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  1. On 11/15/2019 at 3:35 PM, Sushimi said:

    I take friendships very importantly. Cause never really had one good one. That friend is still the best friend that I once had.. It’s hard yeah..we were very close. Now she got new friends and she just throws the friendship away :) she never listen to my problems and just left.


    My friend, I understand you. I am a girl and I consider my friends as sisters, so I feel sad when they change, it is logical to feel sad


    Don't expect much from people, they always break their promises, only true family can be good like parents and siblings (not always but some people are lucky in their families )


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  2. 5 hours ago, Lmangla said:

    one of my favourite sayings is this "friends for a reason, for a season and for a lifetime." some friends just come into your life for a reason -- maybe it is to encourage you when you are done and when that purpose is over, somehow they end up disappearing. some friends are for a season -- you work together and had lots of fun chatting but now that you are no longer in the same office, you find that you don't have much in common. so eventually you stop talking. then there are friends for a lifetime -- for whatever reason, they stay with you. maybe you don't see them often or even talk that much but when you do, you pick up again. have a few friends like that.


    well, I have always been most unlucky in friendship. I believe in the first type of " friends for a reason", Yes, it happened to me many times, God sends me some people to help me out but their role ends and they move away. Of course I feel heartbroken, but then I realize later on that they had a certain role and that's it. 


    The second type, "friends for a season", Yes, it happened too, I had them for some time but they no longer want to know me, that is the case all the time.


    The third type, well, I never had it till now, friends for lifetime? I feel sort of sad, but then people change heart, they like you one day and forget about you the next. Me I got used to turning the page and forgetting about friends when they leave me. Yes I feel sad, but I can't help it. 



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  3. 1 hour ago, Sejabin said:



    @nohamahamoud2002 jonny deep movie I watch are pirates of the caribian series. Btw why did he split up with vanessa after a bery long time together and having 3 children? What a waste..





    It is said that she was impolite to his mother. Johnny loved his mom who worked hard to support him (I think at a restaurant) after splitting up from his father



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  4. after my sad experiences with fandom, I can't stay a fan for more than six month (at most a year), you all know Kang Ji Hwan story, when I was helping friends join cafe daum, and then you know what happened, I really liked his role in Feel Good to Die, but wasn't really interested in his other works.


    Same sad thing happened with Zin Tae Hyun, when a crazy fan tried to steal my blog, as some of know. I really feel attached to the character more the actor, I mean I see Zin Tae Hyun as Namjun, but I don't feel interested to watch him in another role, I tried some of his other works, and found myself wanting to sleep from boredom :D 


    The only exceptions from this are singers, I like many of their songs like BTOB and CNBLUE.


    The only actor who made me watch many of his movies is Johnny Depp who did so many good roles:

    My Johnny Depp list is:

    Benny and Joon
    What's Eating Gilbert Grape
    Nick of Time
    The Brave
    The astronaut's wife
    Pirates of the Carribbean
    Secret Window
    Finding Neverland
    Charlie and the chocolate factory
    Public Enemies
    The Tourist


    Horror movies I watched and had nightmares because of them @Sushimi  :D 
    Sleepy Hollow
    Once upon a time in Mexico
    Sweeney Todd


    Any of you watched those Depp movies???



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  5. 6 hours ago, dramaninja said:

    Full EP for some reason uploaded by KBS


    they do this (by mistake) sometimes lol, it happened before, I remember :D 


    @dramaninja  you are the most active one here :D you know, I am still unable to catch up, I got soooooooooo tired after watching 3 dailies at the same time last season (shady mom, home for summer, a place in the sun). It was such a headache lol, though I skipped much later, 



    just a question, why do rich girls have to be soo hysterical and arrogant? the rich girl is really too much, and she is supposed to by funny? Why can't I laugh really??  

    Oh I forgot, she has to wear short skirts. stereotype ;)


    the sweet lead is very respectable and nice, I really like her very much already

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  6. 1- Burnt rice:

    • Left-handed wife :( my favourite Namjun died at the end. 
    • Mother of mine

    2- soda without fizz:

    • well, sadly The Tale of Nokdu, I watched episode one, and then I just didn't want to go on watching.
    • Angel's last mission 
    • hotel del luna

    3- cuppa on a rainy day:

    • strangely, Home for summer. I liked it very much. 
    • Class of lies @Sushimi
    • I wanna hear your song (Maestro Nam and classical music together ) 
    • liver or Die  (I just love it )


    @Lmangla  Shady mom's ending was good for me, it is logical, Jenny can't forget 20 years of her life with shady mom, her separation from Eunsook is logical because shady mom stands between them. the illogical thing for me is that shady mom got 7 years only. If the writer wanted to redeem her, she should have drawn her character differently, like not her committing murder because really you can't commit murder once, and attempt to kill your own son twice and get away with it.


    Shady mom in law drama had something evil about it, too much evil :(  it showed us a very dark side of human nature, Mansoo was not straightforward too, he had many things in common with his mother. Jenny called him a psychopath playing with everyone like chess. In the beginning he was evil, and treated Eunsook bad. He harmed him. He was playing games with his mother, when he sent her photos of Song Ah, in those episodes he looked so scary, like I said in my blog (remember??) Actually I was afraid of him in those episodes :D it is like a horror movie lol


    later his love for Jenny changed him but not enough to say the truth. He loved his mother more than anyone and kept hiding things.


    Shady mom too was a sadist who loved to torture people, her relationship with Jenny was so scary and toxic :(  there is a song called "Witch" OST 2, it is hard metal, depicting Shady mom's character. In general I don't like to watch psychological drama :( 


    I was watching it to escape from A place in the sun (where poor Choi Sungjae was maltreated and I wasn't able to defend him :( I was always crying when I watched him, but later his ending was good, so I was satisfied, but in general A place in the sun is far better than shady mom)  

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  7. 6 hours ago, dramaninja said:

    Seems like Jihun may like  likes annoying girl so he may be a big problem here if she falls for the lead. Lol this is going to be a MESS


    It will be like Sunny Again tomorrow :) 

    I think things may change later, remember JE was chasing HG, then left him to DG, also HN was after DG then left him to HG, so it is the same idea 

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  8. 1 hour ago, Lawyerh said:

    I think you might have multiple personalities... lol... But yeah i also like Latte and Cappucino. 


    I actually cant live without coffee... I try to go cold turkey to no avail :mrgreen:




    I did stop coffee one year ago. I was addicted to it for 20 years, but never liked it. Chocolates is another story, have been eating them all my life now, so impossible to stop :D



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  9. KBS world no longer uploads complete episodes on Youtube so I no longer catch up with Love is beautiful Life is wonderful :(


    I usually watch on TV, but lately was soooooo tired 


    I just watch Unasked Family now, and an older drama 'Sea of a woman', which I totally love. I need to watch old drama because I first officially started watching in 2018, so I missed so much


    The streaming is awful, so I am downloading the episodes of Sea of a woman, then watch them, choosing 177 megabyte files 480 resolution.


    Really there is no playback in websites, so whenever something wrong happens, the player gets stuck up, not to mention ads 


    Of course no viki outside US 



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