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  1. Loved the series, but it was a hard watch (hard on my heart) Oh I tried to watch GGS for Yang Zi & dropped it eventually. The biggest problem for me was the relationship b/t an 18/19 y/o & a 30 y/o and her whole life revolved around him gah, so icky.
  2. I'm kind of interested in where this one goes, tbh Yeah, there's definitely issues with this one, (mostly in the writing & directing by my thoughts) but I'm interested in the pay off - where it's going to go politically. There is also some gorgeous cinematography tbh. Personally I'd like to see the downfall of all three wealthy families at some point & see all their wealth go to the community, lol. Fwiw, this is set in Republican era China so Hai Tang being gracious, makes sense in the context she's set in, being a woman @ that time & especially having to deal with with rich & powerful families who are all awful & exploitative (which rich people pretty much all are anyways) I actually don't think she's that much of a pushover? More than gracious, yes, but she stands up for herself, her loved ones, and does things the way she wants to, despite living in a repressive era.
  3. So wrt to RY - he did not "just manipulate" Jinmi. What he did to her was completely abusive. Not only did he manipulate her, he forced himself on her(wrt trying to get her married to him), when he KNEW she was like a child in many respects. And when he realized she was completely in love with XF, he took it upon himself, without any consent, to fix the yundan pill, taking away her agency. And that is not all. He continuously lies to her (and her father - making him believe they are mutually attracted , when that's not the case, otherwise Water god would have never consented to the marriage.) He imprisons her against her will more than once, stalks her continuously. and really how much is telling when he says to her "I want you to go back to to the way you were" (before the love of your life was murdered) No respect to her feelings, it's all about how he feels, what he wants. RY also manipulated evidence against XF, (changing the dream) so that JM turns against XF, He almost Genocides the entire flower realm to possess JinMi. There's not many characters I despise, but RY is one of them. On to XF. who is also one of my favourite characters. I don't think he's perfect at all, and that's why hes one of my favourite characters. His character is very human - and humans are not perfect. - neither you nor I. He doesn't always do the right thing (nor say the right thing - though neither does JM) because the right thing sometimes is very hard to do and it takes a lot of thinking and questioning yourself and loved ones. I agree he could/should have spoken up sooner/more WRT his parents - however I do think he is mainly innocent as he is under the assumption that his parents are doing the best for everyone since that's what he's been indoctrinated into. He's also been used as a pawn by both parents, especially his mom who wants to use him to consolidate her power. He does definitely call his mom out more than once, and you can definitely see him struggling with trying to deal with everything that happens & also trying to remain filial. I also agree there's probably not much he could have done in the long run. But I do think he was trying to do things his way (like trying to get his mom to confess to Water & Wind's murders) When RY confronts him @ his parent's tomb (which was really shitty to do to - since all XF wanted to do was visit his parents one last time) He's seen talking to Mu Ci after and uestions his entire belief system - This is why I think XF is a great character - he's far from perfect, but he adapts, and changes. He literally has no ulterior motives. Also there is a big cultural part to this too - I mean I am not Chinese and don't want to be presumptuous, so I don't want to get too far out of my lane (and please correct me if needed) but I feel like filial piety is a pretty important aspect of the culture. So it's best not to assume all cultures have the same values.
  4. I'm so, so sorry. I apologize - I should not have assumed anything. Idk, for me they feel like different characters, but I get where you're coming from. Yes, I see - it's just not in my lane.
  5. I see where you're coming from, and agree to a point - but do feel that the series does at least question this narrative (from my thoughts anyways.) To me, I kinda feel like the series poses questions from different sides (Not always well, tbh) Like, for example XiShan doesn't care whether her bf is rich or has a car or whatever, but he's hung up on the fact that he thinks he to provide for her. And I totally agree there are a lot of cliched moments and lots of not-so-great writing. WRT ZZ, I agree, but also there's a part of me that kinda understands where she's coming from. I mean he's been her idol since high school/college or whatever and she's lost in the fantasy of him, and she thinks she's in love with him. I disagree here. Have you lost a parent or loved one? It is unbelievable heartbreaking and life changing. one of the worst things that can happen. I think he's quite an interesting character, personally. Though at first glance he's obnoxious and seemingly selfish, he's actually quite generous and kind. And he does change slowly, into a far more respectful person (though I do have something to say about his chauvinistic side lol) I get what you're saying - but for me, I don't feel comfortable as a westerner/non Asian person to have any sort of comment on this. It's really not my lane. Though I guess I've also seen a lot of that too here in the west? Like influencers for example - I remember recently watching a woman who streamed herself saying to her baby "oh I'm sad you don't have pretty eyes" or something. Idk, I don't understand it personally.
  6. I don't know - I think I've only seen her in Tai Chi 0 (aside from this), so I really don't know much about her. Yes, I feel that's one of the main points is that shes obsessed with the idea of JR. And she's coming to realize he's not the person she thinks he is, and that they're not compatible. She's beginning to speak her mind now that he made some major decisions for her. I think that's why I enjoy Cdramas so much. (I mean for the social themes part) though as for shallowness/being materialistic - to be honest I kinda feel like a lot of people have their reasons, so I can kinda see where that side comes from. I mean, it's a hard world to live in and a lot of people struggle to get by, and often money is a solution to that problem. Not only that, but there's also cultural issues as well - like how men and women are perceived and socialized (and I mean this is a worldwide issue - not limited to any one country) I mean to me, examples would be Mei Li - always going on about beauty standards, and how she always steals away jobs, wanting to be the best - underneath it all, I feel she's horribly insecure and needing to prove herself her value. Or Fu Xiao Ning - His shallowness comes from feeling like he needs to provide for his gf And even ZZ - her shallowness - is JR being her idol and her thinking she's in love with him when she barely knows him. She's kinda constructed an elaborate fantasy around him (likewise he does the same to her -wanting her to be the perfect little housewife to raise his children) These last few episodes show her seriously doubting him, and the veil coming off and seeing him as he really is. Those are just my thoughts on the subject anyways - not that I'm right or anything.
  7. I agree It does feel preachy at times, and some of the writing is heavy handed and clunky, (and that AB is limited as an actress) - but I feel like it does show relevant social issues that affect many people. I guess it depends on what you look for in dramas - to me, this isn't so much a love story as a social story. And that's cool by me. Personally, I'd much rather watch a drama like this than one without thought about status quo and sociopolitical issues. FWIW I'm enjoying watching SPC & ZZ grow as people and as friends.
  8. I'm enjoying this one so far - despite some clunky writing and some ehh acting by Angelababy. (she does have some decent moments though) Personally, I don't watch dramas for romance, but for storylines and how sociopolitical issues are shown. (yes, I know, Im such a dork don't @ me lol) so I don't mind if there isn't any romance, or if there is, I just hope it's well written & socially aware. That being said, ZZ & JR's relationship is super uncomfortable to watch, (it kinda makes me anxious to watch them together ngl) as ZZ looks up to JR as an idol and he sees her as a ...well, broodmare. (as as others above have also said) but luckily the veneer is coming off and she's starting to have serious doubts. Which she should because OMG THAT DUDE IS SOMETHING ELSE. It breaks my brain to think that they just started dating, barely know each other, and he proposes to her (while she's just had a big shock) and is wholly possessive of her, wanting her to do his bidding. Meanwhile she has never said yes but he & his mom act like it's a done deal. One other thing that irked me, during the scene where SPC gets stabbed, JR doesn't even care - like he just wants to get ZZ away from SPC, who is bleeding profusely. Not even taking him/going with him to the hospital. As for SPC - I don't believe in friendzones/whatever-zones - I believe no one is owed a relationship. So whatever happens with them, I just hope it's well written.
  9. Exactly. Agree with everything you said. I'm a total sucker for genuinely kind characters, and XF, definitely fits the bill. I'm SO glad they made him soft. With everything he's been through, he never once thought of betrayal, nor being manipulative - pretty much always staying true to his core. He's the kind of person I'd just want to be around/be friends with.
  10. Yeah, he's definitely one of my favourite characters too! (along with Jin Mi) I feel like the writers (& DL's portrayal) made his character very human.
  11. I think RY dropped in as he was destroying it - and stopped him from doing so altogether. I feel like XF is just a mess of emotions when he's revived. I mean he's got Sui He telling him lies and RY telling him lies WRT JM, and as you've noted, he's been feeling very betrayed (with very good reason!) but I also think he's starting to question SH at this point as well. To me, I feel like he's just in chaos emotionally - since he's been so utterly betrayed by the person he trusted the most, and yet he still can't bring himself to hate her - he just wants to push her away, and not even think of her since it hurts him so much. So yeah, I agree with the others above - he''s wanting to punish her, but also not wanting to as well. I think the the expression on his face, when he's starting to destroy the Phoenix hairpin, and JM starts crying "不要!不要!" (No, don't!) He's visibly shaken and not quite sure what to believe. Then later on, when he's in the cave alone, and everyone else is gone - he chides himself - since his heart is still with JM yet his mind is like, "dude she teamed up with RY and killed you, bro - they're gonna hurt you and probably kill you again."
  12. You can watch The Gods/ Creation of Gods/ Investiture of the Gods on MangoTv (in my location I can only watch it via the app) They have up to episode 37 as of now. If you're watching for DL, you probably want to give it a miss, as he's barely in it, and uh, it's not great. From what I've heard, it was shot in 2014, so it's dated. I do admit it has a certain charm and is kinda interesting. But it's not quality. WRT Sweet Dreams, I actually really liked it, despite some awful and ??? writing. I like DD, though I'm not a big fan of the voice actor who dubs her in this. I think that because the cast is so great, they just make things work out (for the most part lol)
  13. Maybe vaguely and/or occasionally lol! Yes! WDX & DL are sweet. Enjoying Justin (adorable kid!) & Zhang Guo Wei (he's such a ham)moments as well; Xie Yi Lin is also adorable. I think the only person I'm not huge on is YM. Personally, I'm okay with the the two just being side characters since their story has already been told, and really, I don't think those two need any more drama in their lives lol! I just want them to live happily and peacefully ever after .
  14. I just started watching Great Escape, and I really wish my Mandarin was better (need to do more work on it lol) It is absolutely hilarious, - came for WDX & DL, but really, I love them all and just want to hang out with them - they are so pleasant and cheeky and fun! They're all great.
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