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    My favourite actor is Kang Ji Hwan.

    The best dramas for me are:
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  1. It is good to see him in more works but it is exhausting for him. So I hope he will go easy, because I heard that he studies the script so hard, he just keeps carrying it everywhere, he annotates certain passages using a highlighter so I guess he tries to completely absorb the role so he can give his best. This is a hard task
  2. I guess NJ was attracted to SH's kind nature unlike all the people around him. He wanted to have a different life but the evil side in him is stronger esp. feelings of revenge
  3. Are you from Indonesia chingu? I guessed from the song lyrics, by searching google. I don't recognize the language 656
  4. I was from one to two years old when I first listened to this music, the Hungarian dance no. 5, it started my long time addiction to classical music. After that came Swan Lake Ballet and Chopin music. In my country, there was a weekly program every Saturday on TV, it was dedicated to ballet, so I used to listen to Swan lake and Chopiniana (it is another name of Les Sylphides) 656
  5. I read that KJH was learning the guitar years ago so I am not surprised @jinkzzmec I agree that KJH looks different. I guess he looks older especially his face around the eyes area. I think after working in three projects last year he got exhausted. Maybe he should work less.
  6. I stopped watching Mexican too. But I watch daily Korean dramas. I watched Sunny Again tomorrow Now I am watching The Left-handed wife 604
  7. @Lawyerh @ktcjdrama @Ameera Ali @Lmangla I don't mind watching 150 episode dramas if the drama is good. I used to watch Turkish and Mexican dramas I strongly recommend the Turkish drama, I love it so much And the Mexican I watched them in Arabic dubbing I watched them on TV long ago. Ameera knows Arabic so I can give her the Arabic links 598
  8. Wow I know this Lebanese drama, but I didn't watch it This is the only episode I found with subs. the actor is Bassel Khayyat, he is a genius actor, he acts difficult roles. I watched him in an Egyptian series called "the journey " last year. He was a psychopath https://newsbeezer.com/ksaeng/a-scene-that-links-basil-khayat-and-reham-abdel-ghafour-to-the-journey-enchants-the-pioneers-of-the-communication-pages/ About the actor: http://www.creativearabtalent.com/en/talent/68/bassel-khayyat 576
  9. The streaming is so bad I no longer watch live - 2 8 K-Drama Male Leads We Wish We Lived Next Door To Apr 17, 2019 by Azra_A What are your neighbors like? Maybe you know them well and you guys hang out all the time, or maybe you wouldn’t recognize them in a lineup. Either way, the chances of living next door to a hot, charming neighbor who brightens your day with their smile are approximately… one in a bazillion? That’s why we have K-dramas, folks! To give us the wish-fulfillment real life falls short on. So with that in mind, if you had to pick a drama character to live next door to, who would it be? A lot of K-drama male leads are swoon-worthy, for sure, but their crazy antics would be annoying as hell on a daily basis. Here’s a selection of characters who’d make perfect neighbors – the ones we’d love to run into while collecting the mail. 1. Nam Shin III in “Are You Human Too?” kangsoo0503 Why live next door to a human when you could live next door to a robot? Nam Shin III (Seo Kang Joon) is the definition of a reliable neighbor. He would always remember to put out the trash and keep the yard clean. If you ever need to borrow a cup of sugar, he’d give it to you with a smile on his face. Okay, well, maybe not sugar because he doesn’t actually eat, but perhaps, hmm, engine oil? baek1nho Whatever, just pretend you need to borrow something and go over there for the sake of that smile alone. Nam Shin III will never not answer the door, even at 2 in the morning, and you’ll never be a bother. He is literally programmed to not find you annoying, ever. Perfect! The rest is in the link https://www.soompi.com/article/1317352wpp/8-k-drama-male-leads-we-wish-we-lived-next-door-to @Lawyerh this is for you 988
  10. I really don't know yet, it depends on whether I am watching other dramas or not but currently the time of the Left-handed wife is very suitable for me, I watch it at the end of the day on KBS World, because I usually prefer to watch on TV 988
  11. wow @Ameera Ali congrats, you got promoted from superstar to Legend you have more than 10,000 points I wish I get promoted, but I don't post enough I earned most of my points from Sunny Again Tomorrow thread, where I was so active 992
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