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  1. That is so unfair Why are they doing this? I paid and play games just to get those points for voting. I’m glad to see Yoona enjoying free time with her family and of course I hope she is having a blissful time with her Mister Right too I wonder who she went to the restaurant with *my delulu mind is going wild*
  2. Hi guys . Is it only me that AAA is being sketchy? I’ve been voting for Yoona non stop and even bought subscription to get 100+ points but when I vote the number doesn’t go up at all. Anyway what is our Jonghyun up to these days?
  3. Of course there’s something special and sweet between these two. The way they look at each other and always in their own love world is a big giveaway already.
  4. They are totally in their own world They just don’t care about their surroundings and holding hands like that. My heart, My stars, My Red ship
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome. I’m so happy that RinSan heaven is so friendly and filled with beautiful picture of the couple. I love reading all your comments and analysis which make so much sense. HongIm couple fighting!
  6. I’m so happy that I found this thread. Not all the members are active anymore but I hope all will be back when the good news is out Let’s keep anticipating the future of this precious couple Yoong looks absolutely pretty in RED. I always feel that she is a fairy . No wonder he can’t take his eyes off from her. Glowing stars and hearts all over
  7. Yoong is confirmed for AAA Finally will be able to see her again. I’ve been voting for her non stop.... I hope she wins best popularity award..... I can’t wait to see her on screen again (betting if she might wear red dress) but I hope it won’t be too awkward for her
  8. Omg thank you so much for this that man is so jonghyun-ie I’m so happy that Yoona is so full sincerity and happiness everytime she describes him
  9. We have to be patient but I’m already having a party inside my heart I may be delulu about this but I feel like Yoona song lyrics and song choices have been directed towards our Red sweet boy
  10. Saw Clip of her in RED SUIT in and I squealed so hard too. Look at her singing so shyly, girl is glowing in love. Her Chinese pronunciation is really good. Yoong is really hardworking ... no wonder fans love her so much... I hope when the time comes fans will be accepting of this relationship. She deserves it!! Rinsan is not just still sailing. It already sailed so far away and we just need to wait and say congratulation to our Red Ship kyaaah!!!
  11. I’m so sad that I joined this ship late. I can’t stop spazzing ever since I have no regret. I have few ships but this is the couple that might be the first one to sail kyaaah Yoong’s face is so small
  12. They both are so obvious right? It’s like Won doesn’t exist The shy gaze, gestures, and awkwardness between them are such big giveaways. You can sense how these celebrities have something going on through press confrence such as Yoona keep leaning towards him and giggling together. These kind of body languages cannot be ignored
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