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  1. Congrats chingu on being a junior moderator. It is a bit of a responsibility. Good luck. :)

    1. chococarmela


      Thank you Noha :heart: that’s sweet of you.

  2. My friend. Where is Miss Montecristo thread?

    1. Lmangla


      @nohamahamoud2002 ~ there is some issue with some of the drama threads. admin is working on the issue. we hope it will be fixed soon. 

  3. Do you like BTOB?? Their songs are so good.

    1. Ayame


      Yeah, I've listened to their songs before.  They do have a lot of good songs. ^^

  4. hi Dalila, are you from Algeria?? if so I am Noha Hamed :) 

    I think we know each other already :) 

  5. I wanted to ask you, do you know Choi Seungjae? I really like him very much :)  He is not active in social media. But he seems very kind with children. I was watching him in A place in the sun, but felt sorry for the character. Then I am watching Sea of A woman instead, because I know he will have a happy ending.

  6. back to work, I can't live without it, despite the hardships, work is healing


    my oppa is crying (despite being a semi-villain, I can't hate my oppa :bawling: )




  8. Come on chingu, become immortal, what are you waiting for :lol:

  9. I am tired. Work isn't going well. I have to start a new page and look for a different boss. I have been slave driven for five years. Survival for the fittest. Too many people competing over little money. I am not able to compete anymore. 

    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      Wishing you good luck with your searching - but couldn’t you look for other job & keep your current job until then :wub:


    2. nohamahamoud2002


      I did search, they were worse than her. I tried 5 different translation offices, their deadlines are unreasonable. 


      The boss I was referring to used to give me work at the beginning . I used to translate 16 pages per day, but my health failed me now, she no longer cares. I was good as long as I was a slave. I asked her to reduce the number of pages but she refused.  when she increased the number of translators, she ignored me. Kept looking for lousy tasks to give me, and wanted to force me to do things I can't do. When I was healthy, people remembered me, but when I fell down, I am no longer needed.


      What's worse is that I used to work in magazines and I wrote about the history of music but suddenly they stopped publishing articles in that field.

    3. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      I feel you :blush: hopefully you will find better job & boss :)


  10. Hi friend. I like your comments. It is good to see things from different angles.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. nohamahamoud2002


      You are welcome :)


      I try to separate between the actor and the role. I like the actor so I try to be nice in my comments about MS.


      But MS has many problems :)

      He didn't get over Jenny. I am looking at his character from your viewpoint now. 

    3. Bejaffled


      I think the actor is great. I have softened a little toward his character as well. My empathy has kicked in. He has made some bad strange choices, but I do think childhood trauma and abandonment has affected his reasoning. He's certainly a more interesting character than ES or any of the 3 Stooges. 

    4. nohamahamoud2002


      I think he needs to let Jenny alone. She is miserable and will never love him. Anyway the thing I notice about MS is that he says something and means something else. He makes me think a lot. What does he really want? He is more difficult to understand than shady mom.

  11. You will be reaching your soompi anniversary soon :D Happy anniversary in advance :wub: keep it up dear :wub:


    and hopefully soon you reach 30,000 points lol.  I think you and @Sushimi joined soompi almost at the same time :)


    I am more in dailies and things are quiet, but I am satisfied. Dailies are easy to follow even if I skip.


  12. Hi my dear friend 

    You know I can't write about A place in the sun in shady mom thread, so I am writing here instead. :)

    I suggest you watch all the preview videos of A place in the sun 

    also read all soompi posts from page 1 while watching.

    this way you will understand faster 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. chococarmela


      Ah, ok. They did the same with the women's room

    3. nohamahamoud2002


      by the way did you watch "A sea of her own"?

      it is a novel drama in KBS2 in 2017

      it seems sad, and stars Choi Sungjae too (my favourite actor, in A place in the sun", the one playing Gwanjil) 

      you will notice I am defending him lol, but no one likes him, I wonder why

    4. chococarmela
  13. It has become a daily habit for me to check soompi so many times a day. Is this addiction?

  14. Hi 

    I am following Home for summer and shady mom 

    Do you live in Korea? 

    It is really exciting 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. nohamahamoud2002


      It is really good :)

      I think you will learn the language :)

    3. Emily Bett

      Emily Bett

      Haha yeah, been learning for a few years now because I interact with our friends there and it's come in handy for when I watch dramas before they even get subbed. Koreans super easy to pick up if you have someone to practice with ^_^

    4. nohamahamoud2002


      I am new, I started watching series on May 2018

      I am learning on my own using some books with audio. I agree it is easy to learn, I started last January and I can read simple sentences now. :)


  15. @Lmangla Thank God, the decision to stop SBS dailies was old. It was in 2017. There are going to be dailies after Shady mom in law :)

    I am happy. But MBC snd KBS1 dailies will stop according to this link.. After "Home for summer" and "Kungdari".



    So we have only 2 dailies SBS and KBS2 instead of 4. In KBS2 is revenge dramas which I hate


    So only SBS is left for me. But it is good.

    1. Lmangla


      Something is better than nothing! 

    2. nohamahamoud2002


      Yes I thought so

      Hut honestly I don't like revenge drama  :confounded:

  16. I am sad because mbc and kbs 1 decided to stop shooting new dailies. I was progressing in learning Korean and dailies were very helpful 

    Mini series are difficult for me, they talk quickly and I don't understand the plots. Also the episode is one whole hour, and I am used to short episodes of 30 minutes :(

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. nohamahamoud2002


      until now SBS is not clear yet

      KBS 2 has the revenge daily dramas which are very sad and tragic like Left-handed wife

    3. nohamahamoud2002
    4. nohamahamoud2002


      Monday-Friday  (still has dailies)

      Name: A Suspicious Mother in Law/Shady Mom in Law

      Broadcast Date/Time: May 20th to November 5th, 2019 - 8:30 KST

      Starring: Park Jin Woo, Shin Da Eun

      English Subs: N/A


      Name: 맛 좀 보실래요 (no thread yet)

      Broadcast Date/Time: November 2019

      Starring: Han Young

      English Subs: N/A



      Monday-Friday (still has dailies)

      Name: The Sun's Seasons/A Place In The Sun

      Broadcast Date/Time: June 3rd to October 25th, 2019 - 19:50 KST

      Starring: Oh Chang Suk & Yoon So Yi

      English Subs: N/A


      Name: 우아한 모녀 Elegant Mother and Daughter (no thread yet)

      Broadcast Date/Time: October 28th, 2019 to March 13th, 2020  - 9:00 KST

      Starring: Cha Ye Ryun, Choi Myung Gil

      English Subs: N/A


  17. Happy eid :)

    I am really sorry again about the discussion of translation of Home for summer Korean preview :( I was too sensitive for no reason :( I know you meant well 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. nohamahamoud2002


      Actually someone blocked me recently for a trivial reason that's why I felt sorry for not recognizing good friends. I have many wonderful friends here in soompi, so I feel lucky :)

    3. howa


      They say haters gonna hate, just don't gave much time to that one person or even think of her, you said you are blessed with a lot of friend so just focus on the good part and not the one person who misunderstood you but I hope one day it get cleared up.

    4. nohamahamoud2002
  18. I want to continue my Korean lessons but feel so tired after work :bawling:

  19. Yeoremi was in Love till the end. Sorry I wrote here because it is a rule I can't talk about things not related to the topic on the drama thread 

    1. tulip06



    2. nohamahamoud2002


      You are welcome


      Sorry again if I offended you unconsciously

  20. Currently watching "The Secret life of my Secretary", "The left-handed wife" and "Monster"


    Going to watch: "Angel last mission: love"

    and "Joseon Survival"


    @gm4queen have a nice day chingu!!!

    1. gm4queen


      Thanks a lot chingu!!! Same to you as well :blush: But there's a huge problem!


      I DON'T LIKE LEE MIN HO :angry:

  22. @gm4queen wonderful




    my most favourite jazzy style :) 

    1. gm4queen


      Wow.... Really wonderful. dear! :blush:

  23.  @gm4queen a nice song :) I like Minhyuk :D (I like the seven actually) they are so good, but Minhyuk can sing both rap and ordinary singing :D


    I like them in that order


    Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyuksik (equally)
    Ilhoon, Peniel (equally)

    1. nohamahamoud2002
    2. gm4queen


      Wow.... They look lovely dear :heart: Really beautiful!!

  24. hi, did you watch Seo Kang Joon's previous drama "Are You Human too?

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