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Everything posted by nohamahamoud2002

  1. Needless to say, I am a huge fan of Choi Sung-jae lol. He is my profile picture with a co-actress. I am a bit slow in watching but I like the female lead too. She is humorous
  2. The divorce was due to the miscarriage and the constant interference of KJ's mom Apart from that, I find the aunt's daydreaming about the butcher hilarious I keep looking forward to them lol
  3. sorry for the late reply I didn't memorize the names yet, I just caught the name of Lee Chang Wook in the introduction. Thanks for @UnniSarah for the clarification. I remember his name now "Jihun".
  4. hi chingu, happy to see you the villain here is just too much for me, Choi Joon-Hyuk (Kang Sung-Min) . He is getting on my nerves. He doesn't have any redeeming features. He was much better in "It's my life". At least he changed to a good man. I think he is risking his popularity with this role, lol
  5. I like Lee Chang Wook. He reminds me of Sunny Again Tomorrow. He is cheerful and lightens the gloomy atmosphere of the drama
  6. the story of the dentist and the youngest daughter is interesting although the doctors' mother is horrible, but there is some touch of comedy in her actions, lol
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