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  1. LSG updated his IG with a coffee truck given by seung jae. Can i hope for him posting coolest partner foodtruck support or am i hoping for miracle?
  2. Charming friend will be having a livestreaming for hidden track Some of his fans are worrying bcoz of his heavy workload. Ahem ahem! No worries, he always bring his 'probiotics' with him.
  3. Well of course, we cant expect him to say "yes, i have a gf!" like some of here said its not yet the right time. Excited for the mith nxt episode, cha in pyo looks so cute around his wife. Im wondrin if charming friend is also like that around his coolest partner.
  4. Well well well, the watches are cartier, the bracelets are cartier. By any chance, is the shiny shiny thing a cartier also?
  5. Reminds me of the very first episode of MITH whereas charming friend was so worried about marrying someone/settling down and how he admire ssc for the confidence. But now? Based on his answers, is he same as before? Well, wanna thank coolest partner!
  6. Well i guess some here are being shaken for being rational and some are already confident coz they know something concrete but as we all know we have our common denominator "our love for 503couple" so push away the doubts, keep calm, have faith and spread love love love! Fighting! Thank you for the warm welcome!
  7. Hi evryone! A newbie here but a longtime lurker of 503couple here and there haha so i guess i already understand some of the topics and infos here. Finally got the courage to delurk hoping that you'll understand my poor english.
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