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  1. Wooshik deleted his newest picture, I guess becuz someone comment he is in Hawaii. The cheesecake Factory has a lot of branches everywhere but look at the cover menu, isn't it in Hawaii?
  2. PSJ just update his IG and I thought let's wait for PMY, she will update her IG soon and then she update her IG for real. After long hitatus, both update as the same time .
  3. Oh please you guys, don't compare PSJ or PMY with others. They have theirs own level. In South Korea both are in A list actress and actor. HyunBin and Son Ye Jin, they are senior so they must be another level but I swear the infulence of PSJ and PMY are higher, esp all around Asia.
  4. @Cheryl295 Dispatch seem like PPC so they aren't leak any photo about them. I just wonder where is PSJ right now
  5. @twoparkcouple on Pann, netizens also choose PP is the couple they want Dispatch revealed. I think we have to wait until next years.
  6. I can not watch the video on vlive, the link not publish at all. Can someone tell me what is the reporter said about PPC? All the reporters seem know their relationship clearly, they keep saying just wait and see and 90% Korean claim both of them are dating for real. The way PSJ deleted all the comment mention PMY, he protect her and keep all the stalkers stay away. Hoping these two stay strong, don't mind about the reporters becuz it's their job, it's mean PPC still got many attention.
  7. Maybe you guys are misunderstood. I check her IG everyday and everytime. And I'm sure 100% she was deleted her post because of those comments who said don't tag PSJ anymore and created many fan wars. I even don't know why 2 days ago, there were so many comment told PP shippers stop tagging PSJ on her post. Maybe they are fan only and shipper of another couple. If she uncomfortable about those comments tagging PSJ, she would take an action before not now.
  8. @parkparkloveu no girl, there are many comment tagged MY still exist on his IG even 2 days ago so I dont think he uses that filter. Also PMY never deleted comment tagged PSJ so dont spread wrong rumours. I'm the one who comment and tagged PSJ, that comment got more than 100 likes and it's on top in her IG, she reply her friend but she didnt deleted my comment. She only deleted 1 times becuz she tapped wrong like button about comment tagged SJ.
  9. Dont worry everyone. She never deleted any comment about Park Seo Joon. If she deleted the comment so it must has a reason why she deleted it. Mostly, becuz she got a wrong tapped like comment about PSJ so she take an action by deleted that comment.
  10. He deleted all the picture before FFMW, and from what I read all these commets on his IG post with Kim Ji Won, I swear I wanna punch their face, Joonwoon shippers give for PMY many bad words and they are delulu, maybe he want to be clearly right now, he take the actionand he want to protect PMY? It's just my thought
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