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  1. Correction: In dailies good characters = stupid Bad characters = smart (Of course with the exception of dear CD )
  2. I know. I think this technique of coincidence was used in the well-made play. I studied that nonsense at college lol For those interested The coincidence is clear that CA fell in love with JH from all people. Another element is that SA is CA's sister who is connected to the judge's son, at the same time SA is connected to JW whose mom is related to the judge etc etc.
  3. The writer didn't choose a good woman, but instead she brought HR I don't see why. And does HR have to be TR's adopted sister, CA's abuser, and SW's twin? I don't know how the writers connect all those stories together
  4. I think she was acting up before YW's dad to convince him that she is a teacher of poetry that has always been too busy to learn cooking lol
  5. I think SA might end up with neither men. But I am enjoying JW's comic attempts to win her over. Give us some more please
  6. The evil judge wants someone to blame, when she wasthe one who caused her son's death. She is in denial and has to harm someone else in the process. I hope she loses her position as a judge after the truth is revealed about SW's innocence As for SW, he is interesting by himself with no romance at all
  7. the problem between the CD and YW's sisters is an additional problem. As if we don't have enough. But at least with YW's dad living near CD, it will give them a chance to be good friends. Right now, YW's dad is one of the few people who blesses the relationship between YW and CD
  8. Seems you watched for long lol. Since I am new to Korean dailies, I can handle this frustration for some time. I hope to stay for a long time By the way, I expect Jihoon to end up forgiving his mother, divorcing SJ and leave the house. Of course he will also lose his job at Hana beverages. I think he might start a new life with his mother. JH's mom will never accept seeing her son mistreated by SJ and her mother. It would be interesting to see how she will react She is a real good match to SJ and her mom, I think we will have some comic situations here lol (I suddenly remembered Junho in Home for summer where he left with his mother to a smaller city and was no longer the rich doctor, instead he had a less paying job as a simple doctor)
  9. @Ameera Ali the best thing is people claiming to be elegant and high class, while they can switch suddenly to vulgarity +2
  10. It looks like a jar of chocolates lol +2
  11. I like both BR and SW, it is logical for them to have one-sided crush on CA, because many guys like her, and we all know she will still choose JH but really SW is very interesting lol, he is the bad boy. I hope the actor gets a main role soon, because I really like him
  12. Thanks dear friend for tagging me I didn't know that Daniel presented a radio show, it is a really good thing
  13. To fill the 40 remaining episodes lol @mel22 I am really glad that some members decided to stay after all. I don't want to end up commenting and replying to myself
  14. She knew. Especially when SW was knitting the scarf and had JH's initials, she sent her to JH's house to get rid of her when CD was coming. She also saw SW's reactions towards JH and teased SW about it
  15. Yes I know, add team tries to reach 1000 +2
  16. You are trying to reach zero lol. +2 688
  17. I like love in Bollywood style where the male lead keeps singing his heart out to win his woman
  18. https://youtu.be/mYwFeEOgYyo
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