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  1. Yes of course, Im not saying youre forcing your opinion on me, i'm just replying with my opinion?? Personally i think it is a beautiful love story, although yes I do have issues with it. You're free to disagree. He's not like that? He's not putting a wager on the throne - he's never wanted it. I mean him and JM *love each other* which he plainly stated to RY and RY plainly knows. It's not like XF manipulated JM from the start, like RY who has manipulated, lied, stalked her (etc) Did I like his choice of words? no, Id rather he said "it's up to JM, not you" Also to me, both JM & XF are shown through out the series to not always say the right thing. I dont know where this matters ?? I said RY was going to genocide 2 realms. Flower & Demon because of JM . he has the Flower realm under his control & is going to kill everyone until JM goes back to him He outright says on the battlefield that he will kill everyone in the demon realm to get what he wants. ??? I haven't said a word about you personally??? I don't know you at all. I said RY is a narcissist because I've been around them and they scare me - that's why I have made the connection to *RY* (not you nor to anyone who has a differing opinion, so apologies if my post made it sound that way) being a NPD because all of his actions exemplify what my lived experiences are with those people. RY is not someone I'd ever want to put myself near, he's not trustworthy -to me-
  2. I haven't read most of the posts on this but so far (I think im on 14?) I really like Reba's character, & her best friend's character & I really like their friendship. I like it in general - however I cannot stand the ML. Like I kinda wanna kick him in the teeth lol. To me he's Far too pushy, mean, demoralizing & possessive - he makes me feel so uncomfortable. I much prefer her college friend, personally
  3. Im not going to go through a every detail of this post, since I disagree with most of it, (& some are plot holeish)but RY did not just make a few mistakes. He was blatantly abusive towards JM. He has never treated her as a full human being, only as something that if he possesses, he will be happy. Remember when he says to her after she kills the love of her life (which he abetted) & seeing how distraught she is, he straight out tells her to "go back to feeling the way she used to" instead of being there for her genuinely? Everything is about how he feels. He almost genocided 2 realms because of this obsession - is that not the same as his Step Mom? He will kill people at will to keep JM from. He doesn't really care about everyone else. He's too wrapped up in himself, and just uses the fact that the unrest occurring is conducive to his revenge plans. Look, I can understand why RY wants to get rid of the King & Queen - they needed to be overthrown - they are horrible "leaders". I can even understand his wanting to kill XF to a degree . But this dude straight up comes across as a narcissist with NPD. (& I definitely have a fair amount of criticisms towards XF which I have stated in earlier threads. )
  4. Yes! This is why she's such a great character. I really disliked how some people were so quick to judge her saying she was stupid or w/e. She's actually quite smart, but very naive since she was literally kept in a bubble away from almost everyone else, & has her true power suppressed. Despite that, she's well read, learns fast (when she wants to lol) and has a very satisfying arc. Exactly! I agree. But it's worth noting that every time he tries to hurt JM, he ends up hurting himself, almost even more. The way I see Phoenix's character is that pretty much from the first moment he appears on screen, he's shown to be very protective of himself. (think back to when he awakens in JM's hut & threatens her since he doesn't know who she is or what happened or how he got there - but backs off when he sees she's scared) So his mind, when he's been stabbed in the back (and it was somewhat premeditated) & was killed by JM, his most loved & trusted person, (who said straight to his face that she never loved him) he's left shattered . He's operating under the assumption that JM never loved him & that she actually likes RY. He thinks both of them completely set him up intentionally. Not only that, but he loses both of his parents (which he learns were awful people) & has lost everything he's ever known. So to me, when we're around the time of XF using JM's gift, yes it was too much, I agree - but Phoenix is a mess and part of him is being swayed by JM - you can see he questions whether or not she's telling the truth, and part is him like dude she killed me, & loves my bro & theyre going to set me up again. (& part of it is pride i believe) Yes. beautifully done Exactly. He never sees all the people in his life who care about him, he only sees JM. I feel like RY doesn't know what love is or how to love. He only has an obsession that says "if I have this person, I will be happy" Whether or not that person feels the same or not, because the only thing that RY thinks about is himself & how he's feeling. He only saves JM out of the fact that he feels that she belongs to him. He knows she's never liked him, how she recoils from his touch. He's determined to possess her, as an object. [Idk if you've ever come across a narcissist (with NPD) irl, but those people are scary, they don't/can't love & this is the kind of feeling I get from RY based off of previous experiences.] Fwiw I also think KL is obsessed with RL, not in love with him - I don't think she's narcissistic like RY, but for me personally, liking/loving someone means not putting up with immoral acts like oh IDK stalking/straight up murder/w/e nonsense RY gets up to. To me, holding people accountable/being held accountable is a big part of loving. Not just watching the people you love be horrible. There were so many times I cried throughout! Let me know what you think! I really like that one. Great FL, lots of good stuff in it.
  5. I like Phoenix since he's kind, gentle & always there for his friends! Hes a great character. Legend of Chusen 1 & 2 (not heavy on romance though) The Untamed Under the Power The Eternal Love (not the same as Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms/Eternal Love, which I did not like) but I didn't like the sequel, are what comes to mind for me.
  6. 100% I think its like episode 6? where its pretty obvious they like each other, even if JM can't understand it. Exactly. Every time anyone else besides Phoenix got touchy, she was not having any of it. This was -very- brilliant writing and very nice to see boundary lines being drawn. Yeah, unfortunately Night gets far too much airtime unnecessarily, to the detriment of the show. It definitely could have been done a little less heavy-handed, instead of shoving him everywhere (apparently the writer of the book fell in love with him so she kept adding his scenes - but don't quote me on that, not sure if that's true) I mean I must sound like a broken record since I keep on going on about how I despise this character since he's manipulative & abusive AF. Cheese in the Trap? oh like 2nd lead gets a lot of airtime? yeah, true. TBH in CITT I hated the ML since I absolutely despise manipulative men. Uh, I wouldn't say any really. there's a lot of information you'd be missing tbh. The best thing about this drama is how tight the plot is, how well structured & coherent it is. (along with being well written)
  7. Honestly I love this drama. I think mainly because of the cast & their chemistry lol! (& I do usually like flipped tropes for the most part.) There is some pretty decent writing & some fun & interesting stuff it does, but there's also a lot of just bad & ?? writing (hello, that ending??) I still find it pretty cute, even though the writing definitely needed an overhaul. and also it would be nice if FlowerPlus became worker run - at least at the ending, & really I gotta say Bohai certainly violated worker laws in the beginning, hoo boy. (eg, his treatment of Qiqi)
  8. Wow! I was pretty impressed with this one. So many very satisfying moments & pretty decent writing for the most part, aside from the occasional ehh moments. So many great female characters, who are all different & competent in their own way & lots of good friendship stuff. And I'm always here to see rich oligarchs & awful men in general get their just dues. I think a few of the issues I have with it are that the "bad guys" are continuously presented like "This is a bad man look how EVIL he is doing all this bad horrible stuff" I mean yeah to a point, you got to show what a character is, but I felt it was a bit overboard, personally. & sometimes I felt like there wasn't enough closure to certain big events, like the end of the village segment in example, felt a bit rushed when I feel like it should have been a bigger blow to our main troupe. But in general, I liked this one a lot, & I like how it trampled all over certain tropes (for the most part)
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