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    My favourite actor is Kang Ji Hwan.

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  1. @jinkzzmec the photos from the movie A lister fallen from sky my cafe daum friends, plz don't share on cafe daum. because they seem rare (cafe daum is very strict chingus, I worry that they may kick us out of the cafe daum, so I just shared the link there, @phoenix24 @Lawyerh and others , so don't upload on cafe daum, because many of the Koreans say that it is against cafe daum rules to upload copyrighted material, the moderator might remove us from cafe daum)
  2. I watched the scene from "my dear fellows" with subs, it is so hilarious . the main lead says his father has dementia and should go back home and watch "jugglers"
  3. You are welcome chingu I like snow white metaphor The Granny is ever fainting as usual, I don't know why I find it funny And Why is DNA a recurrent topic in kdrama dailies? And usually it has to be forged
  4. that is the usual case as in My Only one and Love till the end But still there are some good elements in the drama, I like the relation between the brothers, and the comic elements are good too.
  5. I have been watching the drama with the unclear subs, I understand most of it, but I have a question, does the pastor kill the 31 people years ago to get rid of the politician's pregnant mistress? another question, why was the pastor using orphans? what was the medicine he gave them every day??
  6. @Ameera Ali and other friends, I have good news, KBS allows embedding their youtube videos now, as you all know, we couldn't insert them here in soompi in the past this is really good, so we can share the new episodes. 910
  7. the grandparents got their DNA tested compered to NJ, it is zero match, LSH manages to "smuggle" his uncle by faking a fire, so he got him transferred after discovering that Aera was drugging him
  8. @jinkzzmec @phoenix24 remember that scene \ I was watching the interview, it was funny because Yi Nok keeps eating all the time I really like them all, especially the young lad Gomi he has a very nice smile
  9. hey friends, I came across the teaser on KBS World on TV yesterday, Ballet and Symphony Orchestra, just the right mix for me. Just looking at the musicians preparing their violins and string instruments. I just got transfixed. My God, they just read my mind, I love this. 892
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