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  1. Yes of course, Im not saying youre forcing your opinion on me, i'm just replying with my opinion?? Personally i think it is a beautiful love story, although yes I do have issues with it. You're free to disagree. He's not like that? He's not putting a wager on the throne - he's never wanted it. I mean him and JM *love each other* which he plainly stated to RY and RY plainly knows. It's not like XF manipulated JM from the start, like RY who has manipulated, lied, stalked her (etc) Did I like his choice of words? no, Id rather he said "it's up to JM, not y
  2. I haven't read most of the posts on this but so far (I think im on 14?) I really like Reba's character, & her best friend's character & I really like their friendship. I like it in general - however I cannot stand the ML. Like I kinda wanna kick him in the teeth lol. To me he's Far too pushy, mean, demoralizing & possessive - he makes me feel so uncomfortable. I much prefer her college friend, personally
  3. Im not going to go through a every detail of this post, since I disagree with most of it, (& some are plot holeish)but RY did not just make a few mistakes. He was blatantly abusive towards JM. He has never treated her as a full human being, only as something that if he possesses, he will be happy. Remember when he says to her after she kills the love of her life (which he abetted) & seeing how distraught she is, he straight out tells her to "go back to feeling the way she used to" instead of being there for her genuinely? Everything is about how he feels.
  4. Yes! This is why she's such a great character. I really disliked how some people were so quick to judge her saying she was stupid or w/e. She's actually quite smart, but very naive since she was literally kept in a bubble away from almost everyone else, & has her true power suppressed. Despite that, she's well read, learns fast (when she wants to lol) and has a very satisfying arc. Exactly! I agree. But it's worth noting that every time he tries to hurt JM, he ends up hurting himself, almost even more. The way I see Phoenix's character i
  5. I like Phoenix since he's kind, gentle & always there for his friends! Hes a great character. Legend of Chusen 1 & 2 (not heavy on romance though) The Untamed Under the Power The Eternal Love (not the same as Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms/Eternal Love, which I did not like) but I didn't like the sequel, are what comes to mind for me.
  6. 100% I think its like episode 6? where its pretty obvious they like each other, even if JM can't understand it. Exactly. Every time anyone else besides Phoenix got touchy, she was not having any of it. This was -very- brilliant writing and very nice to see boundary lines being drawn. Yeah, unfortunately Night gets far too much airtime unnecessarily, to the detriment of the show. It definitely could have been done a little less heavy-handed, instead of shoving him everywhere (apparently the writer of the book fell in love with him so s
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