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    The best dramas for me are:
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  1. I am tired. Work isn't going well. I have to start a new page and look for a different boss. I have been slave driven for five years. Survival for the fittest. Too many people competing over little money. I am not able to compete anymore. 

    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      Wishing you good luck with your searching - but couldn’t you look for other job & keep your current job until then :wub:


    2. nohamahamoud2002


      I did search, they were worse than her. I tried 5 different translation offices, their deadlines are unreasonable. 


      The boss I was referring to used to give me work at the beginning . I used to translate 16 pages per day, but my health failed me now, she no longer cares. I was good as long as I was a slave. I asked her to reduce the number of pages but she refused.  when she increased the number of translators, she ignored me. Kept looking for lousy tasks to give me, and wanted to force me to do things I can't do. When I was healthy, people remembered me, but when I fell down, I am no longer needed.


      What's worse is that I used to work in magazines and I wrote about the history of music but suddenly they stopped publishing articles in that field.

    3. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      I feel you :blush: hopefully you will find better job & boss :)


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