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  1. My friends, I have been reading about Narcissists/codependents lately. It might offer some insight to the reason why HJ ended up marrying this leech. Narcs are selfish people, they are not necessarily arrogant, some are called covert Narcs. The covert narc is usually trying to play on the pity thing. He is a failure who is selfish, manipulative guy. He knows deep down that he is a loser but tries to get his victims by using the "pity" game. On the other hand, HJ is a caring selfless person, she lacked self-confidence (at the beginning only) and is ready to give everything without expecting anything in return, thus she is a codependent. Her husband is a liar, with no feelings. He is a narcissist, when she gets over him, she will be freed from his emotional manipulation. By the way a codependent is not a dependent person as the name suggests, it just means she is tied to him emotionally out of pity and because he is sucking her dry. In narcissist/codependent relationship one has to be a taker and the other a giver
  2. @Lmangla I was almost running out of dailies, so tried the first episode of Wanna taste, it seems interesting lol I was sooooo disappointed after Shady Mom in law, which was soooooooooo draggy and slow, so I dropped SBS dailies for some time, but I think Wanna taste is better. So I might give it a try after all PS, by the way, after watching two revenge drama, I got the impression that KBS2 revenge drama has so much negative energy I mean even the supposedly "good characters" are not "so good". Gracious Revenge is so gloomy, full of hatred and I really shuddered from watching just one second on YouTube short clips. The scary scene of the daughter attempting suicide by drowning was like a horror movie I have a feeling you like to watch human psychology, and the dark side of human nature, right?? I used to be like that in the past because of my study of literature, where we used to analyze characters, but now, somehow, it seems a bit exhausting. At least A place in the sun had my favourite actor Choi Sungjae, and I admired Zin Tae Hyun's marvelous acting in Left-handed wife, but Gracious Revenge has three vengeful women, whom I shuddered just to watch. +2
  3. I tried watching the first episode out of curiosity, what I noticed about the husband is that no one really likes him when he got discharged from the military everyone said "Already?" he is a real nasty fellow. But his father is no better lol. Also I was wondering why he wanted to marry his "nona", is it because he likes her food???? He practically ate all the food on the table, leaving nothing for her mom and brother
  4. @stroppyse yes she said 그래요 한 달 만나요 (keuraeyo han dal mannayo) = OK. Let's date for one month That's the only sentence I caught I am here because it is a fun ride lol no longer interested whether SA ends up with TR or JW. Both are fine with me lol. I think she needs a third guy
  5. @stroppyse I read your analysis again. I got your point. I really think JW's problem was expressing his love the wrong way. Although SA wanted money (apparently) but deep down she wanted other things. She never voiced her thoughts clearly that's why she didn't get along with JW. On the other hand TR was able to understand SA better. He knew exactly how she felt and was able to reach out to her. Like you said JW isn't a mind reader. He thought that money was enough. But now he started to understand SA better but it is too late. You are really so perceptive I like your analysis very much.
  6. I hope I become that daring eventually +2
  7. It is the OMS charm lol He is very good at getting the audience's love. I'm glad he is able to do it. My poor idols in the other drama I mentioned made every one dislike them
  8. Well yes if you put it that way, I think he loves her in his own way. But is it enough? I mean the love of rich people is really strange. He interprets everything to money. He needs to learn how to show his feelings by simple gestures. I mean sprinkling the salt on the ground was considerate of him and eating at a simple restaurant with her was touching too. He needs to do this more often He is lonely, I admit But neither SA nor HR are suitable for him. I wish there will be a new woman introduced. His mother is the worst really As for your feeling sorry for JW, I have been there twice in Left-handed wife and A place in the Sun when I rooted for the second male leads lol, I decided to support the first male lead for a change this time and Yoon Park is helping me @yookitube as for SA not marrying TR because of HR, the only way out is for the writer using HR's death scenario in the end. She is a psycho and I imagine her killing herself if she can't marry JW (I hope she doesn't kill JW as well)
  9. @dramaninja yes, right now CD's sister worries me more than SJ. At least SJ is just clinging to CD as a toy, but his sister has serious issues because of YW's sister her character is unstable and she will start causing trouble. She also doesn't see clearly that Jihoon always considered her as a sister, she thought that if SJ dates CD, Jihoon will forget about SJ.
  10. my problem with JW is that he still lived with his mother (as usual in kdrama ) when she was treating SA so bad I mean his mother is really hopeless. And also JW is not really down to earth. I mean if you compare him with TR, TR was considerate to SA's mom. He made sure that SA eats the food sent by the mother. He knew how to calm SA down when she is angry. He is a kind simple guy. He is not interested in money and wealth. What JW couldn't do with his money, TR was able to do with his kind-heart. whereas JW is used to wealth, perhaps he loves SA "in his own way". But I think somehow I prefer poor guys remembering the Beatles song @Ameera Ali