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  1. Last week I watched Irfan Khan's last movie Angrezi Medium. It is new. I liked Irfan, he was a very good actor. -2
  2. Lol, in the end he kicks the Pepsi can which indicates that he is not blind -2
  3. Lol I am a former Bollywood addict. Now it is kdrama addiction, but still I watch Indian movies from time to time. @Sleepy Owl he wasn't blind and he witnessed her crimes, she suspected him and damaged his eyes he became blind for real, but at the end she dies, whereas he had an operation and regained his eyesight. -2
  4. @Lmangla yesterday I was watching a crazy movie Andhadhun, Tabu is a serial killer and her witness is Ayushmann Khuranna who is pretending to be a blind pianist. It is a nightmarish movie -2
  5. Me too, although didn't get the chance to watch them, I read many, I like Miss Marple's "Murder at the Vicarage", and Poirot and Mrs Oliver novels. Mrs Oliver is so funny, she keeps changing her hair style and dye all the time . I read: five little pigs, Mrs McGinty is dead, third girl, and Cards on the table, they all include Poirot and Oliver.
  6. Right now Yura is even more evil than lady Joo And I said earlier I like SJ for his dislike towards YR
  7. @mjmartinez welcome chingu, glad to have more viewers Ah Ri's family seemed kind to Byeo Ri, hopefully they agree to have her. I copied the text below YouTube video, doesn't seem good [9화 예고] "벼리 문제 빨리 해결해!" "진짜 괜찮다는 보육원 알아봤는데.." [누가 뭐래도] 20201021 [Episode 9 Preview] "Solve the problem quickly!" “I looked for an orphanage that was really okay..” [No matter what anyone says] 20201021 Google translate with modification of the word 보육원 (Google translated it to nursery school, but I looked it up and found the word "orphanage")
  8. I watched very few episodes of Love till the end, I remember Sena, Emily and the child actor Song Minjae. The ML and FL got remarried in episode 100 A man under a veil is rewarding the evil Yura, but Kang Eun Tak is working so well towards his revenge and things are OK till now, so hopefully Yura gets punished before episode 100, because I don't like her at all.
  9. I won't drop the drama by all means lol. I stayed watching Fatal promise to the end. TP should not reveal his identity until he takes revenge fully. I dropped A place in the sun when Gwanjil turned into a villain, and instead went to watch him as a good guy in Woman's sea In this drama only TP changes, if SJ changes too, it would be very interesting
  10. I like Kang Eun Tak's acting, he is talented and strange enough, he shines more than the second ML. in A place in the sun and the left Handed wife, the second ML was far more talented than the first ML.
  11. There are 2 points that bother me. First, lady Joo committed second degree murder, with the secretary as the only witness, the only way to get her imprisoned is the secretary who might testify if she betrays him. Not to mention hiring someone to kill Jisuk, and the thugs who chased TP, and so on. Second, YR committed so many evil deeds, she tried to kill Minhu's uncle, she wrongly testified against her mother-in-law, she forged the will, in addition to abandoning her son, hurting TP, etc etc. I don't know how she will be punished, but hopefully the taxi driver - her mai
  12. @celebrianna Ah Ri's dad sees the scarf, I think he recognized it as his ex-wife's. I think maybe the cross dresser left Dae Ro in the orphanage as he can't raise him????
  13. Yesss, at last I like a ML A new daily started "no matter what", and a new weekend long drama "Samgwang Villa". Those are the 3 I am following.
  14. @Ameera Ali YR is back to bedroom tactics, but the contempt on SJ's face makes me so happy. seems like it didn't work out lol. I guess she is drunk?
  15. Welcome chingu I hope you have a nice time with us. I am also thinking the same now. If YJ is Jisuk's daughter, it will be logical for her to make amends with TP btw, don't you agree that Kang Eun Tak is among the few ML in revenge drama who acts very well? (I also liked the ML's acting in Fatal promise). most of the time the second ML is more talented it is the first time I root for the ML in a revenge drama lol.
  16. The program Problem child in house ep. 97 (look it up in Google for complete episode) Kang Eun Tak has a nice smile
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