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    Ryu Jin and Park Tam-hee has confirmed the appearance of "A fool's dream'. Provided by Blue Dragon Entertainment, PF Company




    Choi Jung-woo x Park Jun-geum, reunited after 3 years



    Hahm Eun-jung, daily drama 'A Fool's Dream' Comeback [Official]


    In the drama, Eun-jung Ham plays the role of'Han Da Bal' who protects her mother Kang Moran (played by Park Jun-geum) who became alone and her daughter. She is going to add vitality to the play with an honest and spirited character who takes care of her family




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  2. On 2/24/2021 at 5:25 PM, chococarmela said:

    I feel like the mom (EJ's mom) will be the daily drama trope character that ends up with dementia and is taken advantage of.


    I like her. Strangely the actress played a bad character in Left Handed wife lol. She is good here for a change. She treats her child-like son kindly, plays with him too. I hope nothing bad befalls her.


    I really like the ML's sister and Hara's brother, his grandmother and EJ's dad too. Glad there are still some likeable characters in this gloomy drama.

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  3. Ha Ra practically forced herself upon EJ's fiance. She is so aggressive. She is worse than YR who always faked pregnancy without having to use force. 


    Does she really know how to love??


    And the stupid fiance agreed to meet her in a hotel without suspecting something?


    @Lmangla the bridge here or the cliff in Man in a veil are the most illogical places to meet a villain ;)

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  4. I watch kdrama and learn Korean. That is the best for me :)


    I also like to do cross stitch. It is healing.


    I love chicken in soy sauce.



    Hot and sour soup



    vegetable noodles 



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  5. 9 hours ago, maribella said:

    Bye again chingus... I found  a show called meal or supper something which is like a modern Dae Jang Geum. Come join me. No revenge.


    You mean Good Supper/Be a meal. Right? I started it a month ago lol. I am unable to catch up though. It is different. By the way, Jae Hee and the old woman are enemies :D I expect revenge 

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  6. I think most of revenge drama focus on villains. I am not surprised that YR was under the spot. We saw this in Left Handed wife, A place in the sun, Fatal promise. So it is not a matter of bad writing. It is the case in most revenge drama. Kang Eun Tak did a good job. Lee Chae young was good too. Most of the actors and actresses were acceptable. I don't expect much of revenge drama. 

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  7. I watch the drama daily but got busy with Man in a veil lol. Anyway the drama develops slowly. I like Bora now because she threatened her biological father to expose him. Strangely his wife is helping JS.


    Some predictions :)


    HJS recovers his identity and marries his first love after her divorce. Kim Wontae goes to jail. Byeori asks her dad to stay with Ah Ri. Daero marries Bora and live with her grandpa . Haeshim gets pregnant and enjoy motherhood with Ah Ri's dad. Ah Ri and JS move to their own house with Byeori. Sunny goes to the US with her grannie.


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  8. 2 minutes ago, Gretule said:

    Oh no what is this one going to be now? I really hope if it's another revenge one then they have smarter characters not like TP. Also, YR's character was smart but she was screaming way too much, how has she not lost her voice? Oh wait in one of the episodes she did.


    It is revenge drama. But I expect there is more screaming in this one :D

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