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    The best dramas for me are:
    - A woman's sea
    - The Miracle we met
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    - The Secret Life of my Secretary
    - Shady mom in law
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    - The Left-Handed Wife
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  1. in general 120 dramas are bearable to watch. They are about family and the ending is always happy. Love Till the end, Left-handed wife, A place in the sun and Elegant mother and daughter are all revenge drama with death and all this dark themes.
  2. Seo Do Young is confirmed to star in SBS New Morning Drama “Wanna Taste"; Seo Do-young will play the role of the drama writer Oh Dae-Ku in the SBS morning drama "Wanna Taste? '', Which is scheduled to be broadcasted on November 11. Actor Seo Do-young's comeback after four months after SBS 'Gangnam Scandal' and SBS 'Enchanted Neighbor' in 2015 were loved by viewers. Seo Do-young, who met Yoon Ryu-hae PD again through 'Wanna taste?', Is going to give viewers a sense of joy and excitement once again by co-acting with actress Shim Yi-young.
  3. Yoon Park Transforms Into A Handsome Lawyer For “Legal High” TV/FILM Feb 9, 2019 by S. Park JTBC’s “Legal High” has released new stills of Yoon Park! On February 9, the drama gave another look at Yoon Park’s very first scene in the drama with photos showcasing his handsome appearance. In the drama, Chae Jung An mentions that Kang Ki Suk’s winning rate is above Go Tae Rim’s (Jin Goo), and amped up excitement for Yoon Park’s character. A source from the drama said, “Kang Ki Suk is a character who has the complete opposite weapons as Go Tae Rim. Please look forward to what kind of person Kang Ki Suk is, what his story is, and how he’ll create change in Go Tae Rim’s law office and B&G law firm.” Spoiler In the premiere episode, Yoon Sang Goo (played by Jung Sang Hoon) lost his court case to Go Tae Rim (played by Jin Goo). It angered viewers even more when it was revealed that the outcome of this court case was all a part of a master plan by law firm B&G CEO Park Dae Han (played by Kim Byung Ok). The following episode, Yoon Park left a memorable impression as Kang Ki Suk, a still mysterious figure. As soon as he saw Go Tae Rim (played by Jin Goo), Kang Ki Suk shouted and embraced him in a tight hug. Kang Ki Suk had learned everything there is to learn about being a lawyer from Go Tae Rim. Up until this moment, however, Go Tae Rim did not know that Kang Ki Suk would be joining B&G law firm. Viewers are looking forward to seeing Go Tae Rim’s reaction once he finds out that Kang Ki Suk is out for him and finds out just why Kang Ki Suk is joining B&G law firm after leaving Go Tae Rim’s. source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1302545wpp/yoon-park-transforms-into-a-handsome-lawyer-for-legal-high
  4. @triplem Yoon Park is my favourite in the long weekly drama Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful, he has a kind face. PS. I don't like them hot I prefer kindhearted guys lol +2
  5. I am sure she will pay for her sins. Jo Aera did less than her and was punished by losing both her sons. in comparison, shady mom is much worse than Jo Aera, I am not expecting her to be spared. I remember that Jo Aera's crimes were mostly murder by mistake, and greed. But she didn't kill on purpose. Shady mom killed a policeman, tortured Jenny, kidnapped her, abandoned her son, caused the death of her husband, tried to kill her own son. So her crimes are horrible, compared to Jo Aera. So her ending will most probably be either death or a life-sentence
  6. Why is it too quiet on Saturdays and Sundays? Even the long weekly drama thread is quiet +2
  7. Well, it is a waste of time. And still 15 more episodes. I don't know if ES and Jenny will be separated, but still shady mom doesn't know that MS is her son
  8. Moon cheater is disgusting, her husband is so sweet and nice. He doesn't deserve this, but I feel that he might have a romance with Kim Seora later.
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