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  1. @Lawyerh I like the messy hairstyle very much
  2. The streaming is so bad I no longer watch live - 2 8 K-Drama Male Leads We Wish We Lived Next Door To Apr 17, 2019 by Azra_A What are your neighbors like? Maybe you know them well and you guys hang out all the time, or maybe you wouldn’t recognize them in a lineup. Either way, the chances of living next door to a hot, charming neighbor who brightens your day with their smile are approximately… one in a bazillion? That’s why we have K-dramas, folks! To give us the wish-fulfillment real life falls short on. So with that in mind, if you had to pick a drama character to live next door to, who would it be? A lot of K-drama male leads are swoon-worthy, for sure, but their crazy antics would be annoying as hell on a daily basis. Here’s a selection of characters who’d make perfect neighbors – the ones we’d love to run into while collecting the mail. 1. Nam Shin III in “Are You Human Too?” kangsoo0503 Why live next door to a human when you could live next door to a robot? Nam Shin III (Seo Kang Joon) is the definition of a reliable neighbor. He would always remember to put out the trash and keep the yard clean. If you ever need to borrow a cup of sugar, he’d give it to you with a smile on his face. Okay, well, maybe not sugar because he doesn’t actually eat, but perhaps, hmm, engine oil? baek1nho Whatever, just pretend you need to borrow something and go over there for the sake of that smile alone. Nam Shin III will never not answer the door, even at 2 in the morning, and you’ll never be a bother. He is literally programmed to not find you annoying, ever. Perfect! The rest is in the link https://www.soompi.com/article/1317352wpp/8-k-drama-male-leads-we-wish-we-lived-next-door-to @Lawyerh this is for you 988
  3. I really don't know yet, it depends on whether I am watching other dramas or not but currently the time of the Left-handed wife is very suitable for me, I watch it at the end of the day on KBS World, because I usually prefer to watch on TV 988
  4. wow @Ameera Ali congrats, you got promoted from superstar to Legend you have more than 10,000 points I wish I get promoted, but I don't post enough I earned most of my points from Sunny Again Tomorrow thread, where I was so active 992
  5. @Lawyerh you are changing your profile picture very fast I won't recognize you easily
  6. @Lawyerh it is the KJH magic I really like your description " already came here by herself"
  7. @Lawyerh you are promoting all KJH dramas to all your friends
  8. @gm4queen thanks for tagging me chingu. Wonderful photos. @phoenix24 thanks for recommending Hong gil dong. It is so good, I liked it so much. I liked the fact that the prince didn't impose himself on Yi Nok, he was noble enough, I also understand that he had to fight to keep his kingdom, but I was sorry at the same time.
  9. @Ameera Ali how come that the actor from It's my life is with the actress from the left-handed wife? 920
  10. This is so disgusting. All the villains are playing with children to achieve their own ends, they didn't think for a minute how horrible for a child to suffer. And Esther who is a mother doesn't feel any pangs of conscience for what she did to poor Chan. I am just horrified. AR is hopeless, she just wants her grandchild to inherit everything no matter what.
  11. I hate Aera so much, she is the most evil, she didn't accept Esther as her daughter in law, that was one of the reasons behind Esther's villainy, she gave up her son Namjin, and was also the reason of his villainy, it is not an excuse, but still I don't like her at all
  12. I am late again. really NJ is here more evil than Esther, at least she felt sorry to see Chan crying
  13. Park Se-wan, the hashtag mentions Joseon Survival, maybe the actor will be playing a small role. Not quite sure prepare for the love triangle if Yoon Ji Min is the the most beautiful woman, then she will chase Ji Hwan
  14. there was no need for all this long sequence of breakup, I mean it could have taken only five episodes at most. I don't know why the writer chooses to fill the episodes with this long separation between SJ and NJ. it wasn't necessary. It is dragging. As if there was no incidents to fill the drama. It was more exciting when the two teams were competing.
  15. @gm4queen @Sejabin I love the three brothers. So harmonious and so talented
  16. it seems that the Fiery Priest thread is not enough you are discussing it here most of the time I really can't watch a man dressed as a woman so I just stayed away 824
  17. Omar Khayrat is a famous Egyptian composer. I am proud 792
  18. I dislike Tiffany so much. She sent NJ to orphanage because of her husband. I am sure when she finds a good catch and Chan is in the way, she will get rid of him and get married. NJ told her she used to scream at him as a child, he asked her if she did the same to Chan. I know NJ is evil but he is 95 % evil unlike Esther and Aura who are 99 % evil
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