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  1. Happy eid :)

    I am really sorry again about the discussion of translation of Home for summer Korean preview :( I was too sensitive for no reason :( I know you meant well 

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    2. nohamahamoud2002


      Actually someone blocked me recently for a trivial reason that's why I felt sorry for not recognizing good friends. I have many wonderful friends here in soompi, so I feel lucky :)

    3. howa


      They say haters gonna hate, just don't gave much time to that one person or even think of her, you said you are blessed with a lot of friend so just focus on the good part and not the one person who misunderstood you but I hope one day it get cleared up.

    4. nohamahamoud2002
  2. I want to continue my Korean lessons but feel so tired after work :bawling:

  3. Yeoremi was in Love till the end. Sorry I wrote here because it is a rule I can't talk about things not related to the topic on the drama thread 

    1. tulip06



  4. Currently watching "The Secret life of my Secretary", "The left-handed wife" and "Monster"


    Going to watch: "Angel last mission: love"

    and "Joseon Survival"


    @gm4queen have a nice day chingu!!!

    1. gm4queen


      Thanks a lot chingu!!! Same to you as well :blush: But there's a huge problem!


      I DON'T LIKE LEE MIN HO :angry:

  6. @gm4queen wonderful




    my most favourite jazzy style :) 

    1. gm4queen


      Wow.... Really wonderful. dear! :blush:

  7.  @gm4queen a nice song :) I like Minhyuk :D (I like the seven actually) they are so good, but Minhyuk can sing both rap and ordinary singing :D


    I like them in that order


    Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyuksik (equally)
    Ilhoon, Peniel (equally)

    1. nohamahamoud2002
    2. gm4queen


      Wow.... They look lovely dear :heart: Really beautiful!!

  8. Hello, I really wanted to ask if it is possible for you to create a thread in variety shows on two programs?

    Hello Counselor 


    Dancing High



    1. ebullient


      Hello. If these two programs do not have threads already, feel free to create and update them at sitcoms, variety & reality shows.

  9. hi, did you watch Seo Kang Joon's previous drama "Are You Human too?

  10. hello, please tell me how to merge a quote with my previous message. I tried to do it but I couldn't. that is why I had to quote message without being able to edit my previous message and merge it in the quote.

    1. Jillia




      You're not able to merge your posts but if you like to add another reply right after you posted you can simply edit your post. :)


      I hope I was able to help.



    2. nohamahamoud2002
  11.  Hi. Gladys :) you know I am disappointed in SAT, so I am starting to watch new short series instead (32 episodes) :) it is called "The Third Charm" by Seo Kang Joon. I recommend it :) it starts tomorrow on Fridays and Saturdays 23:00 Korean time. :) 

  12. Hi, I have a question, if I want to post a picture about one of the leads in a drama, how can I find his/her page on soompi forums?

    it is not on search or directory of actors/actresses

    1. 0ly40


      Hello. Who actor/actress you want to find?

    2. nohamahamoud2002
  13. please I have a question, what are all the ranks of fan (rookie, hooked, etc) ?

    1. LavelyShai


      n00b, hooked, fanatic, obsessed, hardcore which shouldn't be confused with the community ranks like trainee, rookie, idol, superstar, legend, immortal 


  14. please I have a question, what are all the levels of membership (rookie, hooked, etc) ?

    1. Jillia


      When you become a member and you haven't posted anything you're a rookie. The more you post, the higher your rank will be.

  15. how do I hide videos from a quote? do I just delete them?

    1. bebebisous33


      Yes, you just delete them. This is one of soompi rules. Thanks for noticing my remark. 

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