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  1. the song is sooooooooooo beautiful, just released. I hope you like it. Unfortunately no Eng. subs yet, so I just synchronized the Korean lyrics instead. My ability to read Hangul is working lol. Hope you like it!!! +2
  2. @stroppyse @triplem @Ameera Ali @dramaninja @lu09 @angelwingssf @angelangie @gm4queen my friends, a new OST has just been released. I made a simple MV. Unfortunately no subs yet, so I just synchronized the Korean lyrics instead. Anyway the song is sooooo beautiful. enjoy!!! in case you are curious, here is the link of the Korean lyrics, you can use Google translate. https://music.bugs.co.kr/track/31826979?wl_ref=list_tr_08 It is a male singer this time. From Google translate, I understood it is about how CD felt when he met YW, how his heart beats, how he smiles more often when he sees her, but he is afraid of goodbyes, so it is a bit sad too. The music is so beautiful and the singer sings with so much feeling, his name is Donghyun from the group "Boyfriend "
  3. @shamrockmom I am so sorry about your mom . Actually I was also replying to @mel22 's comment about Il Nam and YW's dad hurting others. I meant to say it is involuntary on YW's dad part because he was depressed. As for Il Nam he is definitely useless. @jasmine19 I always find the female lead foolish. The writers usually portray them as such. What can we do about it? But to be fair I don't think she dislikes him. She just feels he is "too good for her"
  4. I have to say this about poor JW, no woman deserves to be loved like that (and to women too, no man deserves to be loved like that). Self love is much better. I hope JW finds a healthy relationship where he loves and is loved back, because one-sided love is destructive
  5. Trang is married to him, so it is natural to have a child she is a good person. I think she believed his lies as you say. He should be thankful when he learns about his son, considering he is 50 years old and has such a dutiful reliable Trang for a wife. What a headache this man is. Just a short note about YW's dad, he is ashamed of himself and depressed. When you are in this state of mind you can't realize you are hurting others. I feel sorry for him, realistically speaking this condition needs psychotherapy. @mel22 you are welcome The song has been ringing in my ears for a week, it is such a beautiful song, I found it suitable for a music video, esp. the sad piano intro
  6. Thank you it is from the OST lol +2
  7. my new video the usual separation lol. @stroppyse @triplem @angelangie @Lawyerh @Ameera Ali +2
  8. my new video. I used the sad OST of their separation. Press cc (the 3 dots down right) for English subtitles of the song (the subs are taken from a blog lol) @angelwingssf @lu09 @dramaninja @Bejaffled @shamrockmom @marrez1@mel22 @whome @laura Washington @tas82 @Leila Essalih @fanofr@Ldy Gmerm @Barbara Riley @Engel @Pam_Van Fossen
  9. Yes she told Jihoon let's get married 결혼 하자 kyeorhon haja CD told YW I can't live without you. That's why SJ gave up (nega ettoke sarayo)
  10. Jihoon's feelings for SJ are sincere. He wasn't after money. He did everything to gain her dad's favour so that he can marry her. He is addicted to her. This is destructive love. SJ misunderstood him, she thinks he cares about her dad's money. If he can prove to her his sincere feelings, she will change heart. Her problem is that she wants someone to love her for what she is, that's why she hates YW who is poor but can still be loved by CD As for YW, she thinks she doesn't deserve to be loved. She wants CD to be with someone better than her. She is hard on him because she thinks he will be miserable if he stays with her. She forgot that it is his decision to make whether he wants to stay or not.
  11. Poor Johnny Disney cancelled their contract with him for Pirates of the Caribbean. He suffered from defamation. I hope things get better now that his innocence is proven. +2
  12. I understand her too, but poor CD is very kind, and she should not break his heart. It is not his fault that SJ is chasing after him. I mean she keeps rebuffing him when he did nothing wrong. If she is worried about Boram, she should have asked her first if she accepts CD as a stepdad. If Boram refuses, then at least there is a reason for her rejection. Otherwise together they could face the obstacles, and really CD is not from a rich family or something. He is also poor.
  13. CD deserves a better woman than SJ. I hope SJ loses Jihoon too YW is stupid. She doesn't want to be a burden on CD, that's why she keeps rejecting him. She is not brave too, because she is afraid of her inlaws. By the way she told SJ in the last part, "I love Mr Bong" Trang is the only wise female in the drama. I also like YW's sister but she sometimes rushes off in saying her opinion, as when she didn't understand her poor father's depression and accused him of indifference, he was too ashamed to face his daughters. I totally understand and sympathize with him. Poor man
  14. In the preview I think SJ's dad ordered his men to clear everything in the studio. Looks like SJ is jobless now. I hope she begs JH for help and he snubs her
  15. Yes I remember that scene of the thugs from the first episodes. Dong U also wanted to use the bribe money Jihoon gave him to buy the apartment, it was in Hana beverages paper bag, but he changed his mind and decided to return it back, that was right before the accident
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