she is so selfish and she feels happy just to spoil any romance. I am sure she just feels envious that people are capable of love like YW and CD. She doesn't know what true love is. She just happens to despise YW and wants her to be sad. I am sure if YW wasn't in the picture, she would have stopped chasing CD And although she doesn't really care about JH, but she will never allow him to date anyone else either. She is a monster. @whome luckily, the general atmosphere of the drama is not very gloomy, so I don't expect a long separation , remember the actress and the writer in Home for Summer?
  2. OMH is soooooooooooooooooo funny He is a good source of humour in the drama lol
  3. I don't know how JW loves SA? I mean is it because she rejected him? And what is love to him? Is it buying things to her? And allow his mother to abuse her? Really I don't consider it love
  4. SJ is a narcissistic villain who has no empathy for anyone. She wants everyone to awe her because she is shallow and empty from inside. She doesn't love CD. She is angry because he didn't bow down to her. She crushes down anyone who shows her the least interest. Jihoon knew that and hid his love from her (like Rhett Butler in Gone with the wind) CD's sister liked SJ because she is arrogant and opposite to her. She is like any weak person who gets attracted to the seemingly stong outspoken narcissist. She is so stupid. SJ won't hesitate to hurt her once she is done with chasing CD @shamrockmom @tas82 Trang reminds me of SW aunt in home for summer
  5. thank you so much I always feel sorry for people in distress, because I know the feeling of pain. Since God has always been there for me, I don't feel vindictive. And I do meet nice and understanding people who make me feel good again. Although most people are not "that" kind, but the few good people I meet shine brightly because they help me feel hopeful again and know that the world is not that cruel after all +2
  6. thanks a million @Ameera Ali @triplem Soompi makes me feel good despite everything. I don't need to pretend anything here. I am being myself +2
  7. The actress is specialized in that smirk see her as Tifanny in left-handed wife lol @laura Washington , nice to see you
  8. @stroppyse @angelangie thank you I am not different in a radical sense, I am just antisocial, and suffered from a health problem which people in my country don't understand. It is related to mental health, something like over-anxiety, and inability to work under stress. So I couldn't get married because men in my country are so demanding, they enslave their wives. Some wives are aggressive and they even get divorce, but I am not the type. My family sometimes don't know what's wrong, so they blame me for unable to bear stress at work or in the past at school. I used to break down. My parents are very kind but they are too simple, they took care of me but they are too worried Later I knew my abilities and tried to act within them, regardless what others say. I know that God tests me and He gave me means to survive too, so now I don't care if others blame me for an illness I am not responsible for. +2
  9. it is the first time for CD to fall in love He is so sweet. And YW is equally simple despite being a widow. They are two of a kind
  10. I suffered from paying attention to other people opinions, that's why I sometimes prefer to be alone than having to do what's expected. I ended up doing things my way. When I feel bad, I tell myself God accepts me as I am, as long as I am not hurting anyone, it is OK to do things my way, even if they are not always so "correct " from the point of view of others +2
  11. OMS is doing a wonderful job But Yoon Park is more romantic, he has a gentle look which breaks my heart. Also his smile is charming (I would put him in the category of 'forever young' lol) +2
  12. @mel22 I am sure we will have many sweet scenes to keep the ratings, don't worry I just caught word 파란 (pa-ran) - meaning blue / blue-green Also she said 저도 (jeodo) meaning me too My Korean is sooooo weak I catch 5-10% only of conversations lol. (I am trying to learn by sharing some words here. I hope it is good. Some of soompi users catch the sounds of words too)
  13. nohamahamoud2002

    Fan MVs

    Drama: 그 여자의 바다 - 최성재 Sea of the Woman - song: 이은하 - 나에게 사랑이란건 Drama: A Place in the Sun 태양의 계절 Song: Love is Easy Artist 캔도 (CANDO) Drama: 꽃길만 걸어요 Unasked Family/Down the flower path song: 더 데이지(The Daisy) - '꽃길만 걸어요 OST Part.08' - 사랑해요 그대 (I Love You) Thank you for tagging. The three videos have subs, press cc The info about them is in the description on YouTube Thanks to my dearest friend @gm4queen for encouraging me
  14. It is from his drama "Sea of a woman"
  15. I didn't want to watch it too, but Yoon Park changed my mind ( I didn't' know him beforehand lol) But I have to admit Oh Min Suk is hilarious His scenes with Kim Seora are slapstick comedy +2
  16. Zin Tae Hyun and his wife will be in SBS program 'you are my destiny'
  17. I am optimistic. I know there will be many provocations, but usually in 120 dailies, we have more cheerful air (remember the OTP in Sunny Again tomorrow and It is my life? they were together most of the time and got separated only for a few episodes at least in Sunny Again tomorrow, I remember they were together until may be episode 110 or something, when the ML's mom interfered and spoiled everything. but it lasted for about 5 episodes only, I think) so despite the problems, they will still be together, I think the only problem will be their getting married, but otherwise they keep dating
  18. the MIL likes CD already, but she has the wrong idea that SJ is his girlfriend. If this clears up, I think she won't oppose their romance. But the problem is with the step daughter, Dong U's half sister
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