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  1. Thank you. @pompyavi didn't reach the bombastic dance yet lol. I am in ep. 16. Was it in the final episode? -2
  2. How do you say "of course" in Korean? 물론이요 / mullon-iyo, translates to roughly “That goes without saying”. 당연하죠 / dangyeon-hajyo, like exclaiming “Of course”. 그럼요 / geureom-yo, usually the reply to a question or request. This one has many translations, from “Well then” to “Certainly”. One could also answer an order from a superior with a simple 예 / ye, or 알겠습니다 / algesseumnida, meaning you will do as said. 역시 / yeokshi could sometimes fill the role of “Of course” or “That's so typical”, said under one's breath, in the sense “Ah I knew it, of course he’d spend all the money on drinks”. Source https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-say-of-course-in-Korean
  3. @Ameera Ali @stroppyse and @triplem. . Where are you? I searched for @stroppyse and @triplem and found that their membership disappeared. Strange they were moderators -2
  4. @Jillia I was not familiar with the term fusion drama, so I looked it up -2
  5. I love this scene from Love in the Moonlight. The faithful friend till the end. The actor is suburb, Kwak Dong-yeon. The wonderful stunts he played appealed to me. It is tear-jerking scene. Poor guy. As usual, I suffer from the second lead syndrome lol @Jillia it seems you loved the series too, judging from your profile picture -2
  6. @GingerK Use (quote) down left I hope Yura never gets redeemed. She is pure evil. I don't sympathise with her. There are many poor people out there who work hard. It is not an excuse that the rich girl took her job as a DJ announcer. There are many different jobs to choose from. She is just greedy and malicious.
  7. It is a melodrama. Try it. I really have a TV channel that airs Bollywood movies. -2
  8. @Lmangla I was watching this Indian movie for the second time. I like it very much -2
  9. In ep. 3 , Yura is despicable. When she learns that Juseok is poor, she throws him away. I really dislike her so much
  10. When I found out about the drama Do you like Brahms, his Hungarian Dance no. 5 popped up in my head - 2
  11. The disco style of the song Dynamite reminds me of Bee Gees song Night Fever. It is so good, the beat is refreshing
  12. I feel sorry for the conman's son After meeting his dad at last, he turns out to be playing with his son's feelings. He is so evil
  13. Why are Instagram embedded messages banned? (Just read it on drama threads rules) -2
  14. I have too much drama on my plate lol. -2
  15. You are a feminist lol. I really like TP's mom the most. I am sad that she will die. I suddenly remembered Mexican telenovas where villains keep plotting and scheming all through.
  16. Lol I learned about the drama from Sam Hammington in the Return of superman. He plays a minor part. His little son William appears too. -2
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