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  1. Poor Johnny Disney cancelled their contract with him for Pirates of the Caribbean. He suffered from defamation. I hope things get better now that his innocence is proven. +2
  2. I understand her too, but poor CD is very kind, and she should not break his heart. It is not his fault that SJ is chasing after him. I mean she keeps rebuffing him when he did nothing wrong. If she is worried about Boram, she should have asked her first if she accepts CD as a stepdad. If Boram refuses, then at least there is a reason for her rejection. Otherwise together they could face the obstacles, and really CD is not from a rich family or something. He is also poor.
  3. CD deserves a better woman than SJ. I hope SJ loses Jihoon too YW is stupid. She doesn't want to be a burden on CD, that's why she keeps rejecting him. She is not brave too, because she is afraid of her inlaws. By the way she told SJ in the last part, "I love Mr Bong" Trang is the only wise female in the drama. I also like YW's sister but she sometimes rushes off in saying her opinion, as when she didn't understand her poor father's depression and accused him of indifference, he was too ashamed to face his daughters. I totally understand and sympathize with him. Poor man
  4. In the preview I think SJ's dad ordered his men to clear everything in the studio. Looks like SJ is jobless now. I hope she begs JH for help and he snubs her
  5. Yes I remember that scene of the thugs from the first episodes. Dong U also wanted to use the bribe money Jihoon gave him to buy the apartment, it was in Hana beverages paper bag, but he changed his mind and decided to return it back, that was right before the accident
  6. SJ is evil, she gives "Alice" Jihoon's ring saying "돈" (ton) , meaning "money". So I guess she is telling her to sell it. I hope Alice stops supporting SJ after learning how evil and manipulative she is
  7. @laura Washington you are right. Trang has a five-year old son. She took the used clothes from the step sister to send to him. Poor Trang
  8. YW is the typical female lead, who denies her feelings for some reason or the other. It is a stereo type in most dailies. What I really dislike is SJ and JH, they should have started their own romance already but SJ is a sadistic psychopath.
  9. SA doesn't understand her ex-husband until now. He never cared about HR, and she misunderstood the last incident again, when JW was drunk, she accused him wrongly. I hope she learns the truth soon. It is not important now whether SA and JW end up together or not, but at least JW deserves to be understood, it is HR who set him up in both cases, he really wasn't very wise in the first time when he responded, but in the second time, he was drunk and his mother interfered to make things worse
  10. to be honest, I would rather see JW end up alone than be with this HR, urgh, she is just as nasty as his crazy mother. We really need a new woman to show up
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