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  1. not yet.. in the preview, she does fly to the sky and leave for one year. Kim kim has a new hairstyle. master khadi replace Ok Nam as the barista. Yi Hyun goes vacation-volunteer things..
  2. Kisss.. eventhough only slight peck on lips from Ok Nam to kim kim.. Oh no.. episode end.. kim kim hiss her again
  3. The reason why at jeom dol-ie egg's has a sticky notes is master cho get back 100 years before and put it LoL.. Jeom dol turn into dragon and kill the fire with rain. He saves everyone. Fairy oh and master park lovey dovey LoL..
  4. I was late.. in the past.. izy and pa geun song died at the same time. The reason they became fairy coz the monk asked master of nothern star to save their live by became a fairy. Pa geun seong like kim kim, run barefeet to prof jung. In the past kim kim, as a women, run gave water to izy but died of exhausted. Pa geun song also asked to become a human to accompanied izy. He gave up his fairy lives. And before that, master nothern start tell him how he'll spent his live in the future include how he'll married to Ok Nam, she forgot about her, he died etc..
  5. I'm sorry for cut your post short. Actually, i was having the same confused. the villagers never say boys. Based on my lack Korean understanding, they say "the kid" not "the boy" nor "the girl". And you were right, the kid is wearing a skirt, not like Jeom Dol that wearing pants. The kid wearing the same clothes like Jeom seon-ie in the past. And in one of the scenes where Yi Hyun unconsciously felt pain, he said "i remembered. i'm the boy that bla bla bla.. my name is izy".. no it is not like that, actually, the Korean said "i was the kid that bla bla bla.. my name is izy".. so, izy is a girl since she was a mortal before became a fairy. Only her present form is a human man (Yi Hyun).. I was working as a translator sometimes, the text is not perfectly the same with what the original text. But the translator will alter so that it can match the situation. More into the nuance. But i kind of wonder why this time, it includes the alteration of what the viewer saw like the clothes that define which one is boy and which one is girl. Beside, izy is in a teenage i believe, so its look completely different between boy and girl.
  6. that was Ok Nam's husband.. In several previous episodes, i remember YiHyun says that he saw a little girl sit waited next to her father's grave (Jeom Seon-ie). and since izy is crying next to someone's grave, she might be felt guilty for causing the woodcutter died and left his family behind.
  7. Jeom Dol is hatching.. yeaayyy... right at the same time, prof lee made a call and said that yi hyun is looking for him. Kim kim run outside looking for Yi Hyun. Jeom dol is dragon but now is in the form of a litte like worm LoL. He said that the guy that came before was his father and that made Ok Nam felt perplexed.
  8. the drama already 20minutes playing but the main story only the first 5 minutes. The rest of story is about the sidekicks. And we got our couple from fairy Oh and fairy Park LoL... Yi Hyun is lost inside the forest, pursue the deer that been shoot by hunter (mr gu past life?) Ok Nam prepare food for starving Kim Kim and the three eat together with jeom soon also. Jeom dol is cracking more and more. Yi Hyun hounted by three ghost
  9. wow.. i wonder why more people bashing other characters?! i believe that everyone has their own flawed, no one is perfect. Yi Hyun with his old pain and suffering childhood memories. But for Geum, i simply cannot reflect his selfish act. If it means stop OK Nam for stepping into Yi Hyun's house, do you guys remember that at that time, there is also prof Lee inside. He is basically protecting her by prevent to get inside the house. nevertheless, they went inside together. so, whatever act, just like what OK Nam says "i was blind of how i miss my husband that it clouds my judgment. He is not my husband that i looked for".. I hope today's episode, based on how Ok Nam react at the end of the preview by saying "i cannot recognize him even though he is in front of me" means that Jeom Dol is hatch and tells his mother that the young guy who came is their father, Ok Nam's husband.
  10. Yi Hyun and kim kim are fighting. Yi Hyun fainted and kim kim caried him hime. The bruise in kim kim left cheek are from Yi Hyun that hit him but Yi Hyun even didn't remember it. The scene move to Ok Nam that lost her ability to heal plant.
  11. @icyphoenix the preview: Ok nam return to the mountain with Jeom seon and jeom dool stil hasn't hatched. She left a heartfelt letter to kim kim, and kim kim decides to follow her to the mountain. Yi hyun had a car accident while heading to the mountain. @aoikarinsure it is wasting for the last 3 episode actually. Even the last moment of today's episode, there is still this small scene about mister park finding something inside the house.. gosh.. makes me felt anxious.
  12. Wuah.. who is premonizing that the cliffhanger would be the kissing in the rain.. it is near the end of episode. The woodcutter face is reveal. It is kim kim. The one that use ok nam winged fairy is the deer. The woodcutter asked the deer to return it. Kim kim is the one that dream of it.. Yi hyun and ok nam argue. Ok nam kiss yi hyun and suddenly she realize something odd. Kim kim wake up.. Episode enddd..
  13. Kim kim and yi hyun goes drink together. Before faint, kim kim said "i remember during the night in Ok Nam's room, the women i saw was you professor". Yi Hyun got shocked. At home, Ok Nam flashbacked to the time kim kim confesed to her and she is crying. Kim kim wake up in his room and at the same time remember how ok nam rejected him. They have the same feeling T.T Ok nam didn't sleep at all, sewing
  14. Jeom Dool-ie cracking and cho deity said that it becouse he's going to hatch. He's longing for his father. That is why when kim-kim confess his feeling, she rejected him T.T Ok Nam still have a feeling that Yi Hyun is the father. She rejected him whith teary eyes. Watched by Yi Hyun next to kim kim
  15. wow.. after the mountain kiss.. i thought there wouldn't any confirmation kiss.. turn out they still stick into the webtoon. the production sure loves to complicate and drag the drama along.. so it is confirmed then, ok nam soon leaves Seoul and return to her own place. Kim kim follows ok nam to the mountain just like in the preview when they bump into each other. then we'll get the husband revelation by next week
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